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Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 5th House



Sun and Moon Conjunction 5th house

Sun and Moon conjunction is one of the most unique conjunctions in Vedic Astrology as it is known as Amavasya” or so called Dark Moon.

Amavasya or Dark Moon is the period where many of the most important Hindu rituals take place. This is the time when we remember our ancestors, and the departed souls of our family. It is also the time when the spirits and the dark magic effects and powers are at its strongest.

A person born during the period of Amavasya or Sun and Moon conjunction faces a lot of unique and different life experiences and challenges. Sun is our soul, our father, creative energy, and most importantly, it represents our self-confidence and ego.

While, Moon solely represents our mind and our emotions. Moon controls our emotional state and our ways of thinking in life.

When Sun and Moon sits together in the birth chart, then the native will be financially well off, successful in his life and career, however, such natives face a lot of problem with their mind and emotions. They are often prone to emotional turbulences and negative thinking.

Today, in this article, we are going to analyze the effects of Sun and Moon conjunction particularly in the 5th house.

Sun and Moon in Vedic Astrology

Sun in one of the most important planets in Vedic Astrology as Sun represents our soul and it is our self-confidence or so called “Atma-viswas”. Sun represents our father, government and all the high authority figures in our life.

Sun is brightness, therefore, Sun lights up the house it aspects into, however, Sun burns the house which it sits in. Which is the reason why even though the 5th house is the Mool-trikon house of Sun according to Kaal Purush, Sun doesn’t really give good effects in the 5th house as the 5th house is often associated with delicate things such as children, romance and creativity. Although, Sun in the 5th house will make the native extraordinarily intelligent, bright and he will be wealthy in his life.

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Sun is so important in Vedic Astrology that, even if there are multiple bad yogas forming in the birth chart, and if Sun is strong, then Sun alone can handle the entire load of the birth chart and take the native to great heights and success.

Sun becomes exalted in the sign of Aries and debilitated in the sign of Libra. The Mool-Trikon sign of Sun is Leo and Sun gives extraordinary results in the 10th house(meaning even if Sun is weak or deblitated in 10th house, Sun gives good results), while, give very beneficial results in the 1st house, 3rd house, 6th house, 9th house, and 11th house.

Moon on the other hand is our mind, and emotions. All the soft and delicate things in life is represented by the planet Moon. Moon represents our mother, nurturing, caring, liquidity, flow of blood and most importantly, Moon represents our way of thinking in life.

Moon is also very important in Vedic Astrology, as Moon is our mind, thus it is the only planet that gives the strongest result when it is neither too strong or too weak in the birth chart. As a stable mind is the strongest mind which is the reason why Moon becomes exalted in the sign of Taurus which is an earth sign and debilitated in the sign of Scorpio.

Moon gives very strong results in the 4th house, while it gives beneficial results in the 5th house, 7th house, 9th house, 10th house and 11th house.

The 5th house in Vedic Astrology

The 5th house in Vedic Astrology represents our creativity, intelligence, romance, and children. It is also considered to be called as the house of luck because it is 9th to the 9th house(so, if we count 9 times from the 9th house, we end up in the 5th house).

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Therefore, 5th house also represents trading, speculation, movement of stocks. At its core, the 5th house represents our creativity, education and intelligence. All of our artistic talents and entertainment, recreation, sports and amusements is seen from the 5th house.

While, another important thing that the 5th house also indicates is our children. Children and the possibility of having children and their Bhagya is seen from the 5th house.

The body parts represents by the 5th house is stomach, pancreas, spine, and upper and lower back.

Sun and Moon Conjunction in the 5th house

Sun is our Ego and Moon is our mind, therefore, when the mind and ego comes together, here is a person who has a very high sense of self, and who holds a high esteem and ego in his life.

Here, Moon becomes “Asta” or it completely loses it’s powers due to being too close to Sun, due to which the native often faces the problem of negative thinking and negative thoughts. This increases especially during the period of Amavasya.

Sun and Moon in the 5th house will make the native extremely intelligent, sharp and the native will possess a very strong mind and intelligence. Sun here illuminates the intellect and thinking power of the native.

We all know that Sun and Moon have one aspect, which is the direct or 7th aspect and from the 5th house, both the planets aspect the 11th house of wealth and gains. This is a very strong aspect as here, the native will never have to worry about or face problems of Money and wealth in his life. Wealth will always come into the life of the native, whether it is in small or big amounts, depends upon the wishes and karma or efforts of the native.

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The native will be highly skilled in his work and he will have the quality of being able to effectively multi-task.

If the 2nd and the 11th house lord also makes a connection with the 5th house, then this is a very strong yoga for Lottery, trading and stock market. However, one should always consult a reputed financial advisor before investing.

The native will have good leadership qualities and will be egoistic, however, the native can face problems in his education, early on in his life. Problem, because the native is so intelligent that, he/she will often chose the road to take shortcuts that can often become a roadblock in his education.

The native will possess strong creativity skills and such natives can become very successful in the fields involving creativity and arts.

The native can be short-tempered and will possess a rigid behavior.

The native relies on his/her intelligence in order to progress through life and face challenges. In fact, it is due to his/her intelligence and knowledge that the native achieves all of his success, wealth and prosperity in his life.