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Benefits of Wearing Black Thread in Leg



Benefits of wearing black thread in leg

A black thread in a leg is a common sight in our culture. A black thread around the ankle is usually seen in babies and there is a good reason for it. A black thread in the leg comes with its own set of benefits and is not unlucky because black is mostly associated with misfortune. Black color is associated with Saturn and by wearing a black thread a native can get the protection of Lord Shani.

In addition to it, more benefits come with wearing a black thread on the leg. In this article, we will take to you on a journey to the details of wearing a black thread. We will also dive into the methods and precautions you need to take while wearing it.

Significance of Black Thread in Astrology

In astrology, black thread holds crucial importance. As black color is associated with Saturn and wearing a black thread can protect the natives. By wearing a black thread the native will get safeguarded by Lord Shani. Also, wearing a black thread help you protect against the evil effects of Rahu and Ketu.

Therefore, a black thread has grave significance in astrology. Wearing one proves to be beneficial and keeps you safe and away from harm.

Benefits of Wearing Black Thread in Leg

The practice of wearing black thread on the leg is not only for fashion in our culture and tradition, it brings several benefits to the wearer. It surrounds the native with protection from Lord Shani from evil eye and harm. It protects the person from people who have negative feelings towards them and wish for their downfall. It can block all the negativity projected towards them and can even protect against black magic.

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In addition to protection from harm, wearing a black thread on the leg will bring health benefits as well. It is capable of healing navel displacement in the body. Navel dislocation can cause stomach issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting, therefore, by wearing black thread all the stomach problems can be cured. It can also bring the navel back into place and save you from further complications. Black thread can even make the immune system of babies strong and keep them healthy.

Moreover, wearing black thread on the leg can reduce the pain in the legs as well. Any kind of injury or wound in the leg can be healed quickly with black thread. It is also helpful against pain due to arthritis.

One of the important benefits of black thread is it protects from the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu can fill the life of the native with unfortunate luck and they can lose their money. Therefore, wearing black thread on the leg can protect the native against the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu.

As black is associated with the planet Saturn, a black thread in the leg can bring the good effects of Saturn into the wearer’s life. It will shower the native’s life with wealth, money, and fortunate luck. It will increase the chances of getting promoted in their professional life and will attract money in their life.

Things to remember before wearing the Black thread around the ankles

  • You can just get a black thread and wear it on your ankles and expect it to give you benefits, There are things you must remember and follow before wearing one. By following the methods of wearing black thread on your legs, you can get yourself protection from Shani and other benefits too.
  • To get a holy or energized black thread, you need to get one from Bhairav Nath Temple. The black thread from this temple is considered to be the best.
  • The black thread must have 9 knots in it and therefore you need to make nine knots in it.
  • If you are wearing a black thread, you should not wear threads of other colors such as red or yellow.
  • You must wear the black thread on Saturdays as it the Shani Dev’s day.
  • After wearing the black thread, you need to chant the Shani Mantra 22 times, this will please planet Saturn.
  • Moreover, you should also chant the Gayatri Mantra every day when you wear black thread as this will maintain the benefits of the black thread.
  • The thread must be wrapped around the ankle 2,4,6 or 8 times.
  • You should also wear black thread on muhurats like Abhijit and Brahma Muhurat.
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Wearing a black thread is usual in our culture as it provides a lot of benefits and protection to the native. It can attract the auspicious effects of planet Saturn and bring protection to Lord Shani. It can also bring health benefits and help you fight against health problems. Although, you must follow certain methods while wearing it to make the best out of it.