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Ultimate Guide To Reading Navamsa Chart (D9 Chart)



Read Navamsa Chart

Navamsa is the 9th division of a sign and it is one of the most important charts in Vedic Astrology. Each Navamsa division meaures 3 – 20 degrees. It is also called the Dharmamsha Chart or simply D9 chart. Navamsa consists of 2 words “Nav” meaning 9 and “Amsa” meaning division. When Astrologers find the need to look deeper into the topics of marriage, luck, fate and so called “Bhagya”, Navamsa Chart is usually drawn out. The chart tells us about a person’s destiny, fate, spouse and his marriage. Navamsa Charts holds huge importance in Vedic Astrology and in fact, there are some traditional astrologers who just look at Navamsa chart.

How to Calculate the Navamsa Chart?

Today, fortunately, technology has been so advanced that there are thousands of apps and applications on the internet that automatically generate our Navamsa Chart without needing the need to calculate them. Some of the best ones are Astro-Sage, it is an app and a Astrology website created by Pundit Pandey and it is by far one of the best Astrology websites on the internet. There is no doubt, there are many reputational and advanced softwares, bu if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing the application on your computer, you can simply download the Astro Sage app and get your Navamsa Chart from there.

However, just for knowledge purpose, there is a definitely a specific way by which the Navamsa Chart is calculated and in fact any one can calculate their Navamsa chart, if they understand the method of doing it.

We all know that all the Zodiac Signs are 30 degrees.  To calculate the Navamsa Chart, we simply divide the 30 degrees into 9 parts and now each part becomes 3 degrees and 20 minutes. It  may seem very confusing to you and of course it is, but it’s really not necessary for  you to actually understand it, because yes, there’s already an app that does the calculation for you. However, if you are a Astrology Student or Lover, you might be keen into knowing just the theory and here’s how it’s done.

Here’s a great example given on the blog Astrologylover, I highly recommend checking his blog. It says “Lets Give You an Example. You are Born with Aries Ascendant and Your Ascendant Degree is 10. We divide the Aries in 9 Equal part. So the first 3 deg 20 minute of Aries Sign will be the first Navamsa which is Aries itself, 3 Deg 21 minute to 6 Deg 40 minute will be the 2nd Navamsa which is Taurus, 6 Deg 41 minute to 10 Deg is 3rd Navamsa which is Gemini and So on. As your Lagna is in 10 Degree Aries, So your Navamsa Lagna will be Gemini.” –Astrologer Lover Blog

The best method is to simply multiply the Number of the previous house by 9. The add the number of the Nakshatra Pada and divide the total by 12. The remainder will tell us the Navamsa Sign.

Significance and Importance of Navamsa Chart

Practically speaking, the core use of Navamsa chart is to not only interpret the persons married life, fate and destiny but to also determine the strength of planets. Yes, D9 or Navamsa chart is the Bird’s eye view of the 9th house and from here, a person’s destiny can be unfolded.

It is said that if a planet is weak in the birth chart but strong in the D9 or Navamsa chart, the planet will give good results in it’s Dahsa or Antar-Dasha periods. Therefore, one of the biggest use of the Navamsa chart is to determine the strength of planets of the Birth Chart. This is the reason why a chart having 4 to 5 planets exalted still not giving any good results, the core reason is that his planets in the Navamsa chart are weak. The Birth chart tells us the overall condition of the planets in the chart. It tells us how the planets will perform and what results they are likely or potentially able to give. However, the D9 chart ultimately tells us how capable the planet really is and whether it will give good results or bad results.

It’s like on paper, the Birth Chart is like the name title given to the manager, like CEO or General manager. However, how capable the manager really is ultimately depends upon his experience, his work and his efforts and capability.

Therefore the Navamsa chart is like the ultimate fruits of the Birth Chart. It is only after assessing the Navamsa Chart, one can finally tell where the Chart is strong or not.

Also, when the 1st house of Lagna of Birth Chart and the 1st house Lagan of D9 chart is of the same sign, the planet will come into the status of Vargottama. This is one of the most powerful state for a planet to be in, especially of the 1st house itself is in the state of Vargottama. This tells us that the chart of the person is very strong.

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Apart, from planets strength, D9 is widely used for the purpose of checking marriage and marriage conditions of the native. For checking marriage, the 7th house of the D9 chart becomes extremely imporant to analyze and check. A lot of things can be predicted just by looking at the 7th house and the position of the lord of the 7th house.

So, essentially, if a planet is weak in the Birth Chart and somewhat favorable in the D9 chart, there can be remedies done to make the planet strong. Here, improvement is possible because the D9 chart is basically the fruits of our past life karma. This means that if the planet is weak in the D9 chart, there is not much that can be done to make the planet strong and improve the results. By doing the remedies, one can only avoid the rain, but the person will still get wet and have to face the storm. Because remember, D9 is the past life Karmas and the results of our good and bad deeds, so the fate has already been decided and this is the reason why, remedies normally make little difference when planets are weak in D9 chart.

