Meaning of Rats Coming to Your House | Good Or Bad

There are many theories about rats coming to your house, that some say it is good, while some say it is an indication of misfortune. As a matter of fact, when there is a sudden increase in the number of Rats coming to your house, this is domestically and astrologically bad for obvious reasons.

As such that nobody really likes rats as they nibble and gnaw on all kinds of things, they destroy household goods and items.

Arrival of rats just causes a lot of havoc and crisis in our home and loss of both money and important goods.

But we cannot forget that rats are still one of the dearest and closest animial for Lord Ganesha. Thats why they say, it is not a good omen to kill rats.

Today In this article, we’ll discuss about the meaning of Rats coming to our house and whether it is good or bad.

Story and Signifance of Rats in Hinduism

Before we dine into the meaning of Rats coming to your house, lets understand the story of Rats in hinduism.

The story of Rats in Hinduism dates back all the way to 2nd century CE where Lord Ganesha was first seen in the country of Sri Lanka. By the 6th century, it was a common sight in India. In the Puranas, Lord Ganesha has been described as having 5 incarnations.

Namely, a lion, a peacock, a snake, a horse and finally the mouse. In the depictions laid down in Jainism, Ganesha is shown to have an elephant, tortoise, ram, peacock and a mouse.

According to the scriptures, the mouse was always placed close to his feet and Lord Ganesha used the mouse as a vehicle only in hislast incarniation.

The story goes that Lord Ganesha’s mouse was actually a celestial musician named Krauncha who made a big mistake of insulting Muni Vanadera at Lord Indra’s Darbar and was used and turned into a mouse. However, Krauncha was as big as a mountain and he damaged the Ashram of Sage Parashara. The sage the invoked lord Ganesha who then used his nose and wrapped his neck and brought him to his feet.

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However Lord Ganesha was too heavy for Krauncha who cried in pain and distress. Lord Ganesha felt pit for him and Krauncha stood besides Lord Ganesha living ever happily again.

The mouse is the symbolism of darkness, fear of light, knowledge and it is our ego, mind,desires, and pride.

The symbolism of Ganesha riding on top of the mouse is the indication of complete conquest over ego and pride. Just like how rats penetrates over dark places, enters unnoticed and destroy’s everything in sight, similarly, the ego and the desire can enter our lives and eat up the good we have in us. If a man is not careful, even the wisest man can become a victim.

The mouse is the wandering mind and the thoughts we have that eats us little by little. Ganesha’smouse as a vehicle indicates mastery over the darkner, ego, intellect and the fact that desire has been completely tamed.

Rats coming to your house| Good or Bad?

Rats coming to your house| Good or Bad?

Rats just like our desires and thoughts cause lots of problems in our lives. From destroying the rice grains, furnitures, papers to everything.

Scientifically speaking, the only reason why Rats destroy goods is because they have teeth that never stop growing. Therefore in order to decrease and size and shape their teeth, Rats nibble and bite on different goods.

According to popular beliefs, if there is a sudden increase in the number of rats in your home, this is a sign of a bad omen, that there can be a sudden problem at your home, possibility of someone becoming ill or trouble from enemies. As it is said that just like how Rats grow and destroy items and goods in your household, it is like they are also biting away the happiness and prosperity from your home. Thus, if there are many rats in your home, it is also a sign of poverty and loss of wealth.

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Destroys the peace of house

Where there are sudden increase in the number of Rats coming to your house, this is an indication that there will be lots of conflicts, and tension at your home environment.

If there are many rats at your home, it destroys the peace at home. Especially, if rats are mating and giving birth, this is a bad omen.

Disturbance from enemies

Another reason why rats are considered inauspicious is because it foretells harmfrom enemies, disturbane from enemies or increase in the number of enemies in your life.

The bad omen is further enhanced when they start biting and destroying household goods and items. If you have lots of rats at your home, you shouldimmediately plan to get rid of them.

Sign of poverty in family

You may have seen families going from richness to complete misery and poverty. Well that can soon be the case if you’re not careful about handling rats at your home.

If rats are constantly minding and destroying goods and if there are multiplying, this is a sign of poverty and if not handled, can soon cause poverty in your family. this a is bad omen and the happiness, peace and prosperity of your family is going to decrease.

Rats biting or making holes in a person’s clothes

When rats bite and make holes in a person, or family members clothes, this is not at all auspicious and a very bad omen.

This indicates that the family member is going to be seriously ill and may have to suffer from a fatal disease.

If you find that rats are constantly destroyingclothes, especially new ones,immediately one should do a Puja tocleanse the bad omen and go to the doctor for a checkup.

Big gathering of Rats at home

When there is a big gathering of rats at home, this is also a very bad omen.Rats usually group in places where there is darkness, dark energy and negativity. This is an indication that there is going a be a big calamity, problem or tense situation in household.

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Moles or Chuckundar coming to house

Moles or Chuckundar coming to house

Interestingly, Moles or Chuchundar that look very similar to rats but have a pointed nose are actually very auspicious if they visit your home.

Chuchundar’s are considered to be very auspicious and it is said that Laxmi increases in the house where there are many chuchundars or moles.

They are a sign of profit and considered to be the form of Goddess lakshmi.’

How to safely remove rats from your home?

killing of any animals, including rats is inauspicious. As one builds bad karmaif they continously will small lininganimals. Which is the reason why we highly discourage the act of killing animals.

However, there are still many effective way to remove rats from your home.

Use mouse traps

How to safely remove rats from your home using Mouse Trap Water Tank

Mouse traps are excellent ways to catchmice and completey remove rats from your home. They are the safest and one of the most ethical ways remove rats from your home.

You can easily build a mouse trap using a water tank with a small hole, enough for rats to enter in.

With some creative ideas, you can make the trap more effective, use food like cheese, grains or rice to attract the mice and once they are trapped, you can free them in the jungle.

Keep a Pet cat

Another very effective way to reduce the number of rats or completely remove them is by keeping a cat as a pet.

It is very natural for rats to fear cats and if you keep one at your home, there won’t be any ratstroubling you or destroying your goods

Most rats get terrified when they just hear the sound or smell of a cat, so I am sure, if you keep a cat at home, you will not find any rats.