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Krittika Nakshatra Characteristics & the Deepest Secrets | The Commander-in-Chief of the Heavenly Army



Krittika Nakshatra

The Krittika people are by nature harsh, sarcastic, and discerning. The symbolism of the razor also speaks of sharp or sharpened tools and the work performed with their help, for example, the preparation of animal skins for leather and fur products. Sharp objects such as pens and writing pens, sewing needles, and sharp instruments such as drills are all controlled by Krittika.

The solid position of Karttikeya – the commander-in-chief of the heavenly army – directly says that Krittika is in control of the war, battles, armies, and disputes, and the fact that Karttikeya is famous for monumental heroic deeds implies that his nakshatra is always in sight and that she has aspirations and projects that go beyond the ordinary. Since Karttikeya’s body and armor shine like the sun, Krittika also rules over gold and is in some way associated with wealth. The mythological plots associated with it tell, among other things, about adoption, foster motherhood, and the assigned responsibility to patronize others.

Physiology and diseases:  hips and loins, crown, and occiput.

Professions, people, and habitats: inventors, discoverers, excavators. Heads of state or other large structures. Military, police, firefighters involved in fire ceremonies. Barbers, tailors, butchers. Weapons and explosives manufacturers. Sharp household and kitchen utensil manufacturers. Everyone who works with fire, potters, and blacksmiths. Shop equipment manufacturers and users. Carpenters and building contractors. Skilled magicians, metaphysicians, and astronomers.

The multifaceted symbolism of the ruling deity, Agni, is extremely complex. Physiologically, it is primarily associated with the digestive fire, which ensures the digestion and assimilation of food. Therefore, Krittika rules over appetite, cooking, digestion, and the like. Agni also symbolizes the mental “fire” that allows you to digest and assimilate information and knowledge. Just as a fire is kindled and extinguished, the Krittika people tend to experience frequent ups and downs in their lives. If the Moon or Lagna falls into Krittika, then the native’s personality often contains ambition, pride, and inner motives.

Characteristics of the Krittika Nakshatra

Zodiac: 26 ° 40 ′ Aries – 10 ° 00 ′ Taurus

Deity: Karttikeya, Agni (god of fire)

Origin: Demonic

Ruler Planet: Sun

Target: kama

Gender: female

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Animal: sheep

Element: earth

Direction: east, southeast, south

Varna / caste: brahmans

Guna: Rajas

Quality: mobility

Temper: gentle, formidable (mridu-tiksna)

Ayurvedic constitution: Kapha

Body parts: thighs, lower back, crown

Symbol: blade, razor, ax, blade, knife, any cutting tool, flame, peacock

Sounds: a, u, u, e

Enemy: Vishakha

Krittika Nakshatra Key Concept

Sharp mind, energy, great body, ambition, creativity.

Krittika has both constructive and destructive potential. The first is manifested through the actualization of the need for creativity. The second is in countering tendencies that slow down the evolutionary process. Krittika seeks to understand the reason for any action and situation and, therefore, is often faced with a discrepancy between the apparent and the real, with various kinds of imperfections. Krittika does not tolerate imperfection, because he sees in it an obstacle on the way to achieving the goal.

The planets located in Krittika give one-pointedness of effort, acting in a sudden and explosive manner.

The personalities of Krittika are proud, truthful, and dignified. They are ambitious, strive for power, and do not like to beat around the bush. They are distinguished by harsh behavior and tactlessness, which is why they often insult or frighten others. However, it should be remembered that the Krittikas do not go beyond decency all the time, but only when they are agitated. They are quick-tempered, but their anger lasts only a few seconds. Krittika illustrates the wrath of the sun rather than the wrath of Mars.

Behind the external cruelty and severity, the Krittikas hide the desire and ability to take care of, support others. So fire, despite all its destructive power, helps us prepare food and warms us on a cold day. Ultimately, fire makes life itself possible, since we are all dependent on the heat (fire) of the sun. As the lord of Krittika, it makes people born under this nakshatra a “life support” in their environment. The connection with fire indicates the creativity of Krittika, which in turn means a strong connection with the moon. She, thus, personifies the channel through which the energy of the Sun can be transmitted. The man with the moon in Krittika becomes famous, has an attractive appearance. He is energetic in achieving a goal, but his mind is unstable.

