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Palmistry: Mounts and Its Characteristics & Significance




Mounts in Palmistry are an integral part of readings and every palm has eight mounts on it. Mounts are essentially elevated spaces on different regions of the palm, each assigned to a specific planet. The names of the eight mounts are:

  1. Mount of Jupiter – It is located below the first finger or the index finger.
  2. Mount of Saturn – It is located below the second or the middle finger.
  3. Mount of Sun – It is located below the ring finger.
  4. Mount of Mercury – It is located below the little or fourth finger.
  5. Mount of Moon – It is located below the upper Mount of Mars towards the left side of the palm.
  6. Mount of Venus – It is located near the base of the Thumb, encircled by the line of life.
  7. Mount of Mars (Upper)
  8. Mount of Mars (Lower)

So, these were the locations of the mounts, two mounts belong to the planet Mars. What do these mounts really signify.

If the mounts are well developed, one can expect good qualities relating from those mounts. Similarly, if the mounts are under-developed, then the good qualities will be in less amounts.


The mount of Jupiter symbolizes will-power, authority, knowledge, ambition and self-respect. It also represents self-confidence, pride, religion, marriage, growth, wealth and prosperity.

If the mount of Jupiter is well developed, the person will have abundance of will-power and self-confidence. He will be ambitious, career minded, will achieve success, honor and self-respect in the society. He will also be very wealthy and prosperous in his lifetime.

If the mount of Jupiter is overly developed, the good qualities will turn into it’s extreme nature. Self-respect and pride turns into tyranny and dictatorship.

Self-confidence and ambition will turn into aggressiveness and dominance. While the desire for wealth turns into greed.

If the mount is under-depressed, that is if the mount is depressed and covered by fine horizontal lines, the native will lose his ambition in life. He will become lazy and selfish. The native may have a timid nature and will have no morals.

A well developed mount of Jupiter helps growth among children. While, having an overly developed Mount of Jupiter may cause the native to face obesity or gout and high blood pressure.


The mount of Saturn represents philosophy, power of endurance, diligence, independence, thoughtfulness, prudence, farsightedness, sobriety, determination, determination, patience, hard work, earth products (coal, mines, agriculture), economy and discipline and order.

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However, Saturn also indicates disappointments, struggles, obstacles, disharmony, mistrust and suspicion.

If the mount of Saturn and Mercury are well developed, the native becomes a very influential writer.

A well developed Mount of Saturn tells us that the native loves discipline and order in his life. He loves to keep a routine in his life.

He is thoughtful, determined and independent. He is also blessed with the capability to work hard and is patient and clam in life.

If the Mount of Saturn and Moon are well developed, the native can become a great poet or philosopher.

When the mount of Saturn is under-developed, the native lacks farsightedness and suffers the problems of laziness. He experiences frequent disharmony with others and wanders with women of low-social order.

If the mount of Venus is weak, loss from business and agriculture.

If the mount is less developed, the native my become less fortunate in life. The native may become isolated in life. He may become recluse and shun society.

While, if the mount is badly depressed, the native will have lots of bad traits.


Situated below the third or ring finger, the mount of Sun represents creativity, success, name and fame of an individual. The mount is also associated with art, singing, dancing, music, painting, politics, higher ranks in society, education and learning.

A good development of this mount indicates creative intelligence and fame. The person will be able to rise to a very high status in life.

A well developed Mount of Sun makes a person cheerful in nature. They know how to influence the crowd and be the center of attention.

They can get lots of success in the fields of creativity, arts and music.

However, the success of music and creative fields also depend upon. While, a well developed Mount of Mercury and Sun indicates that the native will gain success in the business or as a distinguished author.

Although, a strongly developed mount of Sun can make the native hasty and short-tempered. While, they are also very sincere, loyal and sympathetic.

The native will have strong likes and dislikes.

Excessively developed Mount of Sun indicates that the native over-confidence will turn into pride, vanity and ostentation.

An under-developed Mount of Sun may lead to the person having lack of patience and self-control. He may become quarrel-some in nature.

