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Significance of Pigeons Coming To Your House



Significance of Pigeons Coming To Your House

Animals, especially birds have been a symbol and messengers of the spiritual world for thousands of years. Each animal in this world is associated with a certain types of planets and energy and that’s why they can give signs or alert you about what’s going to happen in the future.

Some birds are considered as an omen of ill and some are considered a sign of good luck and happiness. Today in this article we will be talking about Pigeons or Kabootar in Hindi as to whether they indicate good luck and positivity or represent bad luck.

When Pigeons come to your home or near your house.

Pigeons are birds that represent the positive and negative aspects of the planet Mercury. In fact, pigeons as a bird represent Mercury.

The energy of mercury is formed when Jupiter and the planet Rahu gets combined.

Here, Pigeons are known to be the messengers of love, peace. They also symbolize that luck is favoring you in terms of love. The reason being Pigeons have the ability to reproduce for their whole life and that’s why they are considered a good omen for love.

Pigeons are such wonderful birds that they have the capability and power to ward off negativity from your house and your body. They bring in peace and harmony to the house and they also attract Goddess Laxmi.

When you take the time to feed the Pigeons and call them into your house with your own efforts, this will help to strengthen your Jupiter Mercury. This is very auspicious and feeding any living creature, especially Pigeons in our case is going to bring a lot of good luck into your life.

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However, when many Pigeons start to come to your house as you feed them, they can shit on your house and if you don’t clean them, it can activate the negative effects of the planet Rahu. So, it is important to keep it clean.

Pigeons coming to your home also means that your home is very quiet and peaceful and the vibrations at your home are going at the right track.

When you start feeding the pigeons, they start producing positive vibrations that start radiating into the house which they come to. Therefore, whenever, you feed pigeons, be sure to also give water to them with grains and corn. It very good for you and also your home.

People having problems with marriage or love relationships can also feed Pigeons as it is good for them. It can remove obstacles and hurdles related to marriage and love and if a couple is trying to marry, it can speed up the marriage process.

When Pigeons come to your home and Start making nests and breeding.

When Pigeons come to your house, stay near your windows, rooftop and when they specially start breeding by laying eggs and building nests, it is deemed as negative.

Pigeons love to live near people however, this does not mean that they like to live in people’s house. They live in areas which are dilapidated, broken, and places which look very old and nobody lives in it. You may have seen many houses where no one lives but you also find many Pigeons living there.

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Now when Pigeons, choose your house as their home base and start building nests, it is seen as negative and it’s not a good sign. It also means that, negative vibrations are surrounding your house.

Keep in mind that if Pigeons come in certain occasions like, when you feed them or when they come and sit on your rooftop or window but eventually go away, this is an indication of a good omen.

However, Pigeons actually trying to breed inside your home is a negative omen.

The best way to keep Pigeons away from breeding is to make sure that you home is arranged in a way that keeps them away.

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Always feed Pigeons in a particular area every day. Pigeons also represent Goddess Laxmi so it is very auspicious to feed Pigeons.

Feed pigeons the right way.

Yes, it is bad if Pigeons start breeding in your home, start building nests, and laying eggs and due to this, most people would shy away from coming even close to pigeons. However, this is an exceptional case but if you actually feed pigeons, it is good and a very auspicious remedy that could bring lots of happiness and positive energy into your home. Here are some tips that you can use to feed pigeons the right way.

Always place some water near the feeding area

One of the tips that you can do is to place some water near the grains. Flocks of pigeons could come and start eating the wheat grains but if you actually place some water near the feeding area, this is considered to be a very auspicious remedy in Vedic Astrology. This simple act strengthens the planet Moon in your birth chart and it is very auspicious.

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Feed the pigeons a little far away from your home.

If you feed the pigeons right on your balcony, there’s no issue with that but you might have to clean their poop all the time because as we know, Pigeon poop should not accumulate otherwise, negative energy could start accumulating in your home. The best thing to do is to feed the pigeons, a couple of blocks away from your home. Because here, who is feeding matters and not where the pigeons are being fed.

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