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What is the Superstitions About Black Cats? Everything you need to know



Black Cats are lovely feline but they come attached to several superstitions that strikes fear in most people. Revered and feared, admired and shunned, these feline companions have woven their way into the tapestry of human superstition for centuries. From being omens of good luck to bearers of bad omens, black cats have stirred the human imagination and ignited a spectrum of beliefs that transcend cultures and eras.

Even in India, black cats are associated with bringing bad luck. More specifically when a black cat crosses your path. In this article, we take you through the details regarding superstitions associated with black cats, so you can know whether to avoid black cats or not.

What is the Superstitions About Black Cats?

Black cats are associated with a lot of superstitions and these range from being both fortunate and unfortunate. Different groups of people have different perspectives about black cats, but almost all of them surround being unfortunate and black felines radiate bad luck.

Almost everywhere in the world, a superstition that black cats are associated with witches or witchcraft is widely believed. In the Western world, black cats are believed to be incarnations of witches and that they can transform themselves into witches. Black cats are also looked upon as companions of witches and are considered to be the messengers of witches.

The superstition of black cats has found its way into the world of gambling as well. It is believed that if a black cat crosses the path of a person on their way to a casino, they will have bad luck and might lose all their money. Similarly, a black cat crossing a road is believed to be bad luck by a lot of people. In Germany, some people think that seeing a black cat cross their path from right to left portends bad luck. However, the cat is granting good moments from left to right.

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Greek mythology claims that Hera, the wife of Zeus, once punished Galinthias, one of her servants, by turning him into a black cat. Black cats have been associated with good or bad in various cultures ever since Galinthias, a goddess of witchcraft, became her helper.

There is also a widespread belief that if a black cat sits or rests on a grave, the person buried was said to have been possessed by an evil spirit. Even the pirates believed that if a black cat comes toward you, you will have bad luck or if the black cat moves away, good luck will come upon the native.

Although despite of all these unfortunate superstitions associated with Black Cats, there are silver linings as well. Aside from all these, there are fortunate superstitions about black cats as well. The people of Scotland consider black cats to be good luck and if one comes into their home, they will become wealthy.

Cats are considered scary and fortunate in Egypt, evident by the goddess Bast. Egyptians take black cats to be good luck and by keeping a black cat they please the goddess Bast. Even in Japan, black cats are taken to be auspicious, and therefore black cats are common in homes.

As it happens, the King Charles I of England had a black cat as a pet. He believed that black cats brought good luck and evidently, after his black cat died, he was quelled with misfortune.

What does a black cat symbolise in Hinduism?

In India there it is widely believed that black cats bring bad luck and coming across one can be a sign of bad luck. If a black cat crosses your road or path, you should use another path, this superstition is popular among the Indian masses. There is a belief that if you walk the path that a black cat has crossed, you will be faced with misfortune.

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In Hinduism, the black color is closely associated with Lord Shani. Therefore, a black cat is believed to be a warning that a misfortune lies ahead of you. In the Saguna Shastra, it says that the black color is associated with the planet Saturn and it can bring about obstruction or delay in the path of the success of the native or his path to becoming wealthy.

Black cat crossing your path – Good luck or Bad luck

In our country, the most common superstition about the black cat is if it crosses your path. A black cat crossing your path is considered extremely unfortunate and you must take another path to avoid all the misfortune. It is believed walking a path that a black cat has crossed is bad luck. As black color is the color of Saturn, a black cat crossing your road can cause a lot of delays or bring obstacles in the work you wish to do.

But there is a way by which you can avoid or remedy the bad luck it brings.

You can walk ten steps away from where the black cat crossed your path and turn around three times. This way the misfortune will be removed.

You can also pray to Lord Ganesh for he will remove all the obstacles from your path to success. So if a black cat has crossed your path and you unknowingly walk that path, you can pray to Lord Ganesh to remove all hurdles in your path.

Meaning of Black cat coming to your house

When a black cat enters your house, don’t take it to be misfortune and chase it away. A black cat visiting or coming into your house is known to be fortunate. As already mentioned, the Scottish believe that black cats coming into your house will bring prosperity. Therefore it is good luck if a black cat enters your house and is also a sign that good days are near. So, it is a signal that your troubles will be over soon.

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In delving into the captivating realm of black cat superstitions, we have traversed a tapestry woven with threads of mystery, history, and cultural significance. From ancient civilizations to modern times, these enigmatic felines have been both revered and reviled, shaping the course of human beliefs and perceptions. As we conclude this exploration, it becomes evident that the superstitions surrounding black cats are far more complex than mere omens of good or bad luck.