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Vedic Astrology Remedies to Overcome Depression and Anxiety



Vedic Astrology Remedies to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Mental health and Depression today is one of the most common form of illness that people are suffering today. Shockingly, today, the youth of India and the world are facing Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health issues more than ever. In fact, over 56 Million Indians suffered from Depression in 2021, a figure that is shocking yet tells a lot about how it is so common today to see people suffering from mental health issues.

Different countries have different reasons for Mental health problems. While some countries have a strict work culture like that of Japan, where millions of Japanese people suffer from stress and anxiety due to excessive pressure from their workplace.

Vedic Astrology is one of the biggest sciences that has been used by India for centuries. Through this science, we have been able to predict the distance between Sun and Earth, accurately predict the relationship between Sun and Bone disease and thousands and thousands of mind blowing predictions. The list never ends, but today we are going to discuss about a very special, and very important topic of Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health.

  • What planets are responsible for causing such mental health illness?
  • Can we predict Mental Health problems through Vedic Astrology?
  • Most importantly, What remedies can we do for Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health problems?

Today, we will discuss about all these topics and also discuss about the remedies that can help with Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health problems.

Planets responsible for Depression and Mental Health problems

Why do people face Depression, Anxiety and other mental health problems? – In general, most people face minor problems due to sheer disappointment in their life. It could be because they wanted to buy a car and somehow, due to some situation, they could not buy the car which results in disappointment. OR maybe, the person could not get his dream job and faces some kind of disappointment.

This is the case for people who generally do not have any mental health problems. They may feel sad for a couple of days and they are back to normal after a week or so. Being disappointed in life or sad is normal in a person’s life. Everybody has to face sadness at some point in their life and it is life’s natural process to reflect, strengthen ourselves and use the disappointment or defeat as a powerful tool to achieve even bigger things.

This is not the same case for people who suffer from Depression or other mental health problems. People who suffer from Anxiety or Depression face severe problem in coping with normal things in life. A small defeat or disappointment can be disastrous for people who suffer from this illness. Such people face constant worry or stress for no reason whatsoever and this really affects the person’s overall happiness and stability in life. Most importantly, when a person suffers from Anxiety or Depression, its hard for him to tackle and face it and get back to normal living. As such natives lack the ability to control their emotions and mind. This plays a huge role to causing the person to suffer from Anxiety or depression. Because, if one is not able to control one’s emotions, it will be hard for him to tackle any form of emotion in his life.

There are millions of cases for Depression and Anxiety and even today, it’s really hard to treat the illness. While, the medical sector has found many success in treating such illness, when the illness is hereditary, it’s often difficult to really find the core reason for the problem.

That’s where Vedic Astrology comes in, and Vedic Astrology has found some of the core reason’s for a person suffering from Mental Health and Depression problems. Many times, people who do suffer from Mental health and depression, it has been seen that Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Moon plays a huge role in causing that problem.

Lets talk about the planet Moon first. Moon is one of the first planet that is responsible for causing depression and anxiety as the planet Moon represents our emotions, our Mind and imagination.

When the planet Moon is weak in the birth chart, one suffers from intense emotional disbalances. He lack in his ability to control his emotions and mind. Due to which, he is not able to make proper decisions in his lifetime. Moon gets weak when it is in the sign of Scorpio(8) or is in a weak degree i.e between 1 to 6 degress or 26 to 29 degress. As Moon is our mind and if our mind is not able to balance itself, then it’s hard for us to tackle any problems in our life.

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Similarly, Rahu is another planet that is responsible for creating problems related to mental health and depression. Rahu in Vedic astrology is known to be a “Chaya Graha” or an illusionary planet that has no physical form. It is also called a “Shadow Planet”. Rahu is also linked to “Maya” or so called “Desire” as all of our desires in life is controlled by the planet Rahu. The planet Rahu invokes desire for something within a person and makes him endlessly go after it. As if we read the Buddhist and Hindu Scriptures, it is said that Desire is the basis for all suffering in our life. Rahu is also known as the planet that brings confusion into the mind of the person. It is one of the core planet that is responsible for causing depression, anxiety and mental illness. And in Vedic Astrology, whenever the Dasha of Rahu comes, the native faces lots of troubles, mental stress and confusion in his lifetime. The natives looses his ability to make proper decisions and many times, Rahu becomes the sole planet for the downfall of many talented individuals.

