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20 Benefits of Feeding Cow in Astrology



Benefits of feeding cow in astrology

Cows are animals that play a significant role in our societies. They are sacred and holy animals that can enhance our well-being. We can overcome the problems that we face in our Kundali by serving and feeding cows. Apart from that, there are several other benefits, as per astrology.

Cows have every potential to assist us in solving the obstacles we confront in our lives. When it comes to our Kundali, our planets might not have good positions. Due to this, it can result in familial, health, or career-related problems. We have to identify such planets in our Kundali.

If a planet is in Dasha, Antar Dasha, or Pratyantar Dasha, it means that it can affect our lives adversely. However, we can overcome most problems associated with our Kundali by feeding cows.

Let us have a look at the benefits of feeding cows as per astrology.

  1. When we feed a cow, we imbibe its aura, breath, and smell. Through this, we can remove the negative aspects associated with Rahu.
  2. Feeding a cow and approaching it at proximity has other benefits too. When we are near a cow, we can overcome our tension and anger. It is because of the energy proliferating from the cow.
  3. When we feed a cow, we can also acquire positive thoughts and mindsets.
  4. When we feed a cow, it can reduce the chances of slipping into depression and other psychological issues. It is primarily because of the calming effect cows can provide. Apart from that, depression occurs mainly due to the positioning of the planet Moon.
  5. Planet Moon’s position also paves the way for urinary tract infection. We can overcome these problems by using cow’s urine.
  6. When the planet Sun has problems in its position, one of the best ways to solve them is feeding a cow. We have to perform it on a Sunday morning. Here, we have to provide Roti to the cow as food.
  7. When we try to overcome issues related to Rahu, drinking cow’s urine can be helpful. It can assist us in resolving these concerns and also reduce the chances of having bad dreams.
  8. Financial constraints and other such crisis occur because of the positioning of planet Moon in our horoscope. We can overcome this problem by providing water to cows.
  9. When we have problems in the positioning of Budh, we face numerous issues. We may find it tough to communicate with others. People might find our way of interacting with them as offending, and we might lack confidence in speaking with others. We can resolve these issues related to Budh with the assistance of a cow. Here, we have to feed green forage or Hara Chara to a cow. We have to perform it every Wednesday.
  10. When we have issues with Mangal in our Kundali, it can cause anger and frustration. It could also pave the way for problems in our career. Here, we have to feed wheat to cows on Tuesdays.
  11. When we find issues with our Shukr, the best way to overcome them is by providing food to cows on Fridays. We can give Kheer to cows.
  12. Another way by which we can resolve the issues that we have on Shukr in our Kundali is by giving rice. Here, we have to offer something sweet along with rice. Through this, we can ensure that Shukr facilitates good results in our lives.
  13. When we find that there is an issue with Shani in our Kundali, we can resolve it with the assistance of a cow. Here, we have to provide Roti prepared with mustard oil to cows on Saturdays. Through this, we can attain positive results. We can offer this food item to a cow even when our Shani does not have any problems. By doing so, it assists in ensuring the well-being of Shani.
  14. Offering spinach leaves to a cow is highly beneficial for our Kundali. It assists in resolving any issues that we might face due to the positioning of Shani and Budh.
  15. When we provide sesame with wheat to a cow, it can assist in overcoming any issues related to Kethu. While doing so, we have to ensure that we don’t harm any cows. If we do so, it can affect our well-being.
  16. When we find an issue with the positioning of the planet Guru, we can overcome the problem by feeding cows on Thursday. Here, we will have to offer Lohi made from wheat flour to cows.
  17. When we want to bring positivity to Shukr, we can do so by feeding a cow.
  18. When Surya, Kethu, or Rahu is present in the second or seventh house, it will affect Shukr. It can lead to problems in marriage, childbirth and can also lead to death. Here, it happens due to the negativity in Shukr. We can overcome it by feeding Green forage to cows. We can collect money from our family members as well while purchasing it for the cows.
  19. Offering Roti in the morning on Wednesdays and Fridays can assist us in overcoming Shukra Rin. It occurs because of the presence of Surya, Kethu, or Rahu in the second or seventh house.
  20. We can feed cows even when we don’t have any issues with the positioning of the planets in our Kundali. Through this, we can gain prosperity and happiness in our lives.
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By doing these acts of feeding cows, we can overcome several hurdles in our lives. It can also assist us in leading a prosperous life without any issues. So, by serving cows, we can enrich our lives.