What do houses in Navamsa mean?

1st house – Desire of the person to get married. It shows the self in relationship dynamics and the overall health of the marriage.

2nd house – It shows us the wealth though marriage and accumulate wealth of the marriage. Whether, the person will gain the inherited properties of his spouse, or whether the person will be richer after marriage is seen from the 2nd house. It also shows us whether the person will live in a big family, joint family or small family.

3rd house – The 3rd house represents the effort it requires for the person to sustain the marriage.

4th house – It shows us the state and condition of the home in marriage. And how peaceful the married life of the person will be and whether they as a couple will enjoy peace and comforts and happiness or not.

5th house – The 5th house represents romance and enjoyment during marriage. It shows us the fun moments that you will enjoy with your spouse.

6th house – It represents debt accumulate through marriage and the possibility of divorce. It also represents the arguments that happen between the partners.

7th house – It represents the type of spouse, a person will get, her or his personality, traits and characteristics. Whether or not, the spouse will be loving and supporting or not.

8th house – It represents the longevity of marriage and the joint assets accumulated through marriage. As to how long the marriage will last.

9th house– The 9th house represents our luck and fortune in marriage. It represents the strength of a person’s luck and fate.

10th house – It represents the reputation of marriage and how people think about your marriage.

11th house– It represents the hopes, wishes and desires of the spouse and whether or not, a person can fulfil those desires or not.

12th house – It represents the bed pleasures in the marriage, foreign lands, donations, spiritual life, foreign travels in marriage. It also represents separation and quarrels in marriage.

How to read the Navamsa Chart?

It is often recommended that the D9 Navamsa chart and the birth chart should be read side by side. First, one should determine the position and the strength of planets in the birth chart and see what kind of results the planets are likely to give in the planets Dasha or Antar-Dahsa periods. Now, next they should check the D9 chart to verify and planets position and see if the planet will actually give those kinds of results or not.

For example, if Venus is weak in the Birth chart, but if we find that Venus is positioned in a good status in the Navamsa Chart, the person will not be deprived of marriage but infact, marriage will happen in the person’s life and the person will be blessed with children. However, the person may suffer from problems of having a bad name or character in the society. Now, because of the planet Venus being weak in the birth chart, it was likely that the person would not get married due to his bad name or some financial problems in life, but due to the strength in Navamsa chart, the planet gave good results.

