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Bird Poop Meaning In Vedic Astrology: Does it Bring Good Luck?



Meaning of Birds poop in Vedic Astrology

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Poop as it sounds really stinky, dirty and annoying but did you know that certain Bird Poop when it falls on your body or head could actually be a sign of Good Luck!. I am sure that many of you have had the experience of Birds poop falling on your head or body and immediately, it becomes really annoying. For most of us, it could be a regular day going to the market or work and it may mean nothing.

But according to Vedic Astrology, if certain Birds like Pigeons poop on your body, it could actually mean Good Luck while Birds like crows, if they poop on your body, that could mean some kind of Bad luck too!.

Lets take a deeper look at why birds poop is considered lucky and unlucky!.

Birds like Pigeons have sensory organs

Meaning of Birds poop in Vedic Astrology

According to our ancestors, birds have sensory organs that they are born with. They can sense danger at a scale that’s far beyond our human perception which is the reason why when birds poop on a person, it’s not by accident but rather its a symbolism that tells us that the energy level of the person is postive and some good things will happen to the person in the near future.

Just like humans, birds like to associate themselves with positive things which is the reason why when pigeons come to your house, it is a sign of Good luck. In a similar manner, when pigeons actually start living in your house by creating nest, now that is a sign of bad luck.

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Similarly, birds like crows have an alignment to negative things, and if they poop on your head, it means that there’s going to be danger in the near future.

8th house and the odds of bird poop

Meaning of Birds poop in Vedic Astrology

As we all know, the 8th house in a birth chart represents death, secrets, sudden events, mysteries, and sudden gains in life.

When a bird poops on your head, it means that the 8th house in your life is now currently active. Because the odds of getting pooped by a bird is much lower than winning a lottery. This is the reason why people recommend those who have been pooped by a bird to buy a lottery ticket as they will have a higher chance of winning a lottery because their 8th house is currently active.

Birds are one of the highly spiritual animals and the top of the head represents the planet Ketu

Meaning of Birds poop in Vedic Astrology

Birds like pigeons, robins are considered to be the heavenly angels, purity, positivity and new opportunities. When they poop on your head specifically, they directly activate the planet Ketu as the planet Ketu lies right on the top of our head.

The planet Ketu also represents Moksha, enlightenment and this is the main reason why when such birds poop on your head, it is a sign that your soul is going at the right direction. If you actually go even deeper into Vedic Astrology, if Ketu is associated with wealth houses like 11th, 2nd then this may mean that the person could gain some financial wealth in the near future.

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Further, Ketu is also of the planets that brings in sudden gains to a native. If the planet Ketu is well placed in your birth chart, one can suddenly gain a lot of wealth in their life time.

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