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Effective Remedies for Career Growth in Vedic Astrology



remedies for career growth astrology

Career in a person’s life is one of the most important aspects of his life. It is through one’s career, one earns a living and most importantly, he/she earns wealth and money. We all want to gain good success in our career and get the promotion or business success that we have always dreamed of. However, many times, many of us just struggle to gain that deserved success while, we see others achieving massive success in their career and rising to the top of their work life. We feel even more disappointed and unfair that when we feel that we are more deserving for that success than others.

This happens all the time, all over the world and the one thing that we should stop is comparing ourselves with others. Maybe, other people or even your own co-worker could be less deserving yet, they get the promotion that you actually deserved. But always remember that in your life, there could be even better opportunities stored in for you in your “Bhagya” or so called Fate and Fortune. Many times, not getting a promotion or getting fired from a job could be the turning point in your life for even a better career and business success.

That brings us to todays topic of Vedic Astrology Remedies for Career Growth. If you are facing some career problems or if you are not being able to get the deserved opportunities in your life, you can do some the remedies below that can help you unlock the doors of opportunities and fortune in your life. These remedies are very simple to do yet, they do require commitment and consistency.

Effective Remedies for Career Growth in Vedic Astrology

1. Offering Argha to the Sun God

remedies for career growth - Offering Argha to the Sun God

One of the best and the most powerful remedy for Career Growth and for overall wellness in life is by praying to the Sun God and Offering Argha to Surya Dev or Sun God. This is such a powerful remedy that if one can do it everyday, he is sure to see lots of changes in his career and life. Sun in Vedic Astrology is one of the Main Karak planet of the 9th house, 10th house, 3rd house, 11th house and 6th house. Sun becomes Digbali in the 10th house and strong in the 9th house.

Offering Argha or Water to the Sun god directly unlocks the doors of “Bhagya” or so called Fate in the life of the person. It makes one’s 9th house strong which itself is the house of Bhagya and at the same time, Surya Dev blesses the native with good health, protection, wealth and success in career and work life. One will start to see great progress in his career and work and will find that, doors of opportunities are unlocking for him.

By Offering Water to the Sun God, one will also see a massive change in one’s self-confidence and so called “Atma-viswas” as Sun represents the Atma and if one has a strong Self-Confidence, there is nothing that the person cannot achieve in his lifetime. There are numerous benefits to offering water the Sun God, one of which is increase in the bodily energy levels, and the native naturally becomes very hardworking and one will feel less lazy and more active. The list goes on and on, but one thing is sure that, one gains the power to influence others through ones self-confidence and Atmaviswas and this is one of the key reasons why one can become really successful in their life. One will definitely start to see great success in his career and work life.

How to Offer Argha or Water to Surya Dev or Sun God?

Offering Water to the Sun God is really easy and very simple. I have written a full article on how to Offer Water to the Sun God so if you want detailed instructions, be sure to read that article. Here it is –

However, I will still explain the method to Offer water to the Sun God for your convenience.

