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Miracle Benefits of Worshipping Lord Shiva



Miracle Benefits of Worshipping Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the most influential deities in Hinduism. Lord Shiva, also known as the God of Destruction, is among the crucial gods in Hinduism.

He doesn’t follow a luxurious life nor seeks pleasure in luxury. For several years devotees have been praying to him. Praying to or worshipping Lord Shiva has lots of benefits which are sure to make your life better. One gains a lot of positive aspects in their life by worshipping him. 

In this article, we have mentioned the benefits that one gets by worshipping Lord Shiva. 

Miracle Benefits of Worshipping Lord Shiva 

Miracle Benefits of Worshipping Lord Shiva 

Mental and spiritual being 

He is widely acknowledged to be the God of Nirvana. All you have to do is pray to him and adore him with a sincere heart if you want to gain mental and spiritual well-being. It will not only improve your chakras for improved spiritual health, but it will also provide you with mental serenity.

Losing temper when required 

Lord Shiva doesn’t deal with nonsense. He is aware of when to lose his cool and restore order. When you fully adore this incredibly potent god of gods, the same thing will occur to you. In other words, you will properly own your wrath.

He is very unconventional 

Shiva bends and shatters all moral and societal norms to express his state of freedom. He is the Tantric lord who allows left-handed worship techniques to sublimate bad tendencies to demonstrate the necessity of transcending all dualities and judgment to find liberation.

That implies you don’t have to worry about your diet, your way of life, your standards of living, your caste or social background, or the norms you adhere to.

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Anger is acceptable 

When he gets enraged, Shiva is reputed to be one of the most vengeful deities. He is renowned for using his destructive abilities when he is extremely upset. Thus, even Shiva may empathize with you when you act inappropriately out of anger, even though you are not at fault.

Easy to worship him 

No priest is necessary to worship Shiva. Shiva can be prayed to directly by entering any Shiva temple, or you can pray to him in your heart and present anything with love. This implies that you are in direct contact with Shiva and that he hears your pleas personally.

Shiva is easily pleased 

Even some truly evil devotees are known to receive boons from Shiva regularly. Because of his innocence and willingness to oblige, he is known as Bholenath, the innocent one. So even though you have flaws and inadequacies, if you love and worship him, you may be sure of his love and compassion. 

Lord of the body

Shiva is a representation of tamas, which makes up the majority of a living organism. Shiva appears as a unique soul in a live body.

So, to cleanse and reform your body to obtain liberation, you must first worship Shiva and ask him to remove all of your impurities and make it easier for you to advance along the path.

Gives you wisdom and knowledge

Lord Shiva is a universal teacher. He is the source of all knowledge, which manifests as Ganga. He is the origin of science, craft, and art. He is also a fantastic singer, dancer, and guitarist. Shiva is the God you can pray to if you wish to develop your gift. 

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No fear of untimely death

People have long believed that if you frequently worship the god of destruction, you won’t pass away suddenly. One of the greatest advantages of worshipping Lord Shiva is without a doubt that he protects you from untimely annihilation by putting you under his wing.

Astrological benefits of Worshipping Lord Shiva 

There are astrological benefits of worshipping Lord Shive as well. In an astrological tone, Lord Shiva bestows longevity, wealth, and success upon his followers. He brings luck, solves all issues, and guarantees a wealthy life for his followers’ whole families. 

Signs that Lord Shiva is with you 

Signs that Lord Shiva is with you 

When Lord Shiva is with you there are certain signs which let you know that he is with you. 

  • If Lord Shiva is with you, you will find equality in everything. You will inculcate the idea that everything’s existence has a reason, therefore nothing is good or bad. So all the things will become equal for you. With this realization, there will come an end to your sadness and anxiety. 
  • A Sattvic lifestyle becomes easy for you and you accept the said lifestyle. A Sattvic lifestyle means a simple and pure lifestyle. If you have the willingness to accept the lifestyle without being forced by any external occurrence, then it is a clear sign that Lord Shiva is with you. 
  • When all the negativity from your life is gone then Lord Shiva is with you. You will begin life with positivity and have consistent positive thoughts. 
  • If you have love and compassion for animals, it is a sign that Lord Shivs is with you. You cannot bear the thought of torturing animals and you won’t allow anyone to do so. You will feel the brilliance and luster of nature.
  • Everyone lies at some point. Sometimes it becomes necessary to lie to protect oneself or others. But after lying if you are consumed by guilt, then this is a sign that Lord Shiva is with you. 
  • The loss of the desire for a materialistic lifestyle is a hint that Lord Shiva may be with you. Having a life without any materialistic desires goes hand in hand with spiritual life. The progress towards a spiritual life is also a sign of Lord Shiva recognizing your devotion. This can happen with the abandonment of materialistic things.
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Worshipping Lord Shiva is something that has been going on for ages. There are a lot of good things that you can get by worshipping him. It is easy to worship him, and one can please him easily.

You can get mentally strong by worshipping him, you get enlightened with knowledge and wisdom, and many more. Worshipping Lord Shiva is one thing everyone can do to make their life easier and smoother. So you can go and worship him, there’s nothing to lose.