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Meaning Of Breaking A Mirror: Does it actually cause 7 Years of Bad Luck?



The most famous superstition that has been believed by people all over the world is that of breaking a mirror. It is said that the one who breaks a mirror experiences a misfortune and bad luck for 7 years. But why is it so? Let’s discuss all the hidden secrets, myths, and ancient knowledge about Mirrors and why it’s really a great misfortune if one breaks a mirror.

According to the ancient Rishis, Mirror symbolizes the soul, the underworld, and the world that exists beyond the human senses. It symbolizes the world that a person goes to after he dies. In Hinduism, Mirror also represents the form of Goddess Laxmi.

Is Breaking the Mirror Really A Bad Luck That Lasts For 7 Years?

Back in the Ancient Times when civilizations were just evolving and advancing, people spread the superstition that by breaking a mirror, one received 7 years of bad luck in their life and people actually believed this myth for several centuries.

However, this false myth, superstition was made to ensure that people handled the mirrors with care. The mirrors were just invented and the manufacturers noticed that people would not be very careful about the mirrors. When the mirrors break, it shatters into hundreds of small sharp pieces which can be really dangerous. If it enters one’s blood stream by any chance, it can be fatal. Therefore, the ancient people created this superstition to protect the citizens and promote safety.


According to them, mirrors were said to have the power, or be the magical doorstep that one could enter and reach the underworld where they could see spirits and ghosts. One could transform into an actual soul by entering the mirror through a magical ritual. Therefore, breaking a mirror means breaking one’s soul.

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Actual meaning of breaking a mirror

Meaning of breaking a mirror

However, even though breaking a mirror doesn’t really mean that one will receive 7 years of bad luck. That’s just not true at all.

However, if we take a closer look at why breaking a mirror is associated with bad luck, especially if we take the consideration of Vedic Astrology and Modern Age sciences, it just means that the person who breaks a mirror frequently has a careless personality.

This directly means that the person suffers from lack of responsibility, and is not careful with valuable things. This only applies if the person breaks a mirror several times.

This tells us that the person at a subconscious level is suffering from a big issue of taking responsibility. Which directly takes effect in other areas of his life whether it is at work, home or business. The person may also be careless at work, ignoring minute details that could actually result in huge losses for the company. Eventually resulting in a bad luck. If one frequently breaks a mirror or any delicate object, it becomes a habit. And we all know that if such a thing turns into a habit, the habit eventually turns into personality and stays with the person for a very long time. Thus 7 years of bad luck.

Therefore, if one starts to take care of delicate, valuable things, this small habit will affect the subconscious mind and it will make the person be more responsible and careful.

This is the reason why people say that by breaking a mirror, one receives 7 years of bad luck.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and cleared with the fact that breaking a mirror is just a superstition that’s actually true only at a scientific level. Yes, it does give bad luck in a sense that it shows a person’s lack of responsibility. Please do share this article with your friends and family!