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Business Yoga In Kundli: Should I Do Business or Job as Career?



Business Yoga In Kundli

Business or Service?

This is a question that so many people have in their life regarding their careers. For some may dream of doing business and when they do start a new business, they face lots of hardships, struggles, and losses. But for some people, starting a business can open doors of fortune and wealth. It is also seen that many people have amazing Raj Yogas that give them immense success in Government Jobs, NGO’s and service, President Barack Obama is a great example of a person who has achieved great success in government. However, he is still not the richest person in the world.

Business Yoga In Kundli

There is a story of a person who worked in a particular factory for more than 20 years. His boss always admired his hard work and skill. To a point where he regularly used to get bonuses, pay raise and he was one of the sharpest and most intelligent workers. He thought about his career instead of working for someone, why not start his own business and since he had worked so hard for so many years, he knew his work so well that he decided to start his own business. After two years of doing business, he lost all his money, got into huge debt and ultimately, he reached a very bad financial state.

We can clearly see here that, he had a great luck in terms of Job and service, however, in business, it was not the same. When someone starts a business, he has to take huge risks, analyse competition, patiently work for long hours and the money just does not come easily. One has to save every penny in order for the business to work. Moreover, one has to grow the business along with improving and providing jobs, and future for the employees.

Therefore, in Vedic Astrology, there are different combination that can predict whether business is right for a person or not.

All of these factors can be easily seen in a birth chart and by looking for some combinations and relations between houses, we can easily find out if starting a business is the right path for you in your life or not.

Who knows, if you are constantly facing problems at job, starting a business could actually unlock the fortune that has been waiting for you for a long time.

Lets find out!.

Which houses and planets relate to Business and Service?

Business Yoga In Kundli

In a birth chart, there are 12 houses or Bhavas. Each houses represent different aspects of a person‘s life.

For example, the first house represents the self, a person’s self-confidence, and the overall strength of the person. The third house on the other hand represents a person’s willpower, brothers and siblings, and the person’s ability to communicate.

Just like that, the house that represents business and trade is the 7th house.

The 7th house in your birth chart is the house for business. It is the house where we can see the potential of person to do business.

As for the planets, the planet Mercury is the sole planet responsible for the business. It is the planet that represents finances, management, accounting, and trade. The second planet that is also related to business indirectly is Jupiter. The planet Jupiter or Guru is the main Karaka of wealth in Vedic Astrology and for success in business, one has to see the position of Jupiter also. While Jupiter is also the planet for expansion. Whichever houses it relates to, it creates a massive expansion.

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Along with Mercury, planets like Mars, Moon, Saturn are also very important.

While the 7th house represents the business, the 6th house is the house that represents services, competitive exams, jobs, and working on a paycheck.

The Main Houses that you need to look at while you decide whether business is good for you or not.

Business Yoga In Kundli

Now we know that the main house that we need to look at is the 7th house. While the main planet is Mercury. However, just a strong 7th house is not enough to take a person into the line of business. There are other houses that one must also look at while deciding whether business is good for the person or not.

3rd House: The 3rd house is the most important house that one should look for while checking the yoga for business. It represents one’s courage, will power and the person’s hardworking nature. At the same time, the 3rd house also represents sales and & marketing and communication which is one of the most important things in business.

1st house: The first house is the self and one should also look at the first house. We can check if the person has the personality of a business man or not. If there are planets or signs like Mercury, Venus, such a person naturally becomes good in management, accounting and doing business.

10th house: The 10th house is the main house for a career. It is the house we look at to look for the type of career that the person will get into. From the 10th house, we can also see the type of business that the person is most likely to get into. At the same time, from the 10th house, we can also see Fame.

6th house: While the 6th house is the house of enemies and competition, it is equally as important as any other houses. From the 6th house, we can find out if the person will be able to gain victory over his competition or not. It represents risk-taking in business and as we know, in business one has to continuously take a lot of risks. It represents all the roadblocks, obstacles that the person faces while doing his business. While 6th house is also the wealth of the customer and the gains of the customer.

11th house: 11th house is naturally a neutral house where all the planets give positive results in the house. Having any planet or just one planet in the 11th house is considered very auspicious and the person is considered to be lucky. It represents daily gains in income and profits generated by the business.

7th house: The 7th house is considered to be the main house for business. It is also the house of partnerships, your spouse and marriage. From this house, we can find out if the person will be satisfied doing his business.

