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Palmistry : Shape and Types of Hand | What Type of Hand Do You Have?



The Shape of the hand in Palmistry Readings is often one of the aspects of Palmistry that beginners generally tend to neglect. The Quality of the hand, shape of the hand, texture of the skin, visible spots and moles on the hand and the position of the thumb, all of these characteristics and features of the hand tell us a lot about a person and his personality and life. By actually studying the hand itself, they pass on directly to the study of lines on the palm and the fact that to effectively the lines on the palm, the overall hand condition must be evaluated.

Characteristics of the Hand in Palmistry

The size of the hand is generally in proportion to the size of the body. People who are tall and big generally have larger hands while people who are short or Dwarf have smaller hands. However sometimes, generally people who are tall and huge have smaller hands and people who are short may posses a large hand.

Size and Length of the hand – When the size of the hand is slightly larger than the average size of the hand, it is called a large hand and when the size is small, it is called a small hand. The length of the hand can be determined from the starting point of the bracelets to the tip of the middle finger. When the length of the hand commencing from the bracelet to the tip of the middle finger is proportionately longer, it is called a long hand. While, when it is short, it is called a short hand.

Hair – Hairs are normally found on the hands of Men, but Women do not have any hair on their hands. They are found on the tips of the second knuckle and also on the back of the hand. Hair denotes strength and vitality in Palmistry. While Men having more hair on their hand denotes good strength, energy levels, physical strength and vitality. This does not however, mean that Men with less hair are physically weak, it just means Physical strength is not always their biggest advantage. While having more hair definitely means, the person is internally strong.

Size of the Fingers – The length of the hand as we know is determined from the bracelet to the tip of the middle-finger. While, the proper length of the palm is up till the root of the middle finger. If the middle-finger is three-fourths of the proper palm, this size is treated as the average size and is called a normal. If the Middle-Finger is longer than the Three-Fourths of the palm, the fingers are treated as long, when if they are short, then they are treated as short.

Size of the Palm – As we earlier described, the size of the proper palm is from the bracelet to the root of the middle finger. If the proportion of the proper palm is longer than the fingers, it is called a long palm. If the palm is shorter than the size of the fingers, it is called a short palm. When both the sides of the palm bulge far beyond the width of the four fingers, it is called a broad palm, while if the same width is narrower, it is called a Narrow Palm.

These characteristics of the hand are important for us to know as it is these characteristics that will help us identify the types of hand that we will be discussing forward. As there are seven types of hand and each type of hand tells us different things about a person.

Type of Hands in Palmistry

In Palmistry, there are seven types of unique hands according to our Ancient Palmists. On different websites or blogs on Palmistry, you will find that, there are more than 20 different types of Hands. In some blogs, especially in Chinese Astrology, Hands are categorized as Wood Hand, Fire Hand, Water Hand etc. However, don’t be confused as the information that I am sharing in this blog is from some of the Ancient Text & Books on Palmistry dating back from 1800’s and 1900’s. So, it is very likely that you will not find this type of information or Types of Hands anywhere on the Internet.

The 7 Types of Hands in Palmistry are:

  • The Elementary Hand
  • The Conic Hand
  • The Philosophic Hand
  • The Psychic Hand
  • The Spatulate Hand
  • The Square Hand
  • The Mixed Hand

Additional Types of Hands According to Chinese Palmistry

  • Metal Hand
  • Wood Hand
  • Fire Hand
  • Water Hand
  • Earth Hand
  • Raw Hand
  • Square Hand
  • Circular Hand
  • Fan-Shaped Hand
  • Philosophy Hand
  • Spear Head Hand

As you can see, In Chinese Astrology, the types of hands are categorized in a very different manner and this can create a lot of confusion. Especially, people may get into the cycle of information that is neither correct nor wrong. This is bad and I don’t want you to fall into this trap. This is the reason why here in my blog, Ancient Astrology Talks, I always provide information on Occult Sciences that were written are accurate, written during the Ancient Vedic Times and the information can actually be used for making correct predictions.


