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12th house

Effects of Planets For Which Venus is Positioned 12th From it



Venus in the 12th house

Today in this article, we are going to talk about a very special topic on Venus. As we know already, Venus is one of the only planets that gives luxury, comforts, peace, prosperity, fortune and happiness in life to natives.

“Aishwarya” or wealth, success, fame is Venus. While, if a person has Venus in the 12th house, the person, even if he is born in a poor family will be extremely blessed.

If Venus is in the 12th house and the 12th house lord is also in the 12th house, the native will be the owner of huge or many properties.

It is very beneficial to have Venus in the 6th house and 12th house of the birth chart. In this article, we are going to discuss about a very special interesting sutra on the planet Venus which will be very beneficial for all Astrology enthusiasts.

Effects of planets for which Venus is positioned 12th house from it

According to the Vedic Shastras, For the planet and house in question, if Venus is positioned 12th house from it, Venus negates any negative effects of the house and planets, thus the planet yields beneficial results to the native. Venus here strengthens the house in question.

Take for example:

Venus is positioned in the 8th house of your birth chart. Venus will be in the 12th house for the planet positioned in the 9th house.

Since the 9th house is 12th from the Venus, even if the Bhagya or Fate and Fortune of the native is weak or unfavourable, the native will be extremely blessed, bhagyawani or very fortunate in life.

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So here, the 10th house is in Virgo where Mercury is posited. So, even if Mercury here is weak, that is if afflicted by bad planets or strength wise, the native will still be fortunate in his lifetime. He will have lots of opportunities in his life to grow and build himself, his wealth or life.

A simple handy way to understand this sutra is to check the position of Venus in your birth chart.

Then check the next house from it or the 2nd house from it.

Because for that house, Venus will be in the 12th house. Venus here will increase the strength of that house.

Another example:

Suppose Venus is in the 4th house of mother, land, real estate and happiness. Venus here in the 4th house gives very good results.

For the next house, which is the 5th house Venus is positioned in the 12th house.

Here, Venus strengthens the 5th house and the matters related to it which includes education, love, romance, children, relationships with children and ability to bear a child.

So, here Jupiter will give very good results because if we place Jupiter as the 1st house, Venus will be in the 12th house. Jupiter is also the karaka of education, marriage, so for these matters, Jupiter will give favourable results.

So, here even if the 5th house is afflicted or weak, the native will get lots of opportunities in life for education. While, his performance purely depends upon him as the 5th house is still afflicted.

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The native will also have children in life.


So, according to this sutra of Venus, even if the planet in question is weak, debilitated, or afflicted by bad planets, Venus here since its 12th house from it will give very good results.