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Bharani Nakshatra Characteristics & Nature | The Most “thirsty” Nakshatra



Bharani Nakshatra

The Bharani Nakshatra (2nd of 27 nakshatras, 13 ° 20 ′ – 26 ° 40 ′ Aries ) consists of three dim stars east of Ashwini, forming a triangle in the constellation Aries. Bharani – “Manushya”, “earthly” star of bad nature. The influence of this star is restraining, limiting. People born under the influence of this star live a life full of struggle and suffering. This nakshatra is ruled by Yamaraj, the god of death and justice.

The symbol of this nakshatra is the vulva. The ruling deity is Yama, the god of death, who in India is called the king of dharma. The uterine symbolism of Bharani indicates the changes taking place inside, often latently ripening in order to then suddenly appear and claim a place in the sun.

In this sense, Bharani means emotional impulses that are often harbingers of assault and therefore need to be refined through self-control, willpower, and discipline. This nakshatra carries with it the possibility of idealistic or puritanical revolutions and social transformation, or it can simply mean extremely flexible unprincipled morality. The uterus cleanses itself through menstruation, and Bharani directs similar processes, including such extreme manifestations of purity as personal holiness or social utopia. Inner determination can allow people to

However, those born with an ascendant or the Moon in Bharani often have a tendency to jealousy, or they themselves are the objects of annoying jealousy from others. As a symbol of birth, Bharani indicates support in life, especially maternal love and help, and governs food and hospitality. As the significator of development, she rules overgrowth, mass, volume, and large quantities; but since its symbol is the womb, it also means limitation and constraint.

The new life that develops within the womb is closely related to the larger system that ensures its growth. Bharani, according to his position in the horoscope, or the position of the planets within himself, governs both subordinates and inferior in rank, as well as high-ranking and powerful people. It also signifies stress and trauma, often associated with childbirth, and sometimes bodily injury below the waist.

Every birth is death, and every death is birth; these two forces are paradoxically both complementary and antagonistic, as are the nakshatra itself and its deity Yama (death). When birth and death complement each other, calm and progressive changes result; but when antagonism appears in their interaction, the result is destructive wars and revolutions.

Physiology and Diseases: Head, lower legs.

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Professions, people, and habitats: Professions with elements of creativity. Earnings from the arts, the entertainment industry, sports, entertainment events. Film industry. Everything related to children and childbirth. Hospitality, including caterers, chefs, hotel staff. People associated with the production, processing, and distribution of food. Tobacco, coffee, and tea industries. Slaughter. Knowledge of law, politics, and other secular topics. People in positions of authority and high positions such as judges and ministers.

Characteristics of the Bharani Nakshatra

The ferocious Bharani has an elephant’s head and a collyrium-colored body. Dressed in red, she rides a buffalo, holding a staff and arches in her hands

Zodiac: 13 ° 20 ′ – 26 ° 40 ′ Aries

Ruler Planet: Venus

Gender: female

Quality: fear

Symbol: elephant, yoni, boat

Ayurvedic constitution: pitta

Deity: Yamaraj (god of death)

Element: earth

Varna: no (mleccha)

Direction: east, southeast, south

Purpose: artha

Body parts: head, soles of the feet

Origin: human

Animal: elephant

Temper: fierce, cruel (ugra)

Sounds: li, lu, le, lo

Guna: Rajas

Enemy: Anuradha

Bharani Nakshatra Key Concept

Bharani is the birth of a new, struggle, hidden events, difficulties.

The essence and manner of Bharani’s actions can be described in one word – extremes. She sways between puritanism and bohemianism, naivety and wisdom, maturity and childishness, life, and death.

Bharani is the most “thirsty” nakshatra. Its representatives often act instinctively than for some reason, they want to try everything that surrounds them, studying things, people, and places with childlike spontaneity. This same childishness, so useful for research and learning, can turn into unprecedented cruelty. The reason for this is the lack of responsibility for their actions.

Emotions and desires in Bharani personalities are usually so strong that only a few manage to suppress or calm them down. Those who are at a high level of development channel their colossal energies into positive and rewarding activities. The less-developed are similar to moths, randomly rushing from one light to another. In the modern chaotic era, it is very difficult to properly unleash the potential of Bharani.

This nakshatra has an inherent need for creativity. It is typical for women to realize it at the birth of children. Men create on other levels.

In Bharani, there is an interaction of masculine and feminine principles, which makes it one of the most sexual nakshatras. Passionate and amorous, she personifies nature itself, which creates an attraction between opposites.

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However, the developed type of native-Bharani understands that this attraction has much more in common with love, harmony, and conscious unity than with physiology.

Bharani’s are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous. They can achieve their goal only under the constant guidance of someone most mature and wise. People born under this nakshatra are often pioneers in their field. They are not afraid of difficulties, strive to win a leadership position in any group, have a strong character, and are able to withstand the vicissitudes of fate.

They can look serene even if they harass themselves from the inside. Due to the rejection of other people’s decisions and views, they are often deprived of support from others. They are very egocentric, intolerant of those with whose point of view they do not agree.

Bharani endows a person with increased sensitivity. He notes the slightest manifestations of kindness and care, but at the same time, he hardly forgives offenses, is often restless, impatient, cannot stand things and people that do not correspond to his ideals, lives in his own world, striving to build heaven on earth.

Taking everything to the extreme is Bharani’s main flaw. If they practice yoga, they become severe ascetics, but if they indulge in sexual pleasures, to which they are very disposed, then they do not know the measure.

This is a star that teaches self-restraint, control, discipline. Nakshatra is great for meditation. In life, a person with a pronounced Bharani can lose some significant things in order to create the illusion of matter in this world. People with a strong moon are able to survive crises in their lives and create something new and positive out of crises. If the moon is weak, then a person can go on about his mind, and there is a possibility of despondency. Qualities such as impatience, resentment, the judgment of other people, arrogance, pride, extreme actions, secrecy can be inherent in people with this nakshatra. Bharani in 1st house can give pride, strength, few children, long life. If Venus and Mars are strong, it can contribute to prosperity.

General characteristics of people born under the influence of Bharani

Bharani Men

Bharani men are most often of medium height. Bright eyes and a wide forehead attract attention to the face, and, smiling, they show beautiful healthy teeth. A reddish complexion is possible. If the owner of the horoscope was born at noon, then his growth will be very high.

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Men born under the influence of Bharani are sincere; speak openly what they think, not caring how others perceive it, therefore they are often disliked. They are honest, they never go against their conscience. They often quarrel over trifles with loved ones; tactless, arrogant. They usually get a good education. They have the qualities of a leader and are prone to competition.

Life is full of ups and downs. They love sports, cars, and commercial skills. They can become good surgeons or judges. Frequent changes in life lead to the absence of long bad and good periods, success, and happiness to Bharani men most often come after 33 years, there are positive changes in life.

Usually, they get married for about 27 years. They have an attractive spouse who is also an excellent hostess. Possible brain disease, headaches, fevers, or epilepsy. There is a danger of water.

Birth in the first or second quarter of Bharani speaks of the danger to the father.

Bharani Women

In the appearance of Bharani women, the main thing is a beautiful figure. They are humble and attractive. Are independent. Stubbornness and independence do not allow them to accept other people’s advice, and self-confidence gives the ability to provide themselves with everything they need. They themselves embody dreams and ideas, look for, and find ways to personally implement their plans. These abilities lead to professional success.

Elders and parents are respected. They are leaders in the family. They obey only a strong man who is admired, others are suppressed. If the partner is weaker, then the Bharani woman seeks to take a leadership position. Since these women are a little aggressive, the husband should be patient and condescending.

They are usually in good health.

Birth in the first and second quarters speaks of the danger to the mother.

Bharani Nakshatra Professions

All professions related to children, goods for children, birth (gynecologist, obstetrician, etc.). Death Professions: Morgue employee, funeral director, notary, a civil servant who records the death and birth of citizens, detective investigating murders. Dancer. An employee in the tobacco, coffee, or tea industry. Businessmen, financial consultants, lawyers, entrepreneurs. Professions in the food industry, hospitality. Livestock slaughterhouse, veterinarian, firefighter, surgeon. Film and entertainment professions. Photographer, model. Professions related to the use of sexuality. Geophysicist, biologist, microbiologist, agronomist, and worker in the seed and fertilizer industry. Occultists, hypnotists, clairvoyants, astrologers, psychologists.