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Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Characteristics, Secrets and Nature



Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Mrigashira Nakshatra  (5th of 27 nakshatras, 23 ° 20 ′ Taurus  – 6 ° 40 ′ Gemini).

Those whose Moon dwells in this nakshatra lack firmness and constancy, sometimes they are even shy, they have a good speech, they are energetic, rich, and indulge in love pleasures.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Characteristics and Nature

General directions:  Mrigashira’s symbol is a deer, and her controlling deity is the Moon. Literally, Mrigashira means “deer head”. Once it happened that the Creator Brahma was inflamed with desire for his own daughter. The frightened girl took the form of a female deer (the previous Rohini nakshatra, “red deer” ruled by Brahma) and fled to heaven, but her depraved father incarnated into a male deer and began to chase her. To save the girl from the impending cosmic incest, the god Shiva cooled Brahma’s ardor by chopping off the deer head, which remained in heaven in the form of Mrigashira’s nakshatra.

If Saturn occupies this nakshatra as the lord of the 7th house, this often indicates an unhappy marriage or strife resulting from rash love impulses, which just illustrates this myth.

Since deer are timid, fearful, and nervous creatures, whose destiny is restless races and wanderings in a constant search for food and safety, the main properties of Mrigashira are the study of things and their search.

Mrigashira also carries a surge of gentleness and tenderness caused by the contemplation of a deer. In that part of the nakshatra that falls into the earthly sign of Taurus, the search takes place on the physical plane and on the mental – in that half of it that falls into the air sign of Gemini. Since deer roam in circles along certain paths, this asterism is associated with travel, crossings, paths, and roads.

Mrigashira also points to such an occupation as hunting, which can be considered as a type of search. Since her deity, the Moon, is witchcraft, unstable, fickle, changeable creature, Mrigashira indicates a clever, persuasive person, sensitive and fickle. Other traditional associations include marriage, jewelry, leadership, investigation, and greatness. When the Lagna or moon is in Mrigashir, the native is often distrustful and likes to wander.

Physiology and disease:  eyes and eyebrows.

Professions, people, and habitats:  those who are serious in trade. Employed in the field of textiles and clothing. Jewelry manufacturers and sellers. Foresters and those associated with animals such as veterinarians, pet shopkeepers, pet carriers. Poets and natural-born lovers. Administrators. Great thinkers and researchers.

Mrigashira (Skt .: म्रृगशीर्षा) consists of three bright stars located side by side in the constellation Orion.

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The name of the nakshatra translates as “deer head”.

Characteristics of the Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Characteristics of the Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Zodiac: 23 ° 20 ′ Taurus – 6 ° 40 ′ Gemini Ruling

Planet: Mars

Symbol: deer head, pot of soma

Deity: Chandra, Soma

Varna/caste: farmers

Purpose: moksha

Origin: divine

Moral: gentle, soft (mridu)

Guna: tamas

Gender: female

Quality: preservation

Ayurvedic constitution: Pitta

Element: earth

Direction: sector between southwest and northwest

Body parts: eyes, eyebrows

Animal: snake

Sounds: ve, vo, ka, ki

Enemy: Dhanishta

The Key concepts of Nakshatra Mrigashirsha

The Key concepts of Nakshatra Mrigashirsha

Accepting the path to knowledge and enlightenment.

