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Bad Yogas in Vedic Astrology



Bad Yogas in Vedic Astrology

There are many yogas made in our birth chart that are capable of changing our lives. Some of this yoga is known as Raja Yoga, which provides us success in life and fulfills our life with happiness. And some yoga becomes the reason for our failure and lots of problems in life.
This yoga is called bad yoga.
Today in this post I will mention four bad yoga in the birth chart.

Kemdrum yoga

Bad Yogas in Vedic Astrology Kemdrum yoga

This yoga is formed if Moon is alone in the birth chart and there is no other planet in the 2nd or the 12th from the Moon. Yet in the same situation when no favorable planet is visible on the moon. A person born in this kind of yoga can face the most difficult time of his life in factors – money or wealth. Native people can not concentrate on study, job, or business.

Native start doubting his ability. This yoga takes all everything from native and makes his life worse. But firstly it gives success to natives for some time and then it leads native to bad decisions which became the reasons for the loss of his success.

However, many astrologers think that it is possible to reduce the bad effects of kemdrum yoga when there are no auspicious planets in the house behind the Moon or the second and twelfth house, then bad effects of Kemdrum Yoga.

On the other hand, This yoga can also make a person strong enough to struggle in life.


1. Worshiping Lord Shiva can help to avoid the bad effects of this Yoga.
if you fast for four consecutive years from the time of Chitra Nakshatra on Monday, then the all bad effects of Kemdrum Yoga are also expected to be reduced.

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2. Offer raw milk to Shivaling while chanting Om Namah Shivaya every Monday.

3. Donate while colored products: white cloths and Rice to poor people.

4. Keep Sarvotbhadra Yantra in your worshiping place and chant the Mantra given here 108 times while worshiping.
5. Never make fun of others, especially weak people.
6. Try to help others in any possible way.

Grahan Yoga or Grahan Dosh

Bad Yogas in Vedic Astrology Grahan Yoga or Grahan Dosh

Grahan Yogas are  two types:
Surya Grahan Yoga and Moon Grahan Yoga which are also divided further.

Surya Grahan

1. When the Rahu and Planet Sun are present in the same house at the same time then it is known as Purna Surya Grahan yoga.

2. If Planet Sun and Ketu are present in the same house or they are giving preferences to each other then it is called Partial Surya Grahan yoga.

Moon Grahan yoga

If Ketu and planet moon are present together in the same house then Purna Chandra Grahan yoga is formed.

When Rahu and Planet Moon are placed in the same house then it is called Partial Chandra Grahan yoga.

In Grahan Yoga native faces so many bad experiences. Well settled work may get affected. The health issue is the main problem in this yoga. This yoga also affects the Piece and harmony of the family.


Surya Grahan

1. Flow six coconuts on your head with water.

2. Do regular recitation of Aditya Hrudaya Stotra.

3. Every morning Offer water to the sun. And chant sSurya matra.

4. Keep fast on Sanday and Ekadashi.

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5. Always talk with others in a polite tone and avoid fights: physical and useless debate.
6. Don’t intake salt on Sunday.
7. Worship lord Hanuman to calm Rahu and Ketu.

Moon Grahan Yoga

1. Keep Fast every Monday and Pradosh.

2. Do not grow braid and beard.

3. You should Donate white clothes on Monday to poor people.

4. Every day Worship Lord Shiva.

5. Offer water to Ficus religious tree and worship it daily.
6. Take coins from your family members and donate to the temple.

Vish Yoga

Bad Yogas in Vedic Astrology Vish Yoga

When Planet Saturn and Moon are present together or when Saturn aspects Moon, then Vish yoga is formed. Native always be dissatisfied with his life. He or she feels sad and hopeless. Native can not be able to perform works according to his wish. And he always needs help from others. Vish Yoga can also affect your marriage life. Relation with family members ad friends get became worsen in this yoga.

A person gets frustrated with his life and underestimates himself. The state of mind does not work properly which leads to disappointments. Native fails to gain knowledge.

1. Read Hanuman Chalisa every day
2. Donate food to poor people Saturday. And put milk in the well on Saturday if possible.
3. Native never drink milk at night.
4. Behave well with everyone and obey your parents.
5. Native should never eat Meat or drink alcohol.
6. Native should respect mothers, wives, and every female.
7. Native should include mediation or Yoga practices in his daily schedule.

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Amavasya Yoga

Bad Yogas in Vedic Astrology Amavasya Yoga

Amavasya Yoga is formed if the moon and planet sun is placed in the same house. We know that the moon is not visible to anyone on Amavasya Night which is considered too bad. In the same manner, if Amavsya yoga is formed in the birth chart, then the moon gets affected and various problems enter his life. Mental related Diseases can take place because the moon in the birth chart becomes weak in this yoga. According to the world-famous astrologer, Moon is believed to be the life of the birth chart and if the moon becomes vulnerable, then troubles make native life terrible in many aspects.


1. If you are affected by amasvya yoga you should Feed birds every day.

2. You should wear around the shaped locket having a moon printed on it.

3. Workshop lord shiva every day and keep fast every Monday.

4. Do not donate milk. But other things can be donated that can help in reducing this yoga.

5. Daily touch the feet of your parents and never hurt them.

In today’s post, I have explained 4 bad yoga’s in the birth chart. I have also mentioned remedies to reduced this yoga. If this post helped you or if you still have any query then feel free to leave a comment.