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Symbolism and Significance of Crows in Hinduism



It is every day that a person sees a crow flying and making their usual caw-caw sound. It is the most commonly seen bird in India and usually a lot of people leave grains for them to eat. Although you must’ve mostly seen crows tied to a bad omen in our day-to-day lives and even in movies. When something bad is about to happen mostly a crow is seen around in movies.

However, in India, or Hinduism to be precise, crows are associated with goodwill and symbolized as bringing luck into our lives. There is a strong belief that our ancestors come in the form of crows and gives us blessings. Therefore, offering them food is considered to be a sacred practice.

In this article, we dive deeper into the significance of Crows in Hinduism and what good will come by feeding them. So, let’s go on ahead.

What is the significance of crows in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, crows come with great significance as they serve as the vehicle for Lord Shani Dev. In addition to it, crows are also believed to be the messengers of Pitru Loka. Meaning that are the messengers from the world of our ancestors. Therefore, crows are also regarded to be our ancestors, and they come to visit us in the form of crows. So, crows are even a part of the ritual Shradh which is done on the anniversary of a person’s death.

Moreover, Crows are even associated with the planets Saturn and Rahu. Saturn is a strong planet and if its placement is unfavourable or afflicted, it can make the life of the native extremely unfortunate and bring troubles. Therefore, by feeding crows one can reduce the bad effects of Saturn.

Feeding Crows in Hindu Mythology

In Hindu mythology, Crows come with great significance as they are associated with Lord Shani, Saturn, Rahu, Shradh, and more. Feeding crows comes as a sacred practice in Hindu mythology and seeing someone feeding crows is a common sight in our country and within our religion.

As crows are the vehicle of Lord Shani, feeding crows will make Lord Shani delighted and will help you through the difficulties in your life. Moreover, you must definitely feed crows during Amavasya days.

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Crows are considered to be our ancestors coming to us in a different form. Therefore feeding them means that our ancestors have been fed and pleased. So, feeding them comes as a major part of the ritual Shradh. Shradh is a ritual performed on the anniversary of the death of a person. In this ritual, the favorite food of the dead relative is cooked and then kept in banana leaves outside for the crows to eat. After the crows come and eat the food, the relative has had his food and the ritual is complete.

Crows are also connected to our dead ancestors through being a messenger as well. Crows are considered to be the messengers of Pitru Loka. Pitru Loka is the world where our ancestors live and the crows are the messenger of that world.

Do Crows Symbolise death?

When you think about crows, you might ponder the idea of death. Crows are usually associated with death. Crows indirectly symbolize death, but it doesn’t mean that seeing a crow brings death upon you. Crows symbolize the idea of death and mostly the change that comes with the end of something in our life.

We go through several changes in our lives and change usually occurs with the end of something. It can be the end of a relationship, a job, a phase of life, and many more. The end of anything in life can be taken as the death of it and after it follows a transformation of some kind in a person’s life which pushes them forward.

Therefore, crows symbolize the death or the end of a certain phase in our life. It symbolizes the transformation that comes with the changes that come in our life with the death of something. So, crows come with the energy that propels you to change for the better if you are stuck grieving the death or the end of something. The crow comes as a sign that you have what it takes to face the change and move forward in life happily.

Is seeing a Crow Good Luck?

Seeing Crow is considered to be good luck. As mostly it comes to you when you are at your lowest because of the death or end of something. It is there when you are at your lowest and saddest that they come representing hope and strength that you have to move on with life. As crows symbolize the transformation that comes with death which means the end of something in your life.

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Therefore, the crows come as a sign telling you that you have what it takes to start anew. You have the ability and knowledge to move forward and make life better. The end of something can have a devastating effect on your life and crows come as a sign of transformation. So, seeing a Crow is good luck which reminds you that good things are on the way.

Different Colors of Crows and their Significance

Crows come with great significance and symbolize transformation and change. But crows come in different colors and different colors can mean various things. Each color represents different things and knowing them will help you get a gist of what’s coming next in your life.

Black Crow

A black crow is what you usually see in your daily life. But if it comes to you when you least expect it or in times of despair, a black crow symbolizes transformation or transition from one thing to another. Therefore, seeing a black crow suggests you are or need to go through a transformation even though it means that it will be an unpleasant experience.

Grey Crow

Seeing a grey-colored crow is a sign to remind you of all the things you’ve been through in your life and that there is a whole lot to go through. It suggests all the occurrences that you’ve been through in your life and all the experiences that have brought you where you are. Moreover, it also symbolizes the defects and imperfections you have.

White Crow

A white crow is a rare sighting and it stands for justice. Seeing one means that it is a warning to you that your actions reflect what will happen to you in the coming days. So you have to take every action with careful thought and you will have a good future. It is also a sign telling you that your future will be determined by your actions in the past.

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Red Crow

If you ever encounter or see a red crow in your life, it comes as a sign that you have to go through a lot of hardships and struggles to achieve what you have been working for. If you have been seeking peace and serenity in your life, a red crow suggests obtaining it will become hard for you and you have to work hard for it.

Benefits of feeding crows in astrology

Crows have a lot of significance in astrology and especially in Vedic astrology. As they are associated with the planet Saturn and Rahu feeding them can shower you with various benefits.

As with the connection of crows with the planet Saturn. Saturn is a strong planet and it has the same strong influence over fortune and misfortune. So, if Saturn is badly placed in the native’s chart or is afflicted, then it brings severe misfortune to the native’s life. Although this can be evaded by feeding crows. As crows are associated with the planet Saturn, feeding them will result in Saturn being pleased and reduce all the ill effects as a result of Saturn.

Moreover, its association with Rahu is also significant and feeding crows can help with Rahu as well. If Rahu is afflicted and causing misfortune in your life, it can be reduced by feeding crows. You must feed crows during Rahu Maha Dasha as it will help the native against the ill effects of Rahu because of its fluctuating energy.


Crows are not just common birds that fly around, it comes with significance in Hinduism and symbolizes important things. Crows are associated with our ancestors and feeding them suggests that our ancestors are pleased. Therefore, feeding crows are important during Shradh, and are messengers of Pitru Loka as well. Additionally, they come connected with the planets Saturn and Rahu, and by feeding them you can save yourself from the bad effects of these planets.