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5th house: The 5th house represents a person’s education, intelligence, and creativity. A strong 5th house is very important as in business, one needs innovation, creative thinking, and intelligence. From the 5th house, we can find out if the person will be able to make good decisions regarding the business.

2nd house: 2nd house is the house that represents wealth, mainly the wealth that your business can accumulate. It represents the bank balance and the strength of finances of your business.

12th house: The 12th house is the house of expenditure, losses, hospitals, isolation. It is considered to be a bad house however, it is also the house of foreign lands thus, we look at the 12th house see the potential of a business to grow and expand internationally. Many great business men like Warren Buffet have a huge relation with the 12th house, therefore, many astrologers when they look at the chart may find a great loss in business. However, for Warren Buffet, he became the greatest investor and business due to his 11th house and 8th house creating a relation with the 12th house. As we know 12th house is the house of expenditure, expenses and investing is also a form of expense.

Vedic Astrological Combinations to predict the Yoga for Business or Job.

  • If the planet Saturn is strong in the birth chart in its own sign (Capricorn, Aquarius), Exalted (Libra), and in Kendra houses or any house. It also looks at or affects Sun, Moon with its aspect then the person may choose business as his career.

  • If Saturn aspects or looks at the 10th house while it is exalted or in its own sign, it is considered to be a great Yoga for Business.

  • Saturn in the 10th house in its sign of Exaltation, the native is considered to be very lucky for his father. At the same time, this is also a strong indication of the native getting into his family business.

  • If the 7th house lord is placed in the 2nd house, the individual may do family business or continue the tradition of family business.

  • If the 7th house lord is in the 3rd house, the person succeeds in business through his own efforts and hard work. A typical entrepreneur is seen from this combination.

  • If the 2nd house lord is placed in 5th, 7th or 11th house, the person may succeed in business. However, when the 2nd house lord is placed in the 11th house, a Maha Dhan Yoga is formed, and with this Yoga, the person can achieve great wealth.

  • If the 2nd house lord is in the 7th house itself, the person can achieve great success in business, provided that the planet is not debilitated. However, the Yoga becomes even stronger when the planets are in its own sign or its exaltation.

  • If Mercury is aspecting or looking at the 1st, 7th house, 3rd house, or the 10th house, a Yoga for business is thus created. Such a person becomes good in management, accounting, trade, and business.

  • One Great Yoga for business is when the 7th house lord is in the 11th house, 11th house lord is in the 9th house and 9th house lord in the 2nd house. This yoga or combination gives the person massive success in business and in life in General.
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  • Interchange of signs between the 7th house and the 11th house is a great indication of a business Yoga. Additionally, if it makes any relation with the 10th house lord, then we can conclude that the person career will be business.

  • If there are benefic planets in the 10th house, like Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury then no doubt, one can do business without any question. Moreover, if these planets are in their own sign or their sign of exaltation then one can try their luck in business and they will achieve great success in business. However, these planets should not be debilitated.

  • Mercury and Saturn in the 10th house will give native great success in business. Such a person gains a lot in business.

  • Similarly, If there are benefic planets in the 4th house like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Moon, they directly aspect the 10th house. Such a person can also do business.

  • Jupiter in the 2nd house or 6th house can give great success in business to the native. When Jupiter is in the 2nd house, it aspects the 10th house and is makes a person get into the line of business. While Jupiter in the 6th house also creates a yoga for business as it aspects the 10th house.

  • The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the 11th house or 9th house creates a strong powerful Yoga for business and huge business.

  • Saturn in the 3rd house is a strong Yoga for business as we know Saturn is the main Karaka for hard work and jobs however, Saturn in the 3rd house makes a person leave his job later on in his life and start his own business. Steve Jobs is a great example of having such a combination. Such a person takes a lot of time, critical thinking into making business decisions.

  • If the 6th house is strong, then one should not get into the business field. Rather, one achieves great success at job or NGO’s organizations. As the 6th house is known for the house representing the service of others and great doctors are seen from this house. However, the business will not be good if the 6th house is strong.

  • Moon in the 2nd house, 4th house or 7th house gives lots of gains to the native in business.


Business Yoga In Kundli

So these were the different combinations of business Yoga is Vedic Astrology. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and of course there are thousands of combinations in Vedic Astrology. Special Yogas like Dhan Yoga, Maha Laxmi Yoga are also important to see if the native can achieve massive success in business or not. However, if you are having more than 3 to 5 of the above combinations, you can always try you luck in business.

Thank you very much for reading and please do share this article with your friends and family to let and help them know which career is suitable for them.