If the mount is too depressed, the native will lack self confidence and he may suffer from eye problems. All the good qualities of this mount, the native may get in lesser amounts.

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The Mount of Mercury is associated with intelligence, materialistic comforts, prosperity and wealth of the native. It signifies the areas of communication, transmission of thought, activity of the nervous system, movement, travel, speech and writing, finances, business and management.

A well developed Mount of Mercury makes the native quick in thinking and action. His mental capabilities becomes highly active and sharp.

He will have great qualities of being adaptable, and will be a charmer and charismatic. Natives with well developed Mount of Mercury can become great journalist, lawyer, writers. They will also possess great speaking ability due to which they can become great public speakers.

Mercury is the planet of business, wealth management and finance and having a well developed Mount of Mercury always makes the native have good management and business skills.

Thus, they can become good brokers, commission agents, salesmen, and marketers.

Mercurians are good at imitating others, thus it gives the ability of writing, speech and personal behavior. They are able to understand others at a much deeper level.

A well developed Mount of Mercury gives the native, skills of mathematics, astrology, accounts, management and statistics.

If the Mount of Mercury is weak, such natives will have very superficial knowledge.

They may be incapable of Mental concentration, while they may also show nervous tendencies.

They may lack the ability to influence and convince others.

Weak Mercury shows that the native may suffer from diseases related to liver and the nervous system.


The Mount of Venus represents the natives love, passion, romance, sensuality, and also health and affection. Mount of Venus also represents our energy levels, eyes, heart and our desires in life. The subjects attraction towards opposite sex can be gauged from the mount of Venus and the heart line.

A well developed Mount of Venus indicates that the native will have very high energy levels.

A good Mount of Venus, indicates a good and comfortable life. The native will have the comforts of luxury, vehicles and the ability to achieve them in his life.

A sunken Mount of Venus indicates that the native lacks sexual vitality and since the Mount of Venus is associated with reproduction, it means that the native may face problems when it comes to child birth or reproduction.

A well developed Mount of Venus gives amiability, sociability, and harmony. Venus is a synonym for love and beauty. Therefore, if others mounts are developed and point to creativity, here Venus being well developed can brings lots of success into the life of the person in terms of creativity and in the fields of creativity.

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If the fingers are thick and the Mount of Venus is in good condition, the native can become a very successful chef or get success in the fields of culinary arts.

Bad marks on the Mount of Venus indicates a person with loose and bad character. The native may indulge himself into developing bad habits that destroy the character and status of the person in the society.

If the skin is coarse and the muscles are flabby, the native suffers from the problem of laziness.

If the Mount of Venus is under-developed, the native may not like romance or even if he wishes to, he may not be able to express himself well in a relationship. This could be due to reasons of not having a good compatible marriage.


Mount of Moon or also called Mount of Luna relates to qualities of having imagination, creativity, and the love for travel. The mount indicates feelings of Empathy, nurturing and sensitivity. It also indicates Intuition and memory.

A well developed Mount of Moon indicates that the person has a very caring and loving personality. Thus, it is seen that such people love animals like dogs and cats.

A good mount of Moon would bring the qualities of the imagination at play. If the line of head slops towards the mount of Moon, it makes a man or a woman, a lover.

While, if the Mount of Moon is in good condition, it indicates that the native may have to travel a lot or will actually love traveling.

A normal Mount of Moon indicates a balance between emotions and practicality. Such natives are neither too creative nor to practical.

When the mount of Moon is flat, it indicates that the native chooses intellect over feelings and emotion and will have a realistic personality. While, on the negative side, they may lack the nurturing feelings and will have a cold personality.

While, a well developed Mount of Moon indicates that the native can become good writers, poets, speakers, painters and talented artists.

Bad marks and traits on the mount of Luna show an unhealthy imagination, garrulity and a tendency towards a perversion of the truth.

An excessively developed mount of Moon also indicates an impediment to mathematics, and the study of exact sciences.