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Know which Plants You Should Grow in Your Home



Everyone has plants and flowers in their house. Whether you live in a bungalow or an apartment, everyone has house plants. However, while choosing our plants, we often only think about how aesthetically pleasing they are. We rarely go over the other Vastu related benefits of different plants. We’re lucky enough to have stones nowadays that help improve our luck. However, before mining began, people used plants to increase their health, wealth, and luck.

If you feel that you are putting all the required effort into your work or relationships but still aren’t getting the desired or deserved result, then there might be an issue in your stars. However, a single plant could have significant beneficial impacts on resolving your planetary issues. Today, we will go back to the age-old methods of using plants to improve our luck. We are here to guide you about the Vastu benefits of different plants that you grow at home to reap numerous benefits and enhance your luck.


1. To Increase Your Wealth – Money Plant

The first plant that we will talk about is the money plant. The name says it all. If you want to increase your wealth, you must opt for a money plant to improve your prosperity. Furthermore, the plant must be placed in the north direction since the northern side favors the growth of wealth.

You could also plant orchids, and they must also be kept in the northern direction to increase your wealth. If this plant is submerged in water, then it would offer even more benefits. Plant vines grown on the northern side of your house are also very beneficial for improving wealth, primarily if they are grown from the lower end to the top.

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2. To Increase Social Contacts and Networking – Tulsi Plant

Networking is an extremely important aspect of our lives. We cannot progress in our careers or social standing unless we get in touch with the right people. One must network in order to move forward in life and make progress.

Therefore, to create greater social contacts it would be best if you use plants that have widespread leaves for this purpose. Tulsi is an example of one such plant. It has many leaves that branch out, making it easier to water them at the time of sunrise. This activity strengthens your social contacts.

3. Promotion of the Abundance of Liquid Cash | Red Flowers or Pomegranate Plant

Cash is cash and it doesn’t really matter what form it has. However, you need to have liquid cash in case of emergencies or in order to spend it. You might be rich with a lot of property and bonds but that money is of no use to you if you can’t spend it.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a steady flow of liquid cash in your house, you must plant any plant with red flowers in the south-east direction of your house. You could also go for a pomegranate plant or tree as it has red flowers as well. These plants are very inviting for Goddess Lakshmi, and your house will never be empty of liquid cash by doing so.

4. To Increase Your Fame

Who doesn’t want to be famous? If you want to gain greater recognition in your circle or all across the nation, you should always opt for plants with broader, wider leaves. This plant must be planted in the Southern direction of your house, and if this plant has red flowers in it, it would be even better for enhancing your fame.

If not, then one good example is the pink-flowered plant of Champa. It looks beautiful, and it’s equally beneficial. The Champa plant grows well in the sun, and it also helps to spread your fame everywhere. Furthermore, beautifully scented and fragrant flowers such as roses can also be planted on the southern side of your house.

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While it is mostly recommended not to go for plants with thorns, roses are an exception since they are the king of all flowers and highly fragrant, which makes them exempt from the no thorn rule.

5. The direction of Placing Plants

Whether you place them on your balcony or your lawn, the plants’ placement also makes a lot of difference in the impact they have on our lives.  North, north-east, and east should not have heavy and large plants. Instead, these places should be adorned with small, flowering plants.

You can place the larger plants in the south and south-east. Furthermore, plants with white flowers are best for being placed in the West. No plant should be placed in the south-west as it leads to complications in relationships.

6. Plants to Avoid

While we have been focusing on the plants we must keep in our homes to attract all sorts of positivity, it is important to remember that not all plants are beneficial. There are some plants that generate negative vibes as well and they must be avoided at all costs. One of these plants is cactus.

Lemon and green chilies should also not be planted in your house as the lemon plant makes your relationships go sour, and the green chilies invoke negative vibes in your house. However, they can be placed in your backyard but avoid giving them a spot on your front lawn.

Final Words

Plants have a major impact on our lives and following our mentioned advice will give you fruitful results for sure. These plants are some of the most amazing and beneficial plants that you can keep in your home. Not only they absorb the harmful Carbon dioxide gas but they fill your home with freshness and of course, wealth, health, and prosperity. I’d say if you can keep all the plants mentioned above, go for it as it will only do lots of good in your life.

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