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Benefits of Worshipping Peepal Tree | Why is Peepal Tree Important in Hindu Religion?



The Peepal tree, also known as Vasudeva, the world tree, and Chaitanya, is the tree that’s considered to be the most sacred and important in Hindu religion. In many regions of India, this tree is called the Aswattha tree.

The Hindus believe that three of their major gods live in the Peepal tree. While Lord Brahma lives in the roots of the Peepal tree, Lord Vishnu resides in the trunk, and lord Shiva resides in the leaves.

Before we get into the significance, let’s know a bit more about the tree itself.

General Information about the Peepal Tree:

The Peepal tree is very large, and it can grow up to 98 feet or 30 meters. Although this tree doesn’t stay green for the entire year, it remains green for most of the times. The colour of the bark of the Peepal tree is light grey. The barks are smooth, and if you peel it, it will peel off in patches.

The leaves of the Peepal tree are heart-shaped, and they’re very long. The fruits of the Peepal tree are like small balls, and they turn purple when they are ripe. These trees aren’t found much other than in India, some portions of China, and Indochina. These portions are favorable for the trees to grow, but at the same time, people believe that they grow in these regions due to their God’s blessing.

Why is it Considered Sacred?

There are many reasons behind why the Peepal tree became so significant in Hindu religion. However, the belief that the Trimurti live in this tree is one of the greatest reasons. According to the Vedic texts, Lord Krishna had said that if he were a tree, he would be the Aswattha tree (Peepal Tree) amongst all trees.

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It’s believed that three of the major gods of Hinduism live in the Peepal tree. Lord Brahma lives in the roots, Lord Vishnu lives in the trunk, and Lord Shiva lives in the leaves.

It’s also believed that the Peepal tree removes all sorts of negative vibes and energy from its surroundings. If a person approaches to worship the aswattha tree, he or she will be protected from all the evil energies inside him or surrounding him.

Then again, the Peepal tree is widely known for its medicinal qualities. Different types of effective healing medicines can be made from the bark, leaves, and roots of the Peepal tree.

Finally, the Peepal tree is also considered as a source of luck, good health, wisdom, childbirth, and fortune.

What Can You Improve through the Worship of the Peepal Tree?

The worship of the Peepal tree can help you in many different sectors of life. Here are some of the sectors that the Peepal tree can help you with.

  • Peepal tree can help remove all the troubles of your married life. A lot of people worship the Peepal tree when they suffer from a troublesome married life.
  • People who have children worship the Peepal tree as it can be helpful for the development and healthy growth of their children.
  • Worshipping the Peepal tree improves cash flow.
  • Eradicates all health-related problems.
  • Different types of horoscope issues such as the Navagrah Badha, Rahu and Ketu issues, and the Mangal dosh can be resolved through the worship of the Peepal tree.
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How to Resolve the Horoscope Issues in Your Life Through the Worship of Peepal Tree?

Different types of horoscope issues can be resolved in one’s life through the worship of the Peepal tree, and one is required to perform different rituals to resolve different issues. Here are some of the rituals you need to perform for resolving certain issues.


One can resolve this by offering green lentil and a diya of Chameli oil on Wednesday.


One needs to offer yellow-coloured things on this day. You can offer yellow sweets, turmeric water, etc. Then again, offering a mixture of water and milk is proven to work as well.


This is comparatively easier. All you need to do is take a bath with water-soaked with the bark of a Peepal tree.

·Mangal Grah:

Taking eight rounds of walk around the tree and offering water from a copperware can help.


You need to offer a mixture of milk and water on Saturday, and then you need to take seven rounds around the tree while having incense lit.


Offer honey on Saturday.


Light up a Deepak of alsi oil and offer gangajal.

Usage of Peepal Tree in Curing Diseases:

Peepal tree bark, fruit, and seed can help recover from a lot of health-related issues. Here are some of them:

  • Soft stems of Peepal tree mixed with components such as crystal sugar and coriander seeds can help with bleeding Diarrhea.
  • Ripe fruits of Peepal can help you regain your appetite.
  • Taking the mixture of powders obtained from the bark and fruit of papal tree thrice a day can help with Asthma.
  • Eating the soft leaves of Peepal can help with skin irritation.
  • Honey mixed with one gram of Peepal seed powder can purify the bloodstream.
  • Half spoon of Peepal fruit powder mixed with milk can help with impotence.
  • Applying milk of the leaves of Peepal tree on the eye can reduce eye pain.
  • Taking five to ten fruits of the Peepal tree daily can help with constipation.
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Scientific Significance:

Other than the religious and cultural significance and the health benefits, there are many scientific significances of the Peepal tree too. The Peepal trees are usually very large, and it allows them to emanate a great amount of oxygen regularly, especially in the morning. It’s known that if a person worships a Peepal tree in the morning, he or she will be exposed to a great amount of oxygen which is good for health.


The Peepal tree or the Aswattha tree is of great importance to Hinduism. It not only offers spiritual resolve, but it also offers a lot of health solutions as well.