  • When reading the Navamsa Chart, one should first take the D9 chart and D1 Chart (Birth Chart) and place them on the table side by side. One should go back and forth between the charts checking the positions of each planet in the D1 and D9 charts.
  • Next one should analyze the D1 Chart (Birth Chart) and check the strength and position of each planet.
  • For Planets that are Exalted in the D1 Chart, one can give 5 points to those planets. For planets that are in their own sign – 4 points and for planets that are in the friendly sign – 3 points.
  • For planets that are in the enemy sign, one can give 2 points, and for planets that are debilitated – 1 point.
  • Next, one should check which houses, these planets are situated in the Birth Chart. What Kind of Yogas are they forming.
  • Check the Atmakaraka Planet of the Birth Chart and check its position in the D9 chart. Atmakaraka Planet is the planet that holds the highest degree in the birth chart. This planet is one of the strongest planets in your birth chart and will greatly influence your life, career, and success. It governs your thinking process, personality, and everything in life and how you react to it. For example, if Sun is your Atmakaraka planet, you will have intense willpower and confidence within you. Due to this even if you are going through bad times, you are able to motivate yourself out of the bad situation. Similarly, if Jupiter is your Atmakaraka planet, you will have inbuild wisdom and the power of knowledge which will be your strongest point in life. And in whatever you do in life, you will use the power of knowledge to gain success and fortune.
  • I can say this because I also have Sun as my Atmakaraka planet even though my Moon is weak, there is never a time in my life that I ever thought of giving up. As Moon being weak does cause several emotional and mental fluctuations but it hasn’t been able to break me. This intense willpower is only gained from Sun. While Jupiter makes the person extremely knowledgeable. You may have people the kind of people in life, to whom people always follow and take advice, in such people, Jupiter is very strong.
  • Next, check the Amatyakaraka Planet of your birth chart and check its position in the D9 chart. Amatyakaraka planet is the planet that holds the second highest degree in the birth chart. It is like the main execution planet of your birth chart that helps you take action and manifesting your thoughts, dreams into reality.
  • Next, you have to check the position of these planets in the D9 chart and whether or not, if these planets are exalted, debilitated or in a weak position.
  • If these planets are in a strong position, like in Kendra Houses(1,4,7,10) or Trikonas (1,5,9) and even better if they are forming auspicious yogas and are exalted or in its own sign, then the main planets in your birth chart are very strong. In other words, your chart has good strength.
  • Vargottama Planet In Astrology: If any planets in the D1 Chart and the D9 chart share the same sign, the planet is said to be in state of Vargottama.
  • Planets that are Vargottama are said to be in a very strong state. They gain natural strength and I likely to give good results in its Dasha or Maha Dasha.
  • Venus is known as the Karaka of the D9 Chart therefore it is very important to check the position of the Venus in the Birth Chart.
  • The 1st house of the Navamsa: If the 1st or lagna of the Navamsa is aspected by a benefic planet, Marriage is assured to the native. While 2nd house and the 7th houses are the next considerations. If the Lagan is associated with the 2nd house or 7th house, it is considered to be auspicious for marriage.
  • However, if the lord of the 1st house and 7th house in birth chart are placed in malefic houses like 6, 8, 12, and even the Navamsa D9 Chart, these planets are not well placed, then marriage can be denied.
  • If the lord of the 7th house is placed in 6, 8, 12 but is in a strong position forming yogas, exalted or aspected by benefic planets, the person gets married but may face some problems in married life.
  • Venus is one of the most important planets for marriage and if Venus is afflicted in the Birth Chart, troubles in getting married or in married life is seen but If Venus is well-positioned in the D9 Navamsa chart, it assures that the person will get married in his life. Even though If Venus is not in a good positon in the birth chart.
  • When the 7th house is associated with many malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, multiple marriages can happen in the person’s life.
  • However, for multiple marriages to happen in a person’s life, there must be a presence of Dhan Yoga in the Navamsa Chart.
  • Placement of 2nd, 7th and 12th lord in upchaya houses in D9 chart indicates that the person will have multiple marriages. This also tells us that the person may have a very rich wife.
  • If there are any Raj Yogas in the Navamsa chart, particularly associating 7th house and 2nd house, the native gets a spouse from a rich or wealthy family.
  • If the 7th house lord is strong or if it is positioned in Upchaya house, the native gets a spouse from a higher status.
  • A caring spouse is seen in a person’s life when the 7th house lord in the Navamsa chart is of benefic planet. At the same time, if Venus is also in a benefic sign and the 7th house lord is well placed in the D9 chart.
  • Beauty of Spouse: If Venus is well placed and strong in the D9 chart, a good-looking wife is generally seen. However, Venus must not be associated with Saturn and for husband, Jupiter is usually seen.
  • Prosperity after marriage is seen when the 7th house lord occupies the 2nd house in the D9 Chart. While, even if Venus is in the 2nd house, it brings prosperity and fortune after marriage.
  • When the seventh lord is in the Trines or 10th house, it shows prosperity after marriage. Especially, growth if associated with the 10th house.
  • When the 7th house lord is positioned in the 11th house in D9 chart, or Birth Chart, wealth after marriage is indicated.
  • If the 5th from the D9-ascendant is occupied by Jupiter and venus, you could get ravishing beauty as your wife.
  • If the 7th happens to be the house of saturn and if malefic are in it, the spouse could look old or it could be a second marriage.
  • If the 7th lord conjunct with the 6th lord and also venus, there will be separation or divorce.
  • Venus in the 7th to D9-ascendant indicates disharmony in marriage.
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Personality of the Spouse from the 7th house in D9 chart

Moon: The native’s spouse will be emotional and very sensitive. She will be beautiful and will have a fair complexion. Will be very caring and loving to the native.

Sun: When Sun is the lord of the 7th house, the native’s spouse will have a dominating figure and will be high self esteem and ego. The native’s spouse will want respect from the society, while the spouse may be from a very respectable family.

Jupiter: The spouse of the native will be very intelligent and especially, he will posses a great level of intellect and wisdom within him. He will be honest and will hold good education and will be fond of literature.

Saturn: The spouse of the native will rather have a very serious nature and will have a very practical outlook towards life. The spouse will love to mingle around with people who are senior to them and hold a authoritative post in the society.

Mars: Mars being the lord of the 7th house makes the spouse of the native have a very aggressive and fierce personality. He/ She will have quick temper however, it wont last long. The native may have to deal with frequent arguments in the family. The spouse of the native however, will be hyperactive and will love playing sports, working and going to the gym or doing any sort of physical activity.

Venus: The spouse of the native will be very beautiful. The person will have a very loving and caring spouse and she will be fond of luxurious items and all sorts of material comforts.

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Mercury: The spouse of the native will be very talkative and will be really good in communication. She will have a very jolly personality and will love to mingle around with people. The spouse will be good in doing business in life.