  • First thing to remember is that one should always offer water to the Sun God before the Sun Rise or when the Sun is just about to rise. Which means one has to wake up before Sun Rise and do the remedy. Believe it or not, just waking up before Sunrise everyday itself is one of the remedies for making one’s Sun strong in the birth chart. Best thing is to wake up before 5:00 am to 5:30 am depending upon at what time, the Sun rises in your region. The best time is when the sky is lighted up and is dark blue in color and you can just barely see the red rays from the Sun.
  • You don’t need to offer Ghee or Milk to the Sun God. Many people do that and it is not required. All you need is water. You can still offer Ghee or Milk but the best thing to offer is Water.
  • You will need a Bronze or Silver Lotah. You can find the details about this container or get it from any local store or order from Amazon
  • Now fill the Bronze or Silver Lotah with water and just keep it aside.
  • Join both of your hands in an upside position.
  • Take some amount of water and Chant the Gayatri Mantra. This will energize the water that you are about to offer to the Sun God and will be blessed the Goddess Gayatri.
  • Face towards the Bhagwan Bhaskar or towards the position of Sun in a standing position. You can easily use an app or use Google to find the correct position or direction of Sun. If you do have access to a roof at your home, even better, you can directly face the Sun.
  • However, it is recommended that you offer water to the Sun God near a Water body like River or Lake. But many of us do not have access to such water body and in that case, we can do the offering right in our home temple. All we have to do is clean the area of worship with water and pour some water over the place where we are going to stand and offer.
  • Once you have Chanted the Gayatri Mantra, take the Bronze or Silver Lotah and place it on your palm.
  • Having secured this position while standing, and making sure that the thumbs are not joined with the palm, slowly pour the Water and Offer it to the Sun God, at the same time, wish all your desires and wish for career growth and success in your life.
  • You can also chant the Surya Mantra “Om Suryaaya namaha“ while offering water to Surya Dev.
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If you can do this everyday, there is no doubt, you will see lots of changes, growth and success in your career and work life. The simple act of offering water to the Sun God teaches us lots of thing, and the most powerful one is invoking discipline into our lives.

2. Offering Boiled Rice to Crows during Saturday

remedies for career growth -  Offering Boiled Rice to Crows during Saturday
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One of the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology is the planet Saturn. The planet Saturn causes lots of troubles, obstacles and challenges in the life of the person. Many times, it gives so much trouble to the person that the native almost feels helpless. The planet Saturn represents the 10th house in Vedic Astrology and it is one of the Karak planets for Career and Profession.

Saturn represents Darkness, Discipline, Struggle, and Slow movement in life and whenever the planet Saturn makes a connection with the 1st house or even any one of the Kendra Houses, It makes the life of the person slow and the native experiences slow growth in his career. Even though, Saturn is actually one of the planets that brings Good Fortune in the later half of the person’s life, it does make the life of the person miserable. The native learns some of most tough and difficult lessons of life, including working for long hours, not getting success after years of struggle and many times, people just bluntly fail in life. Saturn does this to help the person prepare for bigger things in life, and many people after the Dasha of Saturn ends in their life, they experience massive growth and success in their life.

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However, no body wants to experience the tough challenges that Saturn invokes in our life. One of the best remedies for coping with the hardships given by Saturn is to feed the Crows. By Feeding Boiled Rice to Crows on Saturdays, one can reduce the negative effects from the planet Saturn. As Crows represents the planet Saturn in Vedic Astrology and by serving Crows, one can find peace and balance in their work life.

3. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa Daily

remedies for career growth - Chant the Hanuman Chalisa Daily

The Hanuman Chalisa is a poetic verse written by Tulsi Das, when Emperor Aurangzeb challenged him to show Lord Rama in front of him. According to the Vedic Story, Tulsi Das denied the challenge and told the Emperor that it was not possible which made him furious and imprison Tulsi Das. It was during this time, Tulsi Das wrote the Hanuman Chalisa which was of 40 verse, and the moment he completed it, huge groups of Monkeys Rallied in front of the palace and caused havoc and mischief. This lead the Emperor to free Tulsi Das.

The Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most powerful Vedic Verses one can read. It is said to have numerous benefits upon the person who recites it. In fact, it is said that, Lord Hanuman once saved Shani Dev (God of Saturn) from Ravana and for this, Shani Dev is forever grateful due to which whosoever recites and prays to Lord Hanuman will be free from the adverse effects of the planet Saturn.

Hanuman Chalisa is so powerful that even a devotee who recites the verses without understanding the meaning will still get the full benefits from the Chalisa. By reciting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday, the negative effects from the planet Saturn gets reduced. It protects the native from lots evil spirits, black magic and removes the obstacles from the persons life.

Saturn as we know is the main Karak planet for the 10th house which is the house of profession and for people who want success and growth in their career, they should chant the Hanuman Chalisa everyday for atleast 7 times.

