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Lifepath Number 7 Numerology Meaning Explained



Lifepath Number 7 Numerology Meaning Explained

A Life Path Number is as significant as zodiac signs in astrology. These single-digit numbers represent your personalities and help you understand themselves more thoroughly. With life path numbers one can know about their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and many more.

The number 7 is a symbol for a search for knowledge in numerology. This number is related to intellectual curiosity and the search for the truth. Being a life path 7 entails setting out on a mission to discover the solutions to life’s greatest mysteries. It’s crucial to keep in mind that those who are Life Path Number 7 yearn for the truth.

Let’s see how you can find out your Life Path Number. All that is needed is your birthday and nothing else. Let’s take 24th December 1996.

First write them out in digits: 24/ 12/ 1996

Now reduce every number to a single digit.

First, 24 will be 2 + 4 = 6

Then, 12 will be 1 + 2 = 3

Finally, 1996 will be 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 25, again 25 will be 2 + 5 = 7

Now add all the digits, 6 + 3 + 7 = 16

Now reduce it into a single digit: 16 will be 1 + 6 = 7

Therefore your Life Path Number is 7. With this process, one can find their life path number.

Life Path Number 7 Personality

A major portion of the personality of people with Life Path Number 7 is made of the desire to know more. They want to attain more knowledge and want to explore to attain knowledge. Along with it, these people develop spiritually and emotionally. These people are in search of the truth as well. They are on a search for the truth and explore uncharted territories. People connected to this number typically come to this planet to explore many facets of life while seeking the ultimate truth and embarking on that journey. They wish to reach the depths of life where no one has ever gone before and gain knowledge.

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These people aim for perfection as well. They set a high standard for themselves and the same goes for other people as well. Having an active desire for perfection affects their relations with other people. As they look at other people of the same caliber as them or perfection. Before anything, they look for defects in that person.

Along with having the aptitude and enthusiasm for exploring, they also have an interest in learning and growing in wisdom. It ultimately aids in their arrival to the place where they go in search of the truth. They have a very smart and analytical mentality and are capable of accomplishing a lot in life.

Number 7 people like being by themselves and have no problem doing so. Most of the time of their lives they spend their time by themselves. That’s how other people see you as well. Therefore, when you try to talk to others and become friends with them, it might come off as odd. For you don’t often do that and it will surely come as surprising for anyone. Although, no matter what, they will stick to their desire for knowledge and find an answer to bigger questions in life.

Life Path Number 7 Strengths and Weaknesses

Life Path Number 7 Strength

The biggest strength of people with Life Path Number 7 is their determination and curiosity. They have the power to work alone and most of the time they are successful in their work without anyone’s help. Once they start doing something they put all their mind into it. They are capable of handling any misunderstanding and obtaining an answer since they are tenacious and effective.

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Life Path Number 7 Weaknesses

The weakness that comes with being a Life Path Number 7 is that they don’t have the qualities needed to make bonds with other people. As they are perfectionists, they judge people quickly and on top of it, they are loners. One more thing is that number 7 people don’t usually listen to their heart and leave things mostly to their minds. They can come off as cruel and off-putting to others. As these people listen to their minds most of the time, they lack peace in their life.

Life Path Number 7 Career and Business

People with Life Path 7 have a bright and successful future. As they are constant seekers of knowledge and a wise person, working will not be hard for them. These people prefer working practically rather than theoretically and they have good communication skills. They can guide others well and are observant beings.

Summing up all this, Life Path Number 7 people flourish in careers such as scientists, philosophers, researchers, and many more jobs where they can continue their thirst for knowledge. They shine in these fields as they can work in solitude and give all their focus on their work. Although they might be hard-working people, they don’t want anyone interfering with their work or trying to control their work.

Life Path Number 7 Love Life

Relationships are not the best area for people with Life Path Number 7. They are fast when it comes to falling in love with someone and these people prefer natural beauty. Although, they are hard shells and they don’t trust others easily. Although in time they will give in. But in relationships, they can make their significant other feel distressed and lonely. This is because of their knowledge-seeking behavior.

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Life Path Number 7 people seek reassurance more often and are the cause of most of the trouble and disruption that goes on in the relationship. To mend any problems going on in the relationship, they will do everything to fix it, and sometimes they can do too much which can freak out their partners. Life Path Number 7 people are most compatible with life path number 3 and life path number 5. These people can challenge the number 7 people, which will keep the thrill of the relationship alive.

Life Path Number 7 Lucky Colors

The lucky colors for Life Path Number 7 are light green, yellow, light blue, and white.

Life Path Number 7 Lucky Gemstone

The lucky gemstones for Life Path Number 7 are Amethyst and Cat’s Eye.


Having a Life Path Number 7 suggests that one is a person who can’t stop finding answers to a lot of mysteries of the world. These people aim for gaining all the knowledge that they can amass. They’re on constant curiosity. Although, all this doesn’t go to waste. They garner useful knowledge and use it wherever applicable. Also, traveling and gaining knowledge go hand in hand with them. But these people have to refrain from judging others and understand not all people share their aspirations and curiosity.