  • The ancient Vedic sages believed that Shakti (the great energy of the feminine Divine principle) manifests in Mrigashira. This nakshatra exudes qualities such as benevolence, charm, changeability, compassion, playfulness, and gaiety. Her modesty and tenderness should not be confused with cowardice, as she can be very strong, unshakable, and even angry, if necessary.
  • The essence of this nakshatra can be described in one word – seeker. Mrigashira is very curious and is similar to Rahu in this. She pushes to search for new experiences and gain new experiences, but this brings genuine satisfaction and benefits only if it contributes to the achievement of the main goal of life, otherwise the satisfaction will be temporary, and then sadness and disappointment will come.
  • Mrigashira endows a person with a variety of artistic talents. In the highest manifestation, it helps to find your way, in the lowest, it makes you endlessly chase after fresh impressions, contributes to the development of inconstancy, superficiality. Those born under this nakshatra need to learn how to bring things to an end.
  • Mrigashira focuses a person’s attention on mental activity. They are very smart, able to easily, and quickly learn many subjects. They have a talent for intellectual work. However, due to their tendency to diffuse attention and lead a sedentary lifestyle, they often suffer from mental stress, nervous exhaustion, and other diseases. Walking in the fresh air, physical exercises are useful for them.
  • As a rule, Mrigashir personalities have a slender physique and delicate facial features, youthful, smiling, cheerful, carefree. Their good looks and pleasant manners create a sense of fragility. At the same time, they are tireless and may seem strange, restless.
  • Mrigashirs love life and know how to enjoy it. They are adorable, spontaneous, and enthusiastic and enjoy interacting with people. They are born satirists, good interlocutors, and advisers, great connoisseurs of singing, beautiful oral and written speech. Despite the talent for communication, they are by nature shy and timid. They do not like conflicts, therefore they are very careful in choosing friends.
  • Inborn caution and the ability to feel danger makes Mrigashira very suspicious, which somewhat reduces family happiness. Like any other nakshatra ruled by Mars, Mrigashira brings strife due to suspicion and inattention to the needs of a partner. Those who have a strong influence of this nakshatra in the natal chart experience some degree of disharmony in marriage. However, if both spouses give each other personal space, then thanks to her tenderness and charm, Mrigashira will help ensure stability in the relationship.
  • Mrigashira is the first nakshatra whose conclusions and beliefs are based on experience. Despite all her lightness, she is very constant in views and opinions, she will never make concessions in a dispute.
  • The task of Mrigashira is for a person to go through various life situations and, as a result, realize his true purpose. For example, if someone was born to become a singer, then before that he will try his hand at painting, literature, or ordinary office work. Of course, if Mrigashira leaves the pursuit of goals in life. But if the goals are good, then the person will receive favorable fruits.
  • There may be suspicion of, strong attachment to material things.
  • “The moon in Mrigashir gives the absence of strict principles, varied abilities, shyness, good speech, energy, wealth and inclination to sensual pleasures” (Varahamihira).
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General Characters:

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Men

Good physique, height – above average, maybe tall, handsome face, aristocratic hands.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Men

Suspiciousness and suspiciousness give a tendency to get annoyed over trifles. They expect frankness from others, are careless in relationships, which is why they often become victims of deception. Mrigashira men are prone to doubt, have a sharp but restless mind, show intolerance, faced with ill-considered decisions.

They are proactive, insightful, sincere like to do everything in their own way while respecting other people’s opinions, which is why many people are happy to deal with them. They prefer to lead a simple lifestyle. They are careful in their actions, although outwardly they prefer to show courage and fearlessness.

Brilliantly educated, excellent advisors, especially in financial matters, but they themselves are spenders.

The peak of fruitful activity falls in the period from 33 to 50 years. At this time, the waves of ups and downs in business cease, the ability is manifested not only to start new projects but also to successfully complete old ones. After 50 years, the passion for squandering often takes over, and everything accumulated in a favorable period is spent without looking back.

Relatives, especially brothers and sisters, are often very troublesome. Conflicts in your own family are possible due to the partner’s success in social manifestation. A not very cordial and not deep relationship with his wife leads to quarrels over trifles. For the harmonization of marital relations, worship of Shiva and fasting on Tuesdays can be recommended.

Poor health leads with age to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, possible cuts, shoulder pain, and cervical osteochondrosis.

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Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Women

Characterized by high growth and proportional build. They keep a slender figure for a long time. Very expressive eyes stand out on the face.

Mrigashirsha Nakshatra Women

A tendency to creativity, quick wit, sociability, insight speaks of them as interesting interlocutors, if not for one “but”: they have a sharp tongue and love to laugh evilly at others. Selfishness and greed do not add charm to these women.

They almost always get higher education and have technical inclinations. They are able to be rich, they love jewelry.

In adolescence, they have a relationship with the opposite sex without the desire to start a family. After marriage, they continue to lead an active social life. Devotion and love for your husband do not cancel the desire to keep him under your control.

In general, they are in good health, although sometimes there are problems with female organs and pain in the shoulders.

The planet-ruler of the Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

The main ruler of the nakshatra is Mars. It is he who gives Mrigashira the energy for her eternal search, acting like an impulsive planet, personifying the whole spectrum of meanings of the word “desire”.

Mrigashira is divided between Taurus and Gemini, so she has a strong sense of duality. She tries to resolve the conflict between Venus and Mercury, earth and air – initially incompatible elements. All the positive qualities of Mrigashira – artistic ability, thirst for life, the ability to find true purpose – are manifested only when the energies of Mercury and Venus are combined properly.

Mars-Mercury, Mercury-Venus, Mars-Venus, and Mars-Mercury-Venus conjunctions carry energies similar to those possessed by Mrigashira. The presence of Mars or Saturn in this nakshatra is usually unfavorable for marriage. However, both of them can give good material results if they are in that part of Mrigashira that belongs to Taurus. In this part, all planets except Jupiter usually produce favorable results.