4. Pray to Lord Ganesha

remedies for career growth -  Pray to Lord Ganesha

There is a reason why where ever you go in India, you will notice that the first thing that people do before starting anything, or doing anything is they Chant the Lord Ganesha Mantra and Pray to him.

This is a popular practice in India and if you go to any event, any shop, or just notice the lives of people in India, you will surely see Lord Ganesha. The reason is because Lord Ganesha is the God that removes obstacles from our lives. He is the God that solves our problems in our life and this is the reason why before we start anything or do anything, we should pray to Lord Ganesha before doing anything.

By chanting the Beej Mantra of Lord Ganesha, he can bless you with luck and success in career. He will help remove obstacles and problems in your career and clear all the roadblocks that affecting your career.

One should chant atleast 3 malas each of 108 repeats of the Ganesha Beej Mantra which is “om gan ganpataye namo namah”. If you can do this regularly everyday, it will help you gain success and growth in your career and profession.

5. Wake up before Sunrise

remedies for career growth Wake up before Sunrise

Surya Dev or the Sun God as we know is the main God who is responsible for our “Bhagya” or so called Fate and Fortune. As Sun is a Karak planet for the 9th house and 10th house. As we discussed earlier, Offering Water to the Sun god is a powerful practice to strengthen the planet Sun in our Birth chart. Every people should do this practice in order to gain success and growth in their life.

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However, even a simple practice of waking up before the Sunrise has immense benefits for the body as well as the mind. Waking up before the Sun rise also helps strengthen the planet Sun in our birth chart automatically and its a very powerful practice.

As we know, the planet Sun always rises in a specific time and sets in a specific time, it is never late or it never misses its daily routine. When one wakes up before Sun rise, one automatically aligns it’s bodily energy levels to that of the Sun which is the reason why, one feels more energized, active and boost in the energy levels.

Karma, action and hardwork is the direct road to success and growth in ones life. If one is not able to get things done, one will not be able gain success in life. Hard work is the direct road to success. However, it is surprising to see that several youths and students are not able to deliver and do their best in their life. The direct reason for it is laziness and procrastination.

Believe it or not, this simple act of waking up before Sunrise can do wonders in your life. One will definitely feel a boost in their energy levels and along with that, one will start to feel that they are able to do things in a more efficient manner. One will also experience a boost in their self-confidence and energy.

6. Donate To poor people

remedies for career growth Donate To poor people

Dharma is considered to be one of the most auspicious ways to make our “Bhagya” or Fate and Fortune strong. As the 9th house in Astrology is the house of Dharma and religion. At the same time, the 12th house is the house of expenditure, donation, spirituality and isolation.

The 12th house is 10th from the 9th house which means that Dharma has a direct association with the Bhagya of the person. It is said that the more we donate and help the poor, the more blessings we get. One of the most powerful ways to make our Bhagya strong is by donating money, food or clothes to the poor people or to the ones who are in need.

This directly helps unlock the fate and fortune that has been locked in your life. It makes our Bhagya strong. It helps us earn so called “Punya” or Good deeds that massively brings growth into our life.

In general, one should always help the poor or the underprivileged as it is good for the society. However, by just donating, one can really change the lives of others. By Donating to the poor, one can attract numerous opportunities in one’s life.

7. Recite the “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha” mantra

remedies for career growth - Recite the “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha” mantra

One of the effective remedies for gaining success in your career is by Reciting the “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha” mantra. This is a very powerful mantra of Lord Hanuman and it has been seen to bring success into the lives of the ones who chants it.

You can take a lime and 4 pieces of cloves and place it in right hand. After that, close your eyes and recite the “Om Shree Hanumate Namaha” mantra for 21 times. After you have completed the recitation, you can keep the Lime in your pocket.

If you can do this every day, it can help you gain luck and achieve success in your career and profession.