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Vedic Astrology Secrets of Aachar or Pickle



Vedic Astrology Secrets of Aachar or Pickle

Hey guys, today in this auspicous day, i have a very special topic to discuss on which is “Pickle” or so called “Aachar” in Hindi. Many have been spreading the rumor or superstition that having or keeping Pickle at home could mean that there could be debt or “Karg” in the near future.

Whether this is true or not, we will try to explore the topic and today in this article, I will tell you exactly what is the secret behind “Aachar” or Pickle and what are the benefits of it.

Aachar/Pickle According to Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, everything has a very unique secret behind it. There was a reason why take a Bath in the Ganges and a reason why we hang Chilli and Lemon in front of our Shops. I think, its really not out of pure superstition but rather there is really a scientific reasoning behind it and in actuality, Vedic Astrology and Science itself is regarded as one of the highest level of Science.

Therefore, in order to find out the mysteries behind Pickle, we have to see what planets are related with Pickle and what planets does Pickle represent. Because remember, almost everything and every food out there is related to some planets. We have to check which houses does Pickle relate with and which planets are closely related to Aachar or pickle.

I am sure we all keep Aachar or Pickle at home, we make pickle at home and it’s a kind of food that almost a must have necessity in our Indian Culture. Aachar just spices up our food and makes it really tasty and it goes well with our Indian Cuisine.

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People who have problem with Acidity, Throat problems are often told to not consume Aachar or Pickle as it may make the condition worse.

One of the main planets in Astrology that is related with Aachar or Pickle is Ketu. As Ketu represents anything that is bitter, spicy and tangy. You may ask, Mars also represents spices but it represents the pure spices that aren’t mixed with other ingredients. Because in Vedic Astrology, Ketu represents confusion and illusion, just like Rahu. And when you consume Aachar, you can never find out what ingredients are mixed with it. It will never have the original taste of the ingredient.

This is also the reason why, When a person suffers from diseases due to Ketu, the doctor can almost never find out the problem or disease.

Another planet that is associated with Pickle or Aachar is Saturn. Because in order to make Aachar, one has to keep the Aachar mixed with oil for a very long time. Sometimes even months and only after a certain period of time, the Aachar ripens and develops its taste. So, Saturn is a very probable planet that is related with Pickle or Aachar.

This means that whenever we talk about Aachar or Pickle, Ketu and Saturn are the planets that are closely related to it.

Aachar/Pickle and Astrological Diseases

We all know that Aachar or Pickle has the close relation with Ketu and Saturn. In fact, Ketu is the planet that represents Aachar and Saturn is the planet helps in the process of creating Aachar.

In Vedic Astrology, Ketu is enemies with Mercury and Moon.

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Therefore, it is said that natives who have the connection or association of Ketu and Mercury in their Birth chart, they should not consume Aachar or Pickle. By doing so, they can suffer from diseases related to Allergies, Cold and Thoat problems.

As Mercury is the planet that represents Allergies and if a person has Ketu in the Nakshatra of Mercury or Vice Versa or If Ketu and Mercury are conjunct or in aspect relation, such natives may have the possibly to suffer from Allergies.

Similarly, natives who have Ketu and Moon together in the birth chart or if these planets are in aspect relation, such natives should also avoid the consumption of Aachar or Pickle. As in Vedic Astrology, Moon is the planet that represents diseases like Cold, Cough and Throat Problems. It is said that, when these two planets are in relation, natives who consume Aachar may suffer from diseases related to cold and cough. This is so accurate that, natives who have a weak Moon in the birth chart, 90% the cases, they suffer from regular cold and cough in their life. Such natives should also not consume Milk and Milk worsens the problem of Cold, Cough and Synus.

Accepting Aachar/Pickle as Gifts

A lot of people may suffer from diseases related to Acidity, Digestion and according to actual health sciences, it is not recommended for such natives to actually consume Aachar or Pickle.

For people who have Ketu in the 6th house, 3rd house or 2nd house, such natives should not accept Pickle as gifts from others. If someone offers such things for free, it can indirectly affect your planet Ketu and other planets associated with it.

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Another thing, accepting Pickle as gifts can hamper ones relationship with relatives, brothers and sisters. Natives can face tension, problems during the happy moments of their life. Relationship between a mother and son may become bad and the natives hearing, understanding and cognitive abilities may weaken. It is due to this reason, we should not accept Aachar or Pickle as gifts. This is valid for people who have Ketu placed in houses 3rd, 2nd and 6th houses and if Ketu is in conjunction with Mercury, Moon, Saturn or Jupiter.

Remedies for Ketu

Donating Roti and Aachar to Beggars, Low class laborers and the poor people can help make Ketu give you good results.

Donating Sweets to Orphans

Fasting on Thursdays

Making Maternal Grandparents happy

Donating and Sharing Spiritual books

Feeding Roti to Dogs