10 Best Remedies For Planet Sun or Surya Dev

As per Vedic Astrology, Surya Dev is a life force that acts as our soul or Atmakaraka. Its base element is fire and assists us in achieving strength as well as prosperity in our lives. Planet Surya plays a pivotal role in enhancing our physical and mental health. Surya also acts as a depiction of our personality.

When Surya is in a good position in our horoscope, it aids us in leading an honourable and courageous life. However, when Surya has a weak presence in our Kundali, it paves the way for Surya Dosha.

Here, a person would lack confidence. Such an individual could slip into pessimism and lose their self-esteem. Along with that, the person would also confront illnesses, including heart diseases.

Apart from Surya Dosha, Surya Mahadesha can also adversely impact a person. It occurs when the Sun is in a weak position during Surya Mahadesha. Because of this, the problems faced during this period gets amplified.

If the Sun is in a good position in the Kundali, Surya Mahadesha can magnify the positive aspects of our lives.

As mentioned, we might face problems due to the positioning of Surya Graha in our horoscope. We can overcome these issues by incorporating some remedies into our lives. Through this, we can remove the inauspicious effects and enhance Surya’s strength. They include:

Reciting and Chanting Mantras

Reciting specific Mantras can assist in strengthening Surya Dev’s position in our Kundali. We can chant the Sun Mantra to assist planet Surya. ” Om Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah” is the Sun Mantra. Along with that, you can recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly. Including Gayathri Mantra can also be highly beneficial. It is because Gayathri Mantra assists in the proliferation of positive vitalities.

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Fasting on Sundays

While focusing on strengthening Surya Dev, we can consider fasting as a viable option. Fasting on Sundays can assist in garnering blessings from Lord Rama and Lord Surya.

On such a day, we can only consume sweet food items. Along with that, we have to avoid salt. While fasting, we can only have food one time a day. These are a few things we have to consider.

Wearing things that appease Surya Dev

Saffron and its hues are the colours associated with Surya Dev. As part of appeasing Surya Dev, we can wear clothes in similar hues. We can also use red or orange shades.

Apart from that, we can consider wearing gemstones that have a close relation to Surya Dev. They can be highly beneficial and powerful. For instance, using a ring with a Ruby stone can assist in strengthening planet Surya’s position.

Practising Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar, with 12 Yoga poses, can assist in reviving the energy of planet Surya. It is also known as Sun salutation. Practising it in the morning can be highly beneficial. It can also help us in gaining flexibility and strength.

Apart from Surya Namaskar, we can also include Yoga and breathing exercises into our routine. It can play a crucial role in energising our body and mind.

Viewing the Sun during sunrise

Waking up early in the morning and viewing the Sun is an excellent way to overcome the problems associated with the planet Sun. Here, we can worship Lord Rama and Lord Surya as well. It has several health benefits too.

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Providing donations

Providing donations without expecting anything in return is yet another remedial measure for planet Sun. Here, we can offer wheat, copper, ruby to others to appease Surya Dev. However, it is highly beneficial for us if we donate them on a Sunday.

We can place them close to our beds overnight and provide them in the morning. Through this, we can remove any form of negative vitalities and imbibe positive energy.

Using Yantras

Yantras are excellent alternatives for Mantras. We can draw them on parchments or have them on pendants. Since there are different Yantras for each of the planets, we have to use a Surya Yantra to satisfy Surya Dev. We have to wear it on a Sunday.

Wearing Rudrakshas

As a remedy for planet Sun, we can wear a Rudraksha. Rudraksha offers numerous spiritual and health benefits. It can facilitate peace and harmony in our mind.

Rudrakshas can also provide us with blessings from Lord Shiva. When we wear them to appease planet Sun, we have either opt for a Rudraksha with one or twelve Mukhi.

Along with that, when we wear them, we have to recite Mantras. For instance, when we use one Mukhi Rudraksha, we have to chant, “Aum Hreem Namah.”

When we opt for a 12 Mukhi Rudraksha, we have to recite “Aum Hreem Shrim Ghrini Shrim.” Through this, we can imbibe the positive vitalities that assist in appeasing planet Sun.

Respecting others

Surya Dev plays a pivotal role in our lives when it comes to power and authority. Because of that and several other reasons, we have to respect our elders, especially our fathers, to appease Surya Dev.

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Along with that, we have to give due regard and consideration to officials and others holding a respectable position in our community.

Other Remedial measures

We have discussed some of the essential remedial measures that can assist in appeasing the Sun. Apart from that, other methods can help in strengthening the position of planet Surya in Kundali. They include:

  1. We can provide water to Sun in the morning. However, it will be highly beneficial if we use a copper vessel for that purpose. Adding vermillion to the water can also be helpful.
  2. We can provide wheat along with Jaggery to cows.
  3. Serving black cows and providing for them can also assist in appeasing planet Sun.
  4. Praying to Lord Vishnu is yet another way to cure planet Surya’s weaknesses.

These are some remedies for planet Sun or Surya Dev that we can include in our lives. Through this, we can strengthen the position of Surya dev in our Kundali. It will assist us in attaining positivity and prosperity.