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The Miracle Benefits Of Neelam Stone




Neelam stone or so called “Blue Sapphire” is one of the most powerful stones in Vedic Astrology. It has amazing benefits for people who are able to wear it. One of the best notable examples of how this stone has changed the lives of many people is none other than our very loved “Amitab Bachan”.

According to him, the neelam stone was gifted to him. When he was at the edge of his career, where even earning Rs 100 was tough, after wearing the neelam stone, his life completely changed.

From Zero, he became a hero and reached such heights in his career that till today, people enjoy watching his flims. Such is the power of this precious Neelam Stone.

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

Neelam Stone is worn for the purpose of reducing the effects of planet Shani or Saturn. If Saturn is giving trouble to a person, or if he is running through the effects of Sade Sati then an Astrologer normally recommends the person to wear Neelam stone.

Although, it is said that the Neelam Stone has great benefits which is true but since the stone is so powerful, it shouldn’t be worn by everyone. One should consult a reputed, experienced Astrologer before wearing the stone as it can have a disastrous effect on the person.


Bestows the wearer with Wealth and Good Luck

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

The one who wears the Neelam stone is blessed with a noticable rise in financial prosperity. Gives the person such a luck that favours him in many situations. That’s great news but don’t forget the rules of Karma and Karam as one has to still work hard to gain financial prosperity but by wearing the Neelam Stone, you can be sure that Luck is always with you.

The Quickest, Fastest Acting Stone That Can give results within a month or 3

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

There’s something strange about the Neelam Stone that it acts and gives results really fast. Some people claim to have experienced a change in their energy levels, the moment they wear it. That’s because Neelam stone is the strongest stone among the 9 other stones in the gem tree. It immediately increases the energy levels of the person.

Unlocks your hidden potential

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

There are thousands of talented people in the world who have such skills that can actually change the world. Talented Actors, Dancers, Engineers, Doctors, And Scientists but many fail to move forward and rise even though they know that they are capable of doing great things. While there are many who have hidden talents that they’ve never known. By wearing the Neelam Stone, its strong power unlocks the hidden potential of people and they start to change into a better person, that person who they truly are and was born to be.

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Neelam stone is best for ambitious talented people who needs a big lift in their life. It unlocks the hidden talents of the person that they never knew about.

Helps with Employment and getting promotion

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

For people who have problems with jobs, the Neelam Stone helps the person find new jobs, get promotions, and raises. This doesn’t mean that one will immediately get a new job without searching for one. But when it comes to getting an upper hand, and extra support towards your job search, the Neelam Stone is definitely going to help you get the right job for you at the right time that’s best suited for you and that which will make you grow.

Protects the wearer from Black Magic, Evil Eye & Jealousy

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

There are some people in the world who have experienced such a life where enemies just don’t seem to stop coming to them. They face people who always trouble them, and sometimes, some people even use the medium of Black Magic to harm them.

For such people, the Neelam Stone creates an aura of protection to the wearer. It protects them from all the black magic, negativity, evil eye and enemies.

Known to reduce fear & anxiety

One may have worn the Neelam stone for wealth & prosperity and maybe the wearer never gained much changes in their financial stability. That’s totally possible and the one thing that one has to understand is that one has to trust the Neelam stone. One of the best benefits of the Neelam stone is that it is known to reduce fear, anxiety & several mental complications that a person suffers from.

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

With this, it makes the wearer mentally strong, sharp and gives him the ability to achieve great success and move forward in life at a fast rate. This truly unlocks the potential of the wearer and makes him capable of doing well at work, business, and indirectly helps the wearer become wealthy and successful.

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Mental Stability and Calmness

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

The Neelam Stone blesses the wearer with a sharp mind, improves concentration and focus, and clears unnecessary confusion in the mind. In Vedic Astrology, the mind is the greatest tool and that is the reason why, we have “Rashis” or “Moon Sign” and according to that, a person’s nature of mind can be characterized. The Neelam Stone clearly makes your mind think better, quicker and in equanimity.

Reduces the effects of Sade Sati

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

Sade Sati is a phase of life in a persons life where Saturn starts troubling the person with unnecessary problems. These problems although make the person, stronger, wiser and better but it still gives lots of troubles. It creates confusion in the mind of the person and makes him take bad decisions in life.

By wearing the Neelam stone, one can reduce the effects of Sade Sati and go through the period peacefully. It gives strength to the native to fight with the problems and walk though life like a hero.

Fame and Name

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

For those who want to become famous in life, or actually need fame to succeed in life and become wealthy, the Neelam stone can be really beneficial. It bestows the person with all the Fame, Name and helps him improve his reputation in the society. Of course, if one doesn’t have any yogas for fame in the birth chart then one may not be able to gain much fame in his lifetime but by wearing the Neelam Stone, one can be assured that his image, reputation in the society will be protected and improved.

Spirituality and Meditation

Benefits Of Neelam Stone

For people who are inclined towards spirituality, the Neelam stone is extremely beneficial. It has such magical powers that aids a spiritual person in attaining his goal of getting moksha and spiritual knowledge in life. It helps a person in self realization and mediation. The Neelam stone can influence the energy levels of Sahasrara chakra or so called “Crown chakra” which is the highest charka and balances it. This will directly help the native gain a lot of spiritual experiences and helps the person understand the meaning of moksha and spiritual enlightment.

Precautions to take while wearing the Neelam Stone

  1. One should only wear the Neelam Stone if an experienced, reputed astrologer recommends wearing it.
  2. One has the check the position of Saturn in the Birth chart before deciding to get a Neelam Stone.
  3. One should wear Original and certified Neelam stone that is pure and of the best quality. Quality meaning, it should be 100% Blue Sapphire stone and should not be mixed with other materials like glass.
  4. Never Purchase or wear a fake Neelam stone. Always go to a professional gemologist.
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When and Where to wear the Neelam Stone?

  • Neelam Stone should be worn on Saturday in your working hand middle finger.
  • It should be worn in the evening or before Sunset.
  • One can also wear the Neelam Stone in the morning on Saturday during the Shukla Paksha that is 5 am – 6 am.
  • To purify your gemstone, drench it in honey and milk for 15 to 30 minutes and pray to Lord Shani Dev.
  • One should also chant the Shani Mantra 108 times – “Aum Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah Aum”

Where to find the best Original NEELAM STONES?

Normally, one can search in their local area and find jewellery shops where they sell gemstones. However, since there have been so many fake gem shops, traders, one can also shop original gem stones and Neelam Stones online from reputed Gem companies on Amazon and Flipkart.

Before purchasing the Gemstone online, one should always look at the reviews and ratings and if the buyers are satisfied with the product and claim the Neelam stones to be Original, then one can proceed to buy the gem stone.

Here are some of the Neelam Stones from Reputed companies on Amazon who sell Original Neelam Stones.

Brand: S Kumar Gems & Jewels

Avg Rating : 4 Stars


Although there are many companies on Amazon that sell such Neelam Stones and Rings, I found the Brands Real Gems & S Kumar Gems & Jewels to be the best as they sell genuine rings which are original and of good quality. They also have bigger customer base and many people regularly buy from these sellers.

To conclude, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Hope this article helps you in your gem ring search. Please do share it with your friends & family if you think they really need one.

Personal Note: The Neelam Stone is really powerful and it’s best to use it if you really need one or if you want success in your career.