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Remedies for Good Health in Vedic Astrology



Remedies for Good HEalth in Vedic Astrology

Good health is what one desires to have. A person having a good health means his or her body being on the perfect state of mind and physical. But maintaining the stagnant state of a good health is nearly not possible.

One falls into the grasp of problems and health issues now and then. If you are of the lot who are undergoing a disease or if any close one is, then some vedic astrology remedies are a must to resort to.

The remedies are perfect for those who are asserting towards a healthy and sound life. The celestial bodies and the health problems they bring upon.

Sun: A feeble sun can also cause health issues and difficulties. If the Sun is in a poor position in your birth chart there are a multitude of problems that you are vulnerable to. A poor position of the sun makes a person exposed to health problems related to stomach, eyes, heart, liver, and skin. A severe fever and neurological issues are problems related to the sun as well. During the Dasha of the Sun, a person may have to suffer and experience symptoms such as high temperature, weakness, and mental illness.

Moon: The Moon is understood to be a significator of the heart and mind. Moon is related to problems of heart, lungs, and brain. If you have a poorly positioned moon then you are prone to asthma, diarrhoea, blood difficulties, problems connected to excess or lack of water, vomiting, diabetes, appendix, kidney problems, cough, mouth problems, urinary tract problems, and lungs. You will also face difficulties such as insomnia, loss of intelligence and mental health issues.

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Mars: Mars is associated with blood and energy among other things. It is possible that a person will have to endure and have troubles as a result of this sickness. Weak mars also causes brain diseases, weak bones, heaps, and knee problems. Blood difficulties, skin irritation, neck and throat problems, tumours, cancer, piles, ulcers, dehydration, urinary tract problems, and a continuous fever are all possible complications.

Mercury: Mercury is not inadequate in terms of diseases and health problems. If you are under a feeble mercury a lot of health difficulties have paved their path towards you. Nerve difficulties, itching or typhoid, nose and skin problems, mental disorders, paralysis, epilepsy, skin problems, ulcers, mouth problems, hysteria, dizziness, pneumonia, jaundice, and voice abnormalities may all be symptoms of a planet in the improper position. A weak mercury hinders intelligence as well. Issues regarding neck, skin and voice are usual as well.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet that governs your liver, kidneys, and hearing, among other organs. A fragile position of the Jupiter brings firth issues related to the mentioned organs such as problems of hearing, jaundice and mental issues. One major disease that Jupiter contributes to is diabetes. A poor memory and tooth difficulties are major issues as well if you have a weak Jupiter.

Venus: Venus regulates the face, urine, throat, and eyes, among other things. If you are under a feeble Venus then eye problems, blood loss, and fever are issues you are prone to. This planet is linked health issues such as epilepsy, indigestion, urinary tract problems, throat troubles, jaundice, and impotence.

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Saturn: The planet Saturn is associated with the legs, teeth, and skin. This planet, if it is weak brings health issues related to these aforementioned body parts. Saturn’s weakness causes physical weakness, joint discomfort, and blindness. If in a wrong position it can bring about issues such as weakness, knee or leg discomfort, arthritis, stomach pain, muscle problems, tooth or skin problems, paralysis, hearing flaws, cough, and asthma.

Rahu: Rahu is capable of bringing problems related to legs, and lungs, among other body components. A weak Rahu causes problems with respiration, breathing problems, legs, and if it comes to worse, cancer. Measles, weakness, total loss of rationality, cancer, and severe agony are all linked to this planet.

Ketu: Ketu can cause problems related to the abdomen and stomach. This planet’s incorrect location can result in weakness, lethargy, blood difficulties, allergies, and wounds. It also causes disorders of the lungs, fever, and physical weakness, among other things.

Remedies for good health in Vedic Astrology

Planets weak position and wrong positions can cause severe health issues. No one wants to get caught up in any of them. Therefore, there are a myriad of Vedic remedies that you can follow to maintain your good health.

  • The first and foremost thing you can do of all is to recite the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 108 times everyday. The mantra goes as follows, “Om Trayambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam, Urvarukmiv Bandhanat, Mrityurmokshaya Mamratat”. Reciting this will eventually contribute towards your well being and keep your body away from diseases.
  • Every Monday, water must be offered to Lord Shiva. On Tuesdays, offer sindur to Lord Hanuman and pray for his good health. All significant health problems are relieved by reading Sri Durga Sapthasathi paath. On Tuesday, pay a visit to Lord Hanuman’s temple and pray for 11 Tuesdays.
  • You can stay at arms length from health problems by feeding animals as well. For a good and prosperous health you can feed cows, monkeys and birds. Avoid caging birds at all costs.
  • Donating to the poor and temples help in keeping good health as well. Donate clothes, footwear, sweets to orphans, fruits, and blankets. Donate rice, sweets, milk, and cow ghee at the temples. Help people with disabilities.
  • Drink from silver glasses, and carry silver balls or any silver objects with you if you have. 
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You can follow the Vedic remedies if you desire a healthy life. Chant the mantras, feed the poor, feed the cow as these are auspicious for a healthy life. Do all the things mentioned properly and with a pure mind. You are sure to be blessed with a healthy life and resist the weakness of every planet.