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Mars In The 8th House For Aries Ascendant



Aries lagna or ascendant is a very unique Lagan because of the fact that it is the first Lagan and the first zodiac sign from which the zodiac cycle starts. Aries ascendants are known to be pure warriors or soldiers in life. Due to which they are born with the ability to have lots of energy, vitality and strength within them.

They are known to have an aggressive nature and personality. They also lack a lot of patience but when it comes to becoming successful in life, they are able to be extremely successful because of their hard working nature.

Unfortunately, for Aries ascendants, their life will not be easy and there is a reason for it. Many times, Aries ascendants face lots of challenges in life and they are able to overcome it too. One of the biggest things that is associated in the life of Aries people is sacrifice. There will be a point in life where they might have to give up something in life.

Today, we are here to discuss about the planet Mars and what effect it has if it sits in the 8th house for Aries Ascendant.

The Importance Planet Mars

Mars is a planet that represents your inner vitality. It represents land, property real estate, hard work, and blood. The moon trikona Rashi or Mars is Aries and it’s colour is represented by the red color.

Having a strong Mars gives the person courage, vigor strength, physical energy and vitality. The person becomes fearless. brave and assertive.

In the opposite case, having a weak Mars will make the person have a lack of energy in the body. The person won’t be able to give his best in life although he may have the potential to do so. Mars also represents ones sexual energy therefore, a strong Mars can also mean that the person will have great fertility.

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Mars being strong can have a downside and that is aggressiveness due to which the native May not be Able to control himself. The person will face problems regarding relationships and marriage because of his aggressive and angry nature.

That’s why it is said that if Mars is in one of the Kendra houses, it makes the person Manglik or will have Manglik Dosh that can create problems in Marriage.

Here being a Manglik is not a bad dosh, but due to the nature of Mars and how it affects the person, the person himself will create the problems in his life as far as marriage is concerned.

However, a strong Mars is always good to have as it can really help a native become successful in life. It makes the person extremely hard working and gives the person a personality of having a winning attitude or competitive nature. The person will get the so called “fighting ability” which is important in order succeed in certain careers like Police, Sports, Army, Business and Government jobs.

That’s is the reason why Mars represents a solider in it’s purest form. Mars also represents lands, conquering lands and property.

Mars in the 8th house for Aries Ascendant.

Mars being in the 8th house for Aries Ascendant is not a bad position.

Many people may fear the fact that Mars is a bad or malefic planet and by being in the 8th house, it can create the yoga for accidents.

However, this is not the case for Aries Ascendants and Mars here in the 8th house is it’s own house, there Mars here will increase the longevity of the person.

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Mars here will give long life to the person because firstly the first house is also ruled by Mars and the 8th house is also ruled by Mars.

Mars in the 8th house will also give lots of wealth to the native. The person will be able to earn his wealth from activities related to Mars like Real Estate, land, property, building and construction.

Mars here also makes the native be a lover of secret knowledge and mysticism. The native will yearn to find out the secrets of life and Mars will definitely show it to him too.

Such people can be actively involved in activities related to tantric, astrology and occult. The person can also become a great scientist or researcher.

However, Mars in the 8th house create a Dhur Yog or Bad Yoga called Ava Yoga. It is a bad yoga because the 1st house lord going to the 8th house creates this yoga.

But because Mars is in it’s own house which is Scorpio ruling the 8th house, instead of brining accidents, it gives long life. But Mars here will make the person struggle in life.

The person may have to work very hard in life for a long time. Besides, that Mars here will make the person extremely hardworking and because of this, the person achieves success in his lifetime.

Mars here is very beneficial to the native as far and wealth and income is concerned however, in case of struggles, yes the person may have to struggle hard in life.

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I would say, keep hard work as your mantra for success. Because here the more the person works hard, the better his life will become.


Mars in the 8th is not at all a bad position, in fact it is a good position, however, it is not a Raj Yoga giving position. Therefore, the person will not have to worry about getting bad results from Mars.

Mars here is great for wealth and prosperity and with the person’s hard work, the person will achieve all the comforts of life.

The best careers for people with Mars in the 8th house will definitely be businesses related to Real Estate, Land and property. The person can also get into the business of selling building materials like bricks, sand, concrete and many others.

The best thing about Mars in the 8th house is that it makes the person very hardworking. Therefore, hard work should be the mantra for success in their life.