Bats Coming to Your House. Is it Good Or Bad?

Is it good when bats come into our house or unlucky? We will talk about it in more detail in this article. You may also know about bats that are completely nocturnal and they hang upside down in the cast of a tree or inside the cave during the day. There are more than 1000 species of bats found. But Usually, they are divided into two categories. A category of bats eat plants, they are quite large bats in size. And other their category of small bats, who only eat the insect.

The greatly interesting thing about bats is that they stay hanging reversed. The biggest reason behind this is that they are not able to fly off the ground. Wings of bats do not grow as much. Additionally, they cannot even run because their hind feet do not develop properly.

Is it good to have a bat in our house or is it bad?

Friends, you should know that bats have two Sharper teeth. And with help of these teeth, they can drink lots of blood from a person at one go. Because of this, the arrival of bats indoors is supposed to be very bad. Now we will discuss more what can be the drawbacks of bats coming to the house?


Friends, as we told you, bats are nocturnal so that they are linked to negativity. If bats come inside your residence, it rises negativity in your house and lessens positivity in the house.

2. Risk of illness in the family

It is believed that Bats can cause disease. You may have also heard of the Nipah virus. So far, many people have lost their lives just because of this virus. Bats were responsible for the spread of the Nipah virus. In this virus, initial symptoms are fever and headache. Even humans can later enter a coma. So the arrival of bats in the home is connected with illness in the home.

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3. Signs of loss of money in home

Friends the entrance of bats into the house indicates that there can be loss of money in the home. Also, the bat arriving in the house demonstrates that your family members will spend a lot of money without specific reasons.

4. Sign of evil spirits in home

Some people also say that if a bat comes into the home or is seen near the home, then there could be a ghost or evil spirits in the house.

5. Bats Spread turbulence

if bats reach one’s home, it also denotes a disturbance in their home. There may be conflict in the house. The family members may quarrel with each other.

6. Misfortune

If a bat comes into your home, it shows misfortune. Success will go away from family. That’s why bats should be staved off from coming home.

7. Bad Company

The arrival of bats inside the house also reflects that any member of the family can get inside a bad company.

8. Jealousy environment or energy

Reaching a bat in the house can create a jealousy environment in the home. And family members can start hating each other stupidly for no reason whatsoever.

Apart from the bad negatives believe about bats, there are also some positive sides to bats.

Bats are worshipped in Bihar

People of Sarasai village of Vaishali district of Bihar worship Bats. In this village, Keeping bats in the residence is deemed to be symbols of prosperity. And people also say that if your bats in the house, then there will never be a dearth of money.

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It is also said that there was an epidemic in the village within ancient times. Then the entrance of the bats in the village eliminated that epidemic. So after that people started worshiping bats. Not only that, before doing any auspicious work, some people here worship bats. There are some Sacred fig trees inside this village on which bats live. Also, a ton of visitors inside the village come to see those bats. The people of that village also, work to conserve the bats.

Bats are considered auspicious in China

Indians believe bats as the symbol of ominous. And bats are supposed to be wrong inside the home, but in China, people believe bats to be auspicious. Bats are long-lived. A bat lives around 28 years.

People of China keep a symbol of bats in their homes because they believe that the age will last longer of a family member. Moreover, Chinese people think that bats also defend against illnesses By placing a bat totem in their house.

Bats are also supposed to be symbols of wealth and good fortune in China.