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What are Master Numbers in Numerology?



What are Master Numbers in Numerology?

Numerology is a broad aspect that is capable of representing a person’s personality and giving them a glimpse of what will work for their future. Along with life path numbers, destiny numbers and so in there, numerology has Master Numbers. Master Numbers are a unique set of double digits that possess a lot of power.

In this article, we will go through every aspect of Master Numbers.

What is a Master Number?

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are so excellent in numerology that they have earned the designation “Master Numbers.” When united, these profound forces represent the three phases of creation which are imagining, making, and sharing. The messenger is 33, the planner is 22, and the visionary is 11. The master numbers are special as they offer twice the power of the number it reduces to.

Your life path number, name numerology number, and universal year number can all be combined to form a master number. The ethics of numerology state that master numbers are never reduced to the sum of a single digit which is 1 to 9. To correspond to their master tendencies, master numbers must always remain at a double-digit sum. You can utilize astrology as well with it. You need to see if any of the planets in your birth chart, as well as the positions of your rising sign and midheaven, fall at a master number.

Finding your Master Number

Since we’re dealing with master numbers, you must be curious to know about your master number. Master Numbers are different than Life Path Numbers. They are intended to enhance your experiences. These numbers can be useful if you’re unsure of how you reacted to a particular circumstance in a certain manner.

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Here’s how you can find out your Master Number. You will have to add up your birthdays till a single digit comes as a result. But if the result comes as 11, 22, 33, or 44, they are considered master numbers.

Let’s use the date 12th April 2002. First, write it in numbers or digits, ie, 12/ 04/ 2002.

04 will remain as 4.

12 will become: 1 + 2 = 3

2002 will become: 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 4

Then add all three digits: 4 + 3 + 4 = 11

Therefore 11 is the Master Number.

Importance of Master Number

Master Numbers are significant in our life. The Master Numbers are 11, 22, and 33. Although it’s not that they are related to master numbers all the time. There are a lot of instances when these numbers come up in our life. Such as the 11th and 22nd day of the month, 11 on the clock, and the 11th month. But all these are insignificant to our lives and they don’t influence our lives as the master numbers do.

Now let’s see the importance of every master number that there is and how they influence our lives.

Master Number 11

Master Number 11 has the best perception of any other number and is similar to number 2 in numerology. The number 11 bears characteristics such as collaborative, spiritual, and empathic. Number 11 is connected to these characteristics to a larger extent, more like on a supernatural level.

Those who have the master number 11 are very aware of things that one cannot perceive with their eye. They may also have a psychic sense of experience, where they feel as though they can mentally hear the emotions, concerns, and sensations of other people.

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For Master Number 11 to function at its best, relationships and coordination are crucial. They will experience more difficult circumstances than others do during their lives and this happens for the purpose of making their skills better. The incredible sense of consciousness carries can be both a blessing and a punishment.

People with master number 11 may experience tremendous worry or anxiety due to having such a deep perception of humanity’s and the universe’s infiniteness. It has an attentive, perceptive, and empathetic presence due to its desire to bring things together and its capacity for emotional reading. The people with master number 11 must still follow their divine mind rather than their rational mind or sentimental heart.

Master Number 22

Master number 22 possesses characteristics such as the instincts of number 11 and they put their efforts into practical things and they only make efforts in a practical way. So in this way, the master number 22 can even make the hardest dreams into reality. Master number 22 holds some similarities with the number 4 in numerology. It possesses a systematic approach, solid foundations, a rational way of thinking, and significantly more human intuition and skills.

All this enables Master Number 22 to visualize a lofty idea and bring it to life. Many people who have the number 22 on their birth chart can fulfill their objectives and achieve their life goals in a very short amount of time. As the number 22 is associated with brilliant minds, confident people, and those who are still living up to their full potential. Lack of functional competence is one of their negative traits since it keeps them from reaching their full potential.

Master number 33

Master Number 33 stands for righteous and virtuous love and light. Since so few dates decrease to 33, the number 33 is one of the rarest. 33s are quite imaginative people, but they prefer to work in groups rather than working alone. They genuinely cherish the importance of building relationships with others and they have a great deal of compassion. You have a strong conviction in the virtue of giving of yourself to others. Those on Master number 33 have a strong feeling of obligation thanks to the particular energies given by Life Path 6.

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Given that two threes make it up and that 3 is maybe the most important number in Western civilization, 33 is a very significant number. We are drawn to threes both naturally and during the course of our lives because they are a key part of practically everything we see, from the Holy Trinity to the “Rule of 3” in the world of comedy.

Master Number 44

Master Number 44 is the number that stands for balance and equilibrium. This figure stands for diligence, pragmatism, and a strong foundation. The “Master Healer” is another name for the master number 44. The number 44 attracts those who need more time to develop. They require constancy and a strong foundation in life.


So, the master numbers are extremely unique numbers that come with unique powers. They contain similarities to the number it reduces to, but have greater powers and effects than them. The people who have master numbers will have a little easy time than other numbers. These people possess a lot of potentials but come with their flaws as well.