Along with Rahu, Ketu is another planet that is solely responsible for bringing depression, anxiety and mental illness to the life of the person. Ketu although is a “Subha Graha” being posited directly in from of Rahu often creates troubles into the life of the person. Ketu is a portrayed as a body without a head or so called “A Headless Human”. Ketu often makes a person think without using his intelligence and provokes him to make wrong decisions in his lifetime. Although, if Ketu is strong in the birth chart, it can make a person become very successful in his lifetime. Ketu also represents confusion and just like Rahu, Ketu is also one of the “Chaya Grahas”. When in the birth chart, Ketu makes a direct connection with the 1st house, the native often faces lots of mental troubles and anxiety in his lifetime.

Saturn is another planet that is most feared in Vedic Astrology. People affected by the planet Saturn often suffer a lot in their life. Saturn is also one of the main planets that can cause depression, anxiety and mental health problems to the native. As Saturn itself represents disappointment and sadness in Vedic Astrology. Saturn is a slow moving planet and often when the Dasha or Antar-Dasha of Saturn comes, the native faces lots of troubles in his lifetime. This is the reason why, many people pray to Shani-Dev to reduce the negative effects of the planet Saturn. Saturn represents darkness, isolation, and all the sad moments of life. It represents constant struggle and obstacles of life. However, Saturn is the only planet out of the 4 planets that also returns good karma and blesses the native. In fact, most of the Billionaires in the world have made their money due to the planet Saturn. As it is said that one cannot evade the struggles and problems caused by the planet Saturn as it is the planet of Justice and Karma. This is the reason why, many people face lots of mental troubles due to the planet Saturn.

Vedic Astrology Yogas that cause Depression, Anxiety and Mental health problems

Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Moon are among the top 4 planets that bring lots of Mental health problems to the native. These planets are the sole reason why natives suffer from depression and anxiety. Here, we will look at some of the vedic astrology yogas formed by these planets that cause these problems.

  • As we know, Saturn is one of the main planets that brings depression into the life of the person. Saturn in the sign of Aries becomes very weak and if Saturn is posited in the 5th house in the sign of Aries, here the native suffers from the adverse negative effects from the planet Saturn. Saturn brings lots of troubles into the life of the person, along with Depression, Anxiety and mental stress.
  • If the house where, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is posited in, if the lord of that house is in a weak state or in it’s debilitated position, then also the native suffers from mental stress, and depression.
  • If the planet Moon is aspected by Rahu or Ketu, this is a very strong yoga for depression and anxiety. The native constantly struggles in life dealing with Mental health issues, anxiety and depression.
  • If Moon is aspected by Saturn, this is also another planetary position where the native suffers from Mental health problems. Here, the mind when it is afflicted by Saturn becomes weak and such natives face depression, mental stress and anxiety.
  • If the lord of the 1st house is posited in the 12th house, and if the 12th house is aspected by planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, then also the native suffers from lots of depression, and anxiety problems.
  • If the planet Moon is positioned in the 12th house, the native suffers from lots of Mental Stress and anxiety. Here, the 12th house is the house of expenditure, imagination and isolation and if the Moon is positioned in the 12th house, this indicates excess use of mental energy. This becomes worse, if Rahu, Ketu or Saturn is also aspecting Moon in the 12th house.
  • If Moon is forming a Kemdrum Yoga in the birth chart, then also the native suffers from depression, anxiety and mental stress. Kemdrum Yoga is formed when there are no planets in either sides of Moon.
  • Similarly, if there are planets including Rahu, Ketu or Saturn in either sides or both sides of Moon, then also the native suffers from mental stress and anxiety problems.
  • If the 1st house lord is aspected by Rahu, Ketu or Moon, then also the native suffers from anxiety and depression problems.
  • If the lord of the 8th house or 12th house is aspecting Moon or the 1st house, then also the native faces lots of Mental stress and anxiety in his lifetime.
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These were some of the probable conditions where a native can suffer from Depression and Anxiety if they have these planetary combinations in their birth chart.

Vedic Astrology Remedies to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

If you are suffering from Depression, Anxiety or Mental Health problems, here are some of the Vedic Astrology remedies that you can do to overcome your problems. Mental health is no doubt one of the most challenging health problems in the world. However, by doing some of the remedies below, or multiple of it can help you overcome your problems.

  • Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday – One of the best and the strongest remedies for overcoming depression and anxiety is as simple as chanting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday. By praying to Lord Hanuman, it is seen to negate and lessen the negative effects of the planet Saturn. As it is said that Shani Dev will not harm the natives who pray to Lord Hanuman. If you want to read the full benefits of Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa – Read it here –
  • Take some Basmati Rice from the hands of your mother and place it in a locker. While, for people who don’t have their mother with them, they can take the rice from any elderly women. At the same time, one should always respect one’s mother and take blessings from her by touching her feet.
  • Drink water in a Silver Glass: In Vedic Astrology, Moon is one of the main causes of Depression and Anxiety. When the planet Moon is positioned in the Malefic houses such as the 8th house, 6th house or the 12th house, then the native suffers from mental stress and anxiety. By drinking water in a silver glass, it is said that one can reduce the excess mental energy in one’s body. It helps cope with any mental stress and anxiety, at the same time, according to todays medical research, drinking water generally is good for the health. It helps the body rejuvenate energy levels and keeps the body balanced and removes excess toxins from the body.
  • Fasting during Mondays and Purnima: In Vedic Astrology, Purnima is the phase of Full Moon when the Moon is fully lighted up by the planet Sun. During such period, it is said that the body energy levels become very high. People who suffer from depression and anxiety should fast during the days of Purnima. At the same time, they should also fast during Mondays. Even in Medical research, it is said that fasting is a very beneficial practice for any person. If one can fast and avoid food for atleast once a week, it has so many benefits for the body as well as the mind. One experiences, better mood, sharper brain functioning and many other benefits.
  • Pray to Lord Shiva and Recite the Maha Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”: Lord Shiva in Vedic Scriptures is one of the Hindu Gods that represents the planet Moon. By reciting the Mantra – “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times everyday, one can makes ones Moon strong and it can help cope with depression and anxiety. Om Namah Shivaya is such a strong Mantra that if one devotes his time and energy to it, he is surely to become free from depression and anxiety. It is a very simple Mantra but chanting it regularly does require some time and practice.
  • Practice Pranayama Everyday: Pranayama is a form of Yoga Meditation that has numerous benefits to health and body. In fact, this form of Yoga mediation is so powerful that, if one is able to master it, he is able to control his lifespan. Pranayama involves the practice of controlling one’s breath and energy within the body. It can be a very difficult form of mediation for beginners however, even a 2 to 5 minute session of this mediation can bring numerous benefits to the person. It can help overcome a lots of mental stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Perform Mediation Everyday: If you are not able to practice or perform Pranayama, then you can still do simple form of Mediation for 5 minutes everyday. Mediation has a direct co-relation with overcoming and helping people cope with mental stress and anxiety. Even in Vedic Astrology, a short 5 to 10 minutes meditation session is said to lower and calm down the negative effects of Rahu. As it is said that, Meditation keeps the planet Rahu in control in one’s birth chart. Moreover, If there is one thing that the planet Rahu fears the most, it is balance and stability and if one can learn how to get to a state of balance, the planet Rahu will not only calm down, but it starts giving good results in one’s birth chart.
  • Don’t drink Milk during the night time: According to Vedic Astrology, it is said that drinking milk during the night time is said to worsen any mental stress or anxiety. Milk has a direct co-relation with the planet Moon and as we know, Milk is a food item that causes problems in the stomach. One should avoid milk during the night time as it hampers with sleep, and causes mental imbalances.
  • Wear Moon Stone or Silver Chain: Wearing Moon stone or Silver chain is said to bring mental peace. Moon stone directly helps one’s Moon become strong and helps him cope with depression and anxiety. However, one should not entirely, rely on just wearing the Moon stone or Silver chain or ornament to overcome mental stress and anxiety. However, if you’d like to try and if the planets in your birth chart favor the planet Moon, you can definitely try and wear the moon stone. You can consult a reputed Astrologer and seek advice on whether you can wear any Gemstone or not.
  • Offer Milk to Shivling and Chant the Maha Shiva Mantra: One of the strongest and most effective remedy for fighting depression and anxiety is by praying to Lord Shiva and going to the Shiva temple and offering Milk to Shivling. If you can offer Milk to Lord Shiva every Monday and also chant the Maha Shiva Mantra that is “Om Namah Shiva” everyday, this will be a very effective remedy for fighting with depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues.
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