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On a spiritual level, this nakshatra gives awareness of something, the opportunity to undergo deep cleaning. To reveal its inner nature, Krittika is called upon to move in the most direct way, therefore, all internal and external obstacles on this path will be mercilessly destroyed. Krittika promotes the development of divine qualities in a person. In its rays, demonic forces manifesting in the form of false humility, selfishness, etc., simply cannot exist. As a rule, the influence of this nakshatra causes radical changes in a person’s life. He becomes a “pillar of fire” and the focus of spiritual forces.

Krittika is a nakshatra of priests, but not in a literal, literal sense, rather it will indicate a spiritual, pure person. This nakshatra is associated with the God of fire – Agni, therefore the nature of both fire and people with this nakshatra is to quickly remove all unnecessary and bring cleanliness around. Strong stubbornness can manifest from character traits. Also strong affection for the mother. These people need to pay special attention to their diet. There may be problems with the father. There is giftedness in the arts.

If Krittika is in the 1st house, then pride, ambition, love of truth can manifest.

Professions of the Krittika Nakshatra

Critic. Military. Policeman. Firefighter. Leader. Technician, inventors. Discoverers. Teacher, university employee. Lawyer, judge. Surgeon. Gunsmith, blacksmith. Professions related to the rehabilitation of drug addicts. An employee of an organization involved in promoting self-improvement methods, increasing self-confidence. Hairdresser, tailor, embroiderer. Prospector, miner. A spiritual teacher who promotes the need for deep cleansing, conducting fire rituals, or worshiping Surya. Musicians, dancers, singers, fashion designers, models.



Beautiful appearance, well-developed muscles. Reasonable can give good advice, but they themselves prefer to act under the influence of an impulse. They are very independent and freedom-loving, they avoid obligations. They cannot do the same for a long time, they quickly light up and go out. They are optimistic, orthodox, energetic. They find it difficult to control their feelings, they can be rude and harsh. They usually do not live in the place of birth. Because of the pronounced qualities of a leader, a partnership at work is poorly successful.

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Family life is usually happy. The wife is a good housewife, loyal, loyal, but possibly painful. Therefore, they often live separately. It should also be noted that men born under Krittika have a strong attachment to their mother.

There are many trials and changes in life. From 25 to 35 and from 50 to 56 are good, successful periods in life.

They don’t care about their health. There may be tuberculosis, brain inflammation, meningitis, tracheal diseases. Accidents and car accidents are possible.


Beautiful up to 27 years old, then the beauty fades quickly. Being born under this star gives a woman arrogance, a tendency to quarrels, and extreme independence.

Can be successful in business. As a rule, they have secondary education, but if they were born on April 11 or 12 (depending on the year) (27 degrees of Aries) or on April 22 – 24 (8 -10 ° Taurus), then fame, a good education is possible. In family life, not everything is going well.

Loneliness, childlessness, divorce are possible. If you did not get married early, then at the age of 37 you can get married very successfully. Has a cold relationship with relatives. If there is an opposition between Mars and Jupiter in the horoscope, then the infertility or death of a child is possible. If Mars is in the twenty-sixth or twenty-seventh nakshatra, counting from the Janma Nakshatra (Moon Nakshatra), widowhood is possible. Health is weak due to stress, overwork, or lack of inner peace.

If a woman with a pronounced Krittika star is born on Saturday, then she will face great misfortunes in life. The evil influence is destroyed if the well-bearing planet is located between 28 ° Virgo and 5 ° Libra.

The Lagna in Krittika will be dynamic, creative, and yet practical. How the personality of Krittika will develop depends on the strength of the lord of the Lagna, Mars or Venus, and the lord of the nakshatra – the Sun. Any weakening or negative arrangement of these planets can increase the weakening of Agni and Krittika.