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Benefits Of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa Daily



Benefits Of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa Daily

Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most chanted poetic composition written by the great saint Goswami Tulsidas. Tulsidas is said to be a ardent devotee of Lord Rama and an incarnation of Saint Valmiki. Chalisa means forty and the Hanuman Chalisa has 40 verses. It is believed that Tulsidas composed the holy verses of the Hanuman Chalisa in a state of Samadhi in a kumbh mela in Haridwar. Anyone can read the 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa and whosoever reads it with pure devotion gains the infinite grace of Lord Hanuman.

The Legendary story behind the Hanuman Chalisa

The Legendary story behind the Hanuman Chalisa begins when Tulsidas went to meet the emperor Aurangzeb. The emperor mocked Tulsidas and challenged him to show Lord Rama in front of him. But Tulsidas denied that fact and told the emperor that it was not possible unless if he showed true devotion towards Lord Rama. The emperor got furious and imprisoned Tulsidas in the deep prisons of the empire. It was during this time in prison when Tulsidas wrote the 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa. When he finally completed the 40 verses, an army of mischievous monkeys rallied and menaced Delhi and the palace. The emperor Aurangzeb was surprised to see such behavior of monkeys. Therefore, he finally released Tulsidas upon which the monkeys stopped their mischievous behaviors.

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Divine significance of the Hanuman Chalisa

The Hanuman Chalisa contains 40 verses which should be recited for 40 days to get one’s prayers and wished answered. The Hanuman Chalisa is so powerful that if one chants it with pure faith and devotion to Lord Hanuman then he earns the merit of having the darshan of the 8 murtis, 12 jyotirlingas, 5 mukhs, and 15 eyes. It provides protection from negative thoughts and energies, protects the chanter from obstacles and misfortunes and one directly gets the blessings of Lord Rama at the same time. It is said that Lord Hanuman is the truest devotee of Lord Rama.

Even devotees who chant the Hanuman Chalisa without even knowing it’s meaning have attained a lot of blessings and protection from Lord Hanuman.

When to read the Hanuman Chalisa?

Reading the Hanuman Chalisa is extremely auspicious and one of the best hymns or mantras for protection and divine grace. However, there is a certain way and time to read the 40 verses.

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It is said that before reading the Hanuman Chalisa, one should clean their body and take a bath. One should also clean their feet, teeth, and mouth.

The best time for reading the Hanuman Chalisa is in the morning after taking a bath from head to toe.

It usually takes between 8 to 10 minutes to read the full 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa. If you keep reading it for several days, it automatically gets registered in your brain and very soon you will be able to recite it without looking at the 40 verses.

The Power of Hanuman Chalisa in Vedic Astrology

In the Vedic Astrology context, the Hanuman Chalisa is known the reduce the negative effects of the planet Saturn. People who have a malefic Saturn in their birth chart are greatly benefited by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa.

It is said that one with a malefic influence of the planet Saturn should recite the Hanuman Chalisa 8 times on Saturday.

People who are manglik, or have a Manglik Dosh on their birth chart should recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily. This will greatly reduce the negative effects of Mars and bring in positive qualities of Mars to the native.

Benefits of Reading Hanuman Chalisa

Reduces the effects of Shani or Saturn

By chanting the Hanuman Chalisa Daily and 8 times on Saturday, one can attain peace and prosperity and reduce the ill effects of the planet Saturn. It is said that Lord Hanuman once had rescued Shani from Ravana and because of this, Shani feels grateful to Lord Hanuman and anyone who recites the 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa, Shani relieves the devotee from his adverse effects.

Repentance from sins

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa at night for at least 8 times helps to absolve sins you might have committed by hurting or insulting someone knowingly and unknowingly. Lord Hanuman will forgive you and grant divine repentance for sins that you have committed to someone.

Protection from accidents

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa before travelling or going far away from home will protect you from possible accidents and will save your from being injured during the journey.

Protects you from evil spirits and black magic

Evil spirits and black magic really exists in this world and if humans can be possessed by demons and evil spirits then there is a huge possibility that there are bad spirits lurking around in this world. Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa will ward off all the evil spirits that try to damage you. Placing the written text of Hanuman Chalisa under your bed will protect you from getting nightmares and bad dreams.

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There are many people in the world who practice witchcraft and black magic, sometimes even for causes that can harm a person in a very evil way. By reciting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday and 8th times on Saturday, no black magic rituals against you can harm you. You get such a layer of protection that bad spirits fear to even come close to you.

Removes Obstacles in life

In this materialistic world of suffering and moksha, people are bound to face difficulties in their life for the purpose of learning and attaining moksha. By reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, Lord Hanuman will remove the obstacles that the devotee faces and protects him from misfortunes. He shall live a life full of joy without any complications. Even if complications arrive in his life, he shall benefit from the obstacles and attain prosperity.

Provides concentration, stress reduction and focus.

By chanting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday, one will have better focus and concentration in their work and studies. People who have a stressful life where they deal with many problems should chant the Hanuman Chalisa which will help the native become peaceful and calm.

Students who are in high school or college should chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily as it will help them gain focus and concentration in their studies.

Attracts Wealth

By reciting the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times in the afternoon attracts wealth for the native.

Gives wisdom and strength to the Native

Lord Hanuman is known for his strength and courage. It is said that Lord Hanuman helped Lord Shani dev from the clutches of Ravana. He had so much strength that he swallowed the Sun thinking it was a fruit and carried the mountain with one hand.

By chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, one attains a lot of strength and courage within themselves. One will be very brave and attains a lot of wisdom in his life.

Promotes Spirituality

To the devotee who chants the Hanuman Chalisa everyday is blessed by the knowledge of spirituality. People in the path of moksha and spirituality gains a lot of help from Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman show him the right path and the right actions to grow in the field of spirituality.

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Removes bad habits and promotes transformation.

There is a reason why the many people chant the Hanuman Chalisa exactly 8 times. The number 8 signifies transformation in vedic astrology and so does the 8th Bhava in Kundli or Birth Chart. Therefore, any person regardless of age or gender chants the Hanuman Chalisa 8 times is freed from the bad habits. He gets immense help from Lord Hanuman and goes through a complete transformation.

Any devotee who prays for someone with bad habits also gets the benefits.

Brings in unity among people and families

By reciting the Hanuman Chalisa everyday, it eliminates disharmony among family members and brings in unity. No matter what the planetary alignments signify, Lord Hanuman will help the family and the devotee become united. It removes the negativity and brings in peace and harmony among the family members and the society.

Helps with Internal Fears and brings in courage and confidence.

By reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, one gets courage and confidence and ability to deal with internal fears. People who regularly go for interviews, meetings and risky jobs should recite the Hanuman Chalisa to gain more confidence and courage.

Protects the person from Negative energies and builds a positive aura.

People who recite the Hanuman Chalisa will be protected from negative energies and attacks. At the same the, a positive aura is build around the person who chants the Hanuman Chalisa which will attract other people towards the devotee.

Anyone can chant the Hanuman Chalisa regardless of age and gender and there are amazing miraculous benefits of Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. With a pure heart and devotion, one can recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily for blessings from Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama.

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