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Why Do People Take Bath In the River In India? – The Secret That Can Change Your Luck And Destiny



People today suffer from all kinds of problems. The reason for their problems is not because life is full of suffering but because most of the time, the problems have been created in their life due to them.

In life, if you really think about it, there are certain things we do that help us in several ways, like going to work brings in money into the family which in turn saved and invested turns into wealth. Working out and exercising ensures that we build a good health and immunity. Now, if a football coach has a son, his son will most likely be healthy and fit and if you ask the reason why, it is due to the football coach who trains his son consciously or sub-consciously and his energy influences his son to indirectly workout.

Similarly, a wealthy middle class father who owns a small grocery shop will influence his son to do save money, do business and earn money in life. This in turn will solve the money problem of the son and father because they have done something that creates wealth, whether in big amounts or small amounts.

In the same manner, there are some things in life that we do that give us destructive results. These habits include, waking up late in the morning, not cleaning our room, eating at the wrong time, not exercising. We don’t realise how harmful these habits are until these habits accumulate for years and years and become destructive in nature. By not exercising, by not waking up early in the morning, we become lazy. When we become lazy, it’s hard to just work hard in life.

And we all know, Hard work is the key to changing our fate and destiny of our life.

99.9% of us are unaware of some things that we regularly do in our lives consciously and sub-consciously.

Today, I am going to share with you the “ONE THING” that you consciously do regularly on a daily basis. However, that THING is extremely destructive in nature. You might also be shocked to know, how can such THING be so destructive.

This is the beauty and miracle of Hinduism and India. Because our ancient rishis knew about this simple thing we do thousands and thousands of years ago. They already knew how destructive this is.

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The bath that you take in the morning is actually causing you a lot of harm to your body.

This is also the reason why people in India take bath in the River.

Why Do People Take Bath In the River In India?

Here is one simple change that one needs to make while taking a bath. This small change will remove all the problems from their life.

This small change in the way you take a bath will bring prosperity, peace, happiness into your life. Believe it or not, it is true because the rest of the world never have the culture to take the bath in the river. This small change will shine your luck and bring lots of success into your life.

This small change in the way you take a shower or bath, that if you implement will improve your self-confidence and your will power will shine. The question is How?.

Why it is that only in India you see people, taking bath in the River?There must be a big reason behind it.

Now, most people would argue that the people of India are just cleansing their body with the holy water of Ganga River. The world would think that the reason is rather religious and culture oriented.

Let me tell you that, yes, the Ganga Nadi or River is a holy river of India where people actually pray. But when it comes to taking a bath in the river, the reason for it is rather more spiritual and scientific.

India is known for amazing science advancement even thousands and thousands of years ago. The ancient people of India knew the secrets of science and they knew the human body so well that even heart surgeries and heart transplants were done during the vedic times over 5000 years ago.

This is huge because it was only until the 1800’s and 1900’s when the world really and actually started to develop technologies that could perfectly do such critical health surgeries.

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That’s why even taking bath in river in India is absolutely related to science.

Our body is like a vessel. Of course it has organs, bones, muscles and nerves. But along with those, our body also has energy spots, so called “CHI” in the Chinese. The energy flows within our body constantly like electricity and it is the reason why our organs work and our brain works.

Now if you think about it, when we go and take a shower, the water that comes out of the shower first touches our head, and then it flows through our body until it drains out from our feet. Most people don’t realise this but this is very bad.

Because we are living in a world that is full of Sadhna. That fact that we are living is a Sadhna. The fact that we are surviving in this world is a Sadhna. And the fact that we are sleeping is a Sadhna.

When we wake up from sleep, we wake up from a Sadhna. Now what happens is that during our sleep, in modern science, we recharge our body and our energy levels but according to vedic texts, when we sleep, our energy moves upwards into our Muladhara chakra from which it moves upwards again into our crown chakra and other parts of our body.

So, when water from the shower touches our head, it takes the energy that was accumulated during our sleep and drains it. Because the quality of water is such that it mixes with whatever it comes in contact with. So, just like that, the water takes the energy from the crown chakra and drains it away from our body from the feet.

This is the reason why people suffer from problems like “lack of self-confidence”, “lack of energy”, “lethargy”, “mental stress”.

Therefore, what should we do so that the energy in our body does not get drained while we take a bath?

That brings us to “Why people in India take bath in the River? and also How to take a bath correctly in your bathroom?”.


Why do you think In India, people take bath in the river.

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The reason is because when people take bath in the river, their energy that is stored in the body will not get drained. Because when they go to the river, their feet will first touch the water in the river. Next they also have to go barefoot.

What happens is that by dipping their feet in the river, the energy of the body will move upwards. Because it is believed that the entire energy of the water from the river or the energy pressure from the river water forces our energy in our Body to move upwards.

This is the reason why the first body part that should touch the water while taking a bath is your feet.


It is believed that our feet should touch the water first and then our hands and the rest of the body.

But we must not immediately pour the water from the vessel directly on our head. We must place our hand on top of our head and then pour the water.

This will make sure that the water will first touch our hands and then the head.

Because here the energy stored in our crown chakra must be protected .

But always remember never to directly pour the water on your head.


If you implement this simple way to take a bath, believe me your life will be greatly improved and you will realise that you are doing really well in life.

And it’s not that some amazing miracle has been the reason for your success. The reason is simply science itself and you have found a way to protect your body’s energy levels and by doing that, you save more energy which when stored for a long period of time becomes a very strong force that can do wonders for you in your life.

Just do this for 7 days for a test and you will surely experience a big difference in your body’s energy levels.

There is no doubt, the person who is able to store the Muladhara energy will be able to do great things in life.