An Elementary hand is normally an unrefined hand with small thick and stiff fingers. They are generally characterized with short nails, thick shapeless palm that is broad while the hand looks very rough. This type of hand is regarded in Palmistry as one of the lowest state of hands. An Elementary Hand is normally coarse in nature and when we touch it’s skin, it feels very rough. The hand itself looks and appears to be thick and heavy. The person will also have very short fingers and the thumb with its first phalange appears to be very heavy. The person will very much posses an animal like passion. However, he will lack intellectuality and will use less of his logic but more of his physical strength. Such a person if provoked may get very aggressive in nature, or unleash his anger or even use brute force.

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These types of hands are seen in people who do a lot of work in labor or use their hands consistently to earn a living. The elementary hand denotes that the person will use less of his brain’s energy to work on their daily routine or job. Such people have less imagination power and normally lack enthusiasm in life. In these types of hands, the head line is also generally short while there are also less lines on the palm, with the Life line, Head line and Heart line being the only lines clearly visible on their hands.

People with Elementary hands lack motivation in life and they are normally happy and satisfied fulfilling their daily means of earnings and survival. While, they are not suited for handling stressful things in life. They are also characterized with having a stubborn nature but a plus point with these hands is that such people are extreme hard workers. They have great hardworking capability and can work for long hours. The astrological zodiac sign associated with such type of hands is Taurus.


The Conic hand is neither small nor too large. It is a medium sized hand that is normally soft and the fingers are tapering at the end. It’s shape is similar to the Psychic Hand while they are not as pointed as in Philosophic Hand. The nails are also long and many Palmists call this type of hand as the Artist’s Hand. And because the ends of the fingers are conical in shape, it is thus called a Conical Hand. The hand is also well proportioned and soft in appearance.

People who have Conic Hand are characterized by being impulsive, clever and quick learners. They are artistic in nature and they may actually become successful in the art industry. Such type of hands represents all the singers, guitarists, pianist, painters, orators, actors, actresses and people who work in the creative field. They can be inclined towards luxury and comforts due to their soft hand as their skin is very fine in texture and pink in color. Such people have good imagination capability and are of course artistic by nature. Although, they do lack some level of determination but they have great firmness of will and are blessed with the power of intuition. However, they may become very impatient and are impatient by nature. Due to their Impulsive nature they may at times become quick-tempered but they are normally generous and sympathetic.

It is seen that in such type of hands, people are generally more sensitive towards nature, emotions, colors, music, joy, or sorrow than any other type of hands. They are also easily influenced by these emotions due to which they are more capable of relating such things with life and because of this, they can express their feelings though art in a very creative manner. The astrological sign that represent the Conic hands are Cancer and Libra.


The general shape of the philosophic hand is long but lean with long and pointed fingers. The knots of the fingers is also bony and well developed while the palm is long, broad and wide in the middle having a narrow base. The thumb is also long which indicates logic and willpower. While the skin texture is thin or grainy. The lines on the palm are also very deep. They are gifted with the ability of having analytical powers.

People who have Philosophic hands are usually very intellectual in nature. They are great thinkers in the society and they are often associated with the profession of teachers. Their natural instinct is to discover new things in life and exploring new facts, aimed to open new vistas and try to initiate new works. They are proved to be known as natural leaders in the society. They are also born leaders and they deeply crave for intellectual pursuits and they have the desire to increase their knowledge and intellect. Professions related to this type of hands are writers, philosophers, teachers, intellectuals, great thinkers and business leaders. The zodiac signs related to this type of hands are Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.


The Psychic Hand is lean and thin with long fingers and the joints are very smooth. They appear to be very attractive and delicate while the nails are oblong. The palm is long, narrow and thin with a very smooth appearance. Such hands often have many lines that denote spiritual paths and connections in life. It is also said that the Psychic hand is the most beautiful hand amongst all hands.

People with psychic hands are idealistic and gentle, benevolