Importance and Benefits of Bathing in Milk Vedic Astrology

“Vedas” is knowledge. The Vedic Tradition which has a history running back hundreds of years is the most powerful indigenous civilization in the world with more than a billion people following it. The foundation of the widely practiced philosophy is the laws of nature which are applicable to everyone.

This is the oldest tradition of knowledge in the world and it has addressed a variety of topics such as architecture, health, astrology, and many more. Hinduism which is the 3rd largest and one of the oldest religions in the world was heavily affected by the Vedic rituals.

The Vedic Astrology which is mostly followed in the Indian sub-continent is based on the belief that the planets and stars are having a big impact on our lives someway somehow. According to this concept the positions of planets and stars are directly related with one’s karma (good or bad results based on one’s past actions).

Milk in Vedic Astrology

Benefits of Bathing in Milk Vedic Astrology

As per Indian Mythology, Milk is holy and even the sight of milk early in the morning is auspicious. Milk represents purity. In simple words, milk plays a pivotal role in Vedic Astrology and tradition itself. Bathing in milk is an ancient Vedic tradition with unbelievable and amazing benefits.

Amidst the hectic lifestyle with no peace of mind if you can take a milk bath or mix some milk in the water when you bath, it will help you to collect your thoughts together relieving you from stress.

If you feel no interest at all in anything, if you are a pessimist with no self-confidence at all about yourself and what you do, this tradition is going to benefit you immensely. Some people know that they are addicted to pornography and habitual masturbation, but still, find it difficult to get rid of them.

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Bathing in Milk According to Vedic Astrology

Benefits of Bathing in Milk Vedic Astrology

As per the Vedic traditions, bathing in milk will give you much-needed control over yourself assisting you to get over the addictions. Most of the people nowadays are not living in or accepting reality. They tend to daydream instead. This will eventually lead them to miss precious moments and opportunities that life throws at them. Vedic tradition gives you the suggestion of bathing in milk to ensure that you enjoy life as it is living in the reality.

Now when you study the above benefits of milk bathing, you should have noted that mostly they are associated with the mind.

According to Vedic Astrology, milk relates to the Moon. And it’s the Moon that determines the behavior of our mind. That should give you a general idea about the relationship between bathing in milk, Moon, and the mind.  Moon is considered to be the most influential planet in Vedic Astrology. The reason is its control over one’s mind including the emotions and nothing matters if you don’t have the mental stability.

Therefore it is important to keep Moon balanced instead of having a negative one. As per the teachings of Vedic Astrology, there are remedies to reduce the impacts on your life, if your Moon is negative. A bath with curd while meditating on Lord Moon is one such.

Benefits of Bathing in Milk In Vedic Astrology

Benefits of Bathing in Milk Vedic Astrology

Let’s discuss some traditional remedies taught in Vedic Astrology for a prosperous family life. There is a tradition saying “Doodho nahao, pootho phalo” which means bathe in milk and give birth to sons. The above saying hints at links between milk bathing and the husband-wife relationship.

  • As a remedy of the planets Jupiter and Venus, Vedic Astrology suggests bathing with cow milk and haldi(Tumeric) water mixed together. If you do so, you would be blessed with happiness in your family life. Everyone goes through bad phases in family lives and it is suggested to, mix a little amount of curd in your bathing water to overcome them.

  • It is advised not to take bathe in plain water on special occasions like your spouse’s birthday, wedding anniversary or etc.  Adding two teaspoons of raw milk to your bathtubs will further grow your attraction towards each other.

  • Rahu among Navagraha (9 astronomical bodies) is a shadow planet and considered to be the king of meteors.  It is referred to as a malefic planet generally in astronomical teachings. Quarrels with loved ones and closed ones, sleepless nights, deaths of your pets, alcoholism, and being cheated by your lover could be the results of the malefic Rahu in your horoscope.  Add a cup of milk to a bucket of water and wash your body and head daily with it continuously for 43 days. It is a remedy that you could use when Rahu is malefic.

  • Saturn is a secretive planet and hence it does unexpected things at expected times. Having Shani in the 8th house of a birth chart is considered to be troublesome. It will affect the mental state of a person leading to anxiety, depression, and etc. Here also, using milk in bathing water could be used as a remedy to overcome the negative effects of the planet Saturn. Additionally, Read Hanuman Chalisa every day to completely get the best benefits from Shani Dev or Planet Saturn. Check Benefits of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa Daily.

  • Lord Shiva is a very important god in the concept of Hinduism. He is a member of the holy trinity (Trimurti) which includes God Vishnu and Brahma.  Hindus worship him as the creator and the protector of the universe. The Shiv bhakhts (devotees of Lord Shiva) have been following a ritual of bathing the Shiv ling, the symbol of Lord Shiva with milk for years now. The Vedic scriptures take the name of “Rudrabishekam” as the greatest spiritual puja. Rudra is also Lord Shiva in another form and it is taught as the fiercest of them all in Hinduism. This veneration to please Lord Shiva includes pouring milk on the Shivling which is touted to be a source of positive energy. When milk is poured onto the Shiv Ling it is believed that positive energy which flows down gets absorbed into the bodies of Shiv bhakths carrying out this tradition. The Vedic teachings put forward bringing wealth, eliminating bad karma, strengthening the mind to face difficulties as the benefits of performing Rudrabhishek. The Vedic Astrology says that this ritual bath could eliminate the bad effects of Rahu dosha and Shrapit dosha as well.