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Karak and Akarak planets of Virgo Ascendant



Karak and Akarak planets of Virgo Ascendants

An ascendant sign is determined by the time of your birth. It is the sign which is sitting in your 1st house while you were born. The ascendant sign along with the zodiac sign and the moon sign define you are a person and what kind of vibe you radiate towards others. Therefore, if you are a Virgo Ascendant then the Virgo zodiac sign was in your 1st house at the time when you were born.

The ruling planet of Virgo Ascendant is Mercury and their element is “Earth”. These folks have good intuition but along with it comes the curse of overthinking. They can never act ass if they like someone, if they don’t like someone they will make it obvious. They can be somewhat controlled in relationships and are critical of everything.

Virgo Ascendant physical appearance

Virgo Ascendants radiate righteousness with their appearance. They have small yet attractive bodies and uniform bodies. These folks have graceful faces which give them a young look. Their face is accompanied by bulging cheeks, straight nose, and attractive forehead.

Virgo Ascendant men have the ideal body, which is neither a lean nor muscular body. It is similar to their height as well, they are neither too tall nor neither too small. They have wide foreheads, a perfect smile, and possess long straight noses.

Virgo Ascendant women have beautiful faces with plump lips and pointy noses. They have slender bodies and are fair-toned. In the case of their heights, they have a medium level of height. Their slim bodies have a fair rosy tone in them.

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Virgo Ascendants male celebrities

Ryan Reynolds, Timothee Chalamet, Michael B Jordan, Roger Federer, etc.

Virgo Ascendants female celebrities

Emma Watson, Madonna, Shirley Maclaine, Bella Hadid, Kris Jenner, etc.

Virgo Ascendants friendly planets

There are some planets that are considered the best and positive for Virgo Ascendants. The friendly planet for Virgo Ascendants is Venus. If Venus is strong then the Virgo Ascendants are showered with money and success.

Virgo Ascendants enemy planets

Although, some planets are inauspicious for Virgo Ascendants. Enemy planets for Virgo Ascendants are Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, and Moon. Out of all these Mars in the 3rd and 8th houses is the most malicious to Virgo Ascendants.

Sun and Mercury are among the planets that are neutral towards Virgo Ascendants.

Virgo Ascendant professional careers

Virgo Ascendants are folks that are intelligent and steady people. Also, if Venus is strong, then they are bound to become rich and successful. When they get into the ideal profession for them they are sure to become famous and rich.

As they are ruled by Mercury, they are intelligent so teachers and accountants are ideal professions for them. They also do well in fields such as acting, editing, singing, athletics, and songwriting.

They are good at science as well. So, with this, they become excellent researchers and data scientists. Also, as they arrange things in order, so they are fit to become librarians as well.

Virgo Ascendant favourable colors

The favorable colors for Virgo Ascendants are dark green, royal blue, and light green.

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Virgo Ascendant lucky gems

The luckiest gems for Virgo Ascendants are diamond and green emerald.

Karak and Akarak planets of Virgo Ascendants

Karak Planets for Virgo Ascendants

Venus is a Karak planet for Virgo Ascendants. Venus produces positive effects as the lord of the second and ninth houses. Even though the second house is a maraka, Venus had a moolatrikona there, therefore it produces favorable outcomes for the ninth house. Venus unquestionably produces favorable outcomes because it is a natural benefic ruler of the most auspicious 9th house which is a trine.

Mercury produces positive outcomes as the ruler of the Lagna of Virgo Ascendant and the tenth house. Since both Kendra and Kona are in the first house, the “kendradipatya dosha” is not relevant in this case.

Akarak planets of Virgo Ascendants

Mars, the lord of the third and eighth houses, produces unfavorable outcomes for Virgo Ascendants during its Dasha. Mars and Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo Ascendants are enemies in this case.

Moon, the ruler of the eleventh house, brings forth unpleasant outcomes for Virgo ascendants.

Sun, the ruler of the 12th house, brings about unfavorable outcomes for Virgo Ascendants unless “vipareetha raja yoga” develops. Sun produces undesirable consequences because it doesn’t rule any good house with the 12th house, which is not a positive house.

Jupiter also comes as an Akarak planet for Virgo Ascendants. Even though Jupiter is the lord of two Kendra Houses and a natural benefic, “kendradipatya dosha” prevents Jupiter from producing favorable outcomes for Virgo Ascendants.

Saturn, the lord of the fifth and sixth houses, produces unfavorable outcomes and is an Akarak planet for Virgo ascendants. Although the 5th house is spacious, Saturn’s moolatrikona was in the sixth.

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Knowing Karak and Akarak planets for every ascendant is crucial. This will help the Ascendants to know which to keep at bay and which to keep close. For Virgo Ascendants, Karak Planets include Mercury and Venus. Akarak Planets include Moon, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. The Akarak planets can make the life of Virgo Ascendants miserable.