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Best Direction And Position For Clock According To Vastu Shastra



Do you know that Wall Clock’s Hold a big importance in our lives and especially at our home.

What we normally do is we hang the clock where it is comfortable for us to look at. But we aren’t aware if the position and direction of clock is correct or not.

That’s why in Vastu, there are also rules and regulations about different objects and one of them are clocks.

Clock/Wall Clock Vastu

Best Direction And Position For Clock According To Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, objects in our house have a specific energy that when we move them or place them, certain types of energy get activated. Therefore, if we try to place the right objects in the right position and direction in our house, we can reap the benefits of those objects and bring in positive vibrations in our house.

These days just imagine how hard it is to live without a clock in your house. It can be really difficult when you don’t have any idea about time and that’s what clocks show us. For example, A student who is writing his final exam, when he has no access to a clock that shows time, things can get very difficult for him.

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Clocks give us the ability to manage ourselves because it shows us time. Another thing that clocks also give us is Stress when it is placed in the wrong direction. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you may not have any idea about time and you happily wake up but the moment you look at the clock and time, you will start to panic because you are running late for work.

Therefore, today in this article, we will be discussing the best directions and positions for wall clocks in your house.

So here are the Best Directions And Positions For Wall Clock in your House.

1. Never place the Clock right in front of your bed

Best Direction And Position For Clock According To Vastu Shastra

Imagine yourself waking up from the bed with the clock right in front of you. The moment you wake up, if the first thing that you see is the clock then it will give you stress because immediately you think “Oh I am late for work or school”.

Therefore, one should never wake up from the bed looking at the clock. Instead, one should keep a beautiful picture of mountains, motivational quotes, or a picture of any holy deity.

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According to Vastu Shastra, Clocks should never be kept in front of your bed position.

2. Clocks in North Direction of the House

When your clock or wall clock is placed in the North position, it is considered auspicious as the North direction represents the Water Element in Vastu.

North positioned clocks is also said to attract wealth and prosperity. Whenever you place a clock in the north position, the color of the clock should be blue which represents the water element. Or any clock that has a picture representing the blue color like a beautiful picture of oceans.

White colored clocks are also fine for this direction. The shape of the clock should be circular.

The North direction is also said to be the direction of Lord Kuber or Lord Ganesha who are the Gods of Wealth. Planet that represent the North Direction is Mercury (Budh) which as we know is the planet of Business and Communication.

Therefore, placing your clock in the North direction helps you to attract more wealth, money and prosperity.

3. North-East Direction for Clocks.

According to Jai Madaan (Astrologer), Clocks should never be positioned in the North East direction because clocks positioned in this place may make you feel that you haven’t achieved enough.

It is said that North-East is a forward moving direction and therefore, time tends to run very fast here and it’s not good to place your clock in the North East direction.

4. East direction for Wall clocks.

The east position is the direction that is ruled by the planet Sun which is known as the “Atma Karka”. When you place the clock in the east direction, the clock should be made of made of wood or it can also have a wooden base.

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Wood doesn’t let the energy flush out which is one of the reasons why our vedic ancestors would wear wooden slippers.

The east direction is said to improve the quality of our Education or work. East is the direction of Wood and it represents our family.

Therefore, by putting a wooden clock in the east direction of our house will bring in growth to the family and will also help in education and work.

5. Clocks in South Direction

The south direction is known as the direction of fire. South is also known as the direction of fame because fire also represents fame.

Therefore, the south direction is good for people who want to achieve fame in life. However, the clock should be made of brass or copper and the clock should be placed in the south direction with the sheer intention of gaining fame.

Otherwise, placing normal clocks in the south direction can bring health issues.

6. Clocks in south-west direction.

The south west direction is known to represent the earth element therefore, placing the clock in this direction will help you stabilize the earth element in your house and body.

By placing clocks with family pictures will help you and your family bond well.

7. Clocks in West direction.

The West direction is known for profits. Therefore, placing a metallic clock in this direction will help you increase your profits whether it is business or at work.

The west direction is also represented by the planet Saturn which indicates discipline and hard work in life. So, by placing a clock made of metal in this direction will help you bring profits and get you disciplined in life.

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The west direction is also known to bring good luck.

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Additional things about the position and type of clocks – Do’s and don’ts.

  • Pendulum clocks can create positive sound waves that can help your house be filled with positivity.
  • You should never place a wall clock at the top of the doorway. 
  • For couples, they should keep the clock away from them, in a place where it is not visible while they are asleep.
  • Clocks should not be set in real-time, instead, they should be 1-2 mins ahead of actual time. However, it should not be running behind time as it bring bad luck.
  • Make sure that the clock is never hanging above the door that you enter and exit from as it tends to bring bad luck.
  • If clocks have very reflective glass, they should not reflect your bed or bedroom door. Nor should it reflect your main door as it directly means that your life is ticking away.
  • Clocks not not reflect things that are negative nor should represent things such as sordid memories of bad times, war, struggle or poverty. As they can attract a similar situation to your life.
  • Never keep a broken clock, faulty clock in your home, either replace them or throw them away.
  • Wall clock should not placed outside of your house.