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Benefits of Keeping Wish Cow in Vastu Shastra



Benefits of keeping wish cow in Vastu Shastra

Cows are deemed important and holy in many cultures. The sacredness of the cow is shown mostly in Hindu culture and a lot of people worship the cow because of the significance it holds in Hinduism. Cow even touches the realms of Buddhism and is believed taking care of cows can fulfill our wishes and help in achieving our dreams.

As cows are considered to be lucky, you can get yourself a wish cow and keep it in your home. A wish cow is a statue that boasts a cow sitting above a bed of coins. Mostly, found in golden color, with cow statue comes with several benefits, and this article is all about it. In this article, we take you on a journey regarding the importance and benefits of a wish cow.

Significance of Wish Cow in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a crucial tradition in the Hindu tradition and people have followed it for ages. Vastu Shastra translates to “the science of architecture” and combines architecture with astrology and astronomy which has been used in building in Hinduism since ages ago. In Vastu Shastra, the wish cow has an important place, and having the right placement of the cow is important in pulling wealth towards one’s house and fulfilling dreams.

According to the Shastra, a wish cow is a must-have in a house as it can help achieve the owner’s dreams and wishes. The statue must be placed in the home and office of a person. It is capable of making a person rich and will shower the owner with fortunate luck. Placing it in the home can even ward off evil energies and all bad luck will be kept at arm’s length. As cow is considered holy in several cultures, Wish Cow has great significance in Vastu Shastra and one must have it in their home.

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Benefits of Keeping Wish Cow

A wish cow finds itself a crucial significance in Vastu Shastra and several other cultures. Having a wish cow can bring several benefits to the native’s life. Therefore you should have it in your home and place it in the right way. Before getting on to how you should place cows in your home, let’s see what their benefits are.

A wish cow is capable of attracting luck in the owner’s life. It will keep all the negative energies and bad luck away from the native’s life and therefore keep them safe. It mostly brings luck in your business, investments, and professional life. A wish cow can bring you luck while taking risks in the world of business and adds luck to your investments. So you can even keep it in your office to garner luck for yourself in the professional world.

It can even attract wealth in the owner’s life. A wish cow can make a person prosperous. It can get rid of any kind of financial problems in life and will reduce the losses you are facing in your professional life. Therefore, it gets rid of all the obstacles blocking wealth from life and attracts money.

Having a wish cow can even make the environment of the home peaceful and reduce problems within the home. It can make the person healthy and help them have a peaceful mind. It also keeps away all the bad omens from the person’s life. It is also helpful in reducing the frustration and stress in the person’s mind. Additionally, a wish cow is also beneficial for future generations in your home as the benefits will affect them as well.

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Place and Direction for Wish Cow

The benefits of a wish cow do not take effect unless you place it correctly. There are certain ways that you should follow while placing a wish cow in your home. The direction the wish cow faces also determines the effectiveness of the benefits.

  • If you are facing financial problems and your goals are not being fulfilled, you must have a wish cow in your home and office on a table.
  • In a home, a wish cow must be placed southeast corner of the house. Even in the office, it must be placed on the southeast corner as the southeast corner is associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • You must place the wish cow at the southeast corner around 4:30 to 6:00 am on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • In the office, you should place the wish cow above some coins.

Tips for Keeping Wish cow at home

  • You should not use a wish cow if you eat beef.
  • You can worship the wish cow with incense and place Jasmine flowers in them.
  • Never place the wish cow in the wrong direction as it can hamper your luck and bring no benefits.
  • You can also keep a wish cow if your children are not doing good regarding education. It can bring luck in education as well.


A wish cow is a must-have in every household and office. It is capable of attracting luck and prosperity in the native’s life. Moreover, it also helps in achieving dreams. So, a wish cow can bring various benefits in a person’s life, but there are some rules you must follow to keep them in your home. Remember to follow the tips and placement rules of wish cow to bring a good amount of benefit to yourself.