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How to Remove Nazar Dosh? Powerful Remedies to remove Evil Eye



How to Remove Nazar Dosh? Powerful Remedies to remove Evil Eye

Today, the topic that we are going to talk about it is a very important and special one, because Nazar Dosh or Evil Eye is a real thing and it happens very commonly to people all across the world, especially in India, where the use of Tantra, Mantras and Black Magic is very common. First thing is that it is critical to know and understand Nazar Dosh or Buri Nazar.

The next thing you want to know is how do you figure out if someone has harmed you using black magic or Nazar Dosh.

So, the first place we go to quite often is definitely our birth chart, where it is seen that when the planet Sun or Moon is afflicted in the birth chart due to planets like Rahu or Ketu, then the person having this combination is likely to suffer or is prone to Nazar Dosh. Many times it is also due to the weakness of the person, that the native suffers from Nazar Dosh.

Generally, the effect of Nazar Dosh if a person happens to suffer from it will last for not more than 7 days. In case, if the Dosh is serious, then the person may suffer for 2 to 3 weeks at max, by that time, the effects of the Nazar Dosh should be gone by itself.

What is Evil Eye or Buri Nazar and Nazar Dosh? How Does it Happen?

What is Evil Eye or Buri Nazar

Almost every religion believes in the existence of an evil eye (buri nazar). It is a bad thing that happens to someone which normally is done by somebody. It is thought that if someone has a desire to harm or despise you, you may be affected by those harmful vibrations.

Now when the negative vibrations in certain situations become too powerful, they can actually begin to have an impact on a person’s life.

The negative vibrations, in other words, are the reason why youngsters and women are most prone to be influenced by an evil eye. Some people believe that only individuals who are exposed to an evil eye become affected. In fact, even nonliving things like as foods, homes, occupations/businesses can be influenced by an evil eye.

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For example, maybe you are just sitting in the dining table with your family and if one of the family members mentions a negative remark about the food that you are eating, there is a possibility that the food that you eat becomes affected with Nazar Dosh, thus, the negative vibrations carry on forward towards your body making you sick.

This is a simple case of a person getting affected with Nazar Dosh, now while again, if another person does keeps thinking negative about someone, and by any chance if the person is weak, then he also gets affected with Nazar Dosh.

Along with Nazar Dosh, Evil eye, people also perform certain Tanra’s that can either harm or benefit the native, which does similar things and destroys the life of the native.

Symptoms of Nazar Dosh | How to know if you are being affected?

  • The native who suffers from Nazar Dosh will firstly experience disturbed mental state and unnecessary worries of fears in his life.
  • He can face unnecessary tensions that to the other person makes no valid sense.
  • One of the common symptoms that many people have reported is the numbness and heaviness of the body and mind. Many times, people also complain about lethargy and their body becoming too weak.
  • Surge of negative thinking and negativity in one’s mind without any reasoning.
  • If there are babies at your home, you can often hear them cry in a weird different manner.
  • Rise in irritability and short-temperedness.

How to Remove the Effects of Nazar Dosh?

1. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa Daily atleast 1 time

Chant the Hanuman Chalisa Daily atleast 1 time

When you are being affected by any Nazar Dosh or Evil Eye, then the best practice is to go to Lord Hanuman. It is said that no matter how powerful, the Dosh is, by praying to Lord Hanuman, all the evil effects of the dosh will get removed.

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You can easily start with a simple chanting or recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis. It usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes to chant the full verses of Hanuman Chalisa, however, it holds enough power to help you protect yourself from Evil Eye.

To know more about Hanuman Chalisa, you can read this article “Benefits Of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa Daily“.

2. Wear Kohl on a regular basis

Wear Kohl on a regular basis

Kohl has been used since ancient Egyptian times to make the eyes brighter while also nourishing them with several medical benefits, the popular use of Kohl in India is more specifically for protecting oneself from Evil Eye or so called “Buri Nazar”.

By wearing Kohl, not only does it protect our eyes from Sun rays and nourishes it but, it also wards off evil eye and protects one from it. Which is the reason why people often apply Kohl on the eyes of a new born baby.

3. Using Lime

Believe it or not but lime has real magical powers that most people aren’t aware of, which is the reason why in India you see a lot of shops hanging lime infused with chilly Infront of their shops.

A simple remedy using lime is to take a lime and place it inside a transparent glass.

Now fill the glass with water and place it in a area which is visible to your customers in your shop or home as soon as they enter the shop or your office. By doing this on a daily basis, you protect yourself from the evil eye effects of others on your business or profession.

Make sure to change the water and lime everyday too.

4. Black Turmeric and Black Cloth Remedy

Another very effective remedy for Evil eye is the black turmeric and black cloth remedy.

Take a piece of black cloth and place some amount of black turmeric inside it. Tie it as a knot and allow it to flow through running water seven times over the person who is affected by Evil eye.

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5. Using Yellow Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is widely used in India for various purposes, cooking and even in many important Hindu rituals. One of the remedies of Nazar Dosh is by drinking Turmeric mixed with water in a glass in the four corners of your house.

Often times, many people complain that the aura or the energy of their home have changed and they feel very heavy, dull or feel a sense of negativity at their home. By doing this remedy, one can remove the evil eye effects that created such environment in their home.

At the same time, the front entrance of the house is the most important place and it is here you can also spray some turmeric water which will help protect your home.

6. Burn Guggul, Loban and Camphor

One of the best remedies for removing Nazar Dosh is burning a mixture of Guggul, Loban and Camphor. It’s a very common practice in India, where many people and families do it daily during their puja.

One should burn the mixture and spread the smoke all over the house in the morning or evening. This purifies the natural aura of the house and also protects the native and his family from Nazar Dosh.


Conclusion paragraph: While there are many ways to remove the effects of nazar dosh, some methods are more popular than others. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa is a common remedy that many people swear by. Wearing kohl and using lime are also two remedies that have been used for centuries to ward off evil eye and its negative effects. If you think you may be affected by nazar dosh, try one or more of these remedies and see if they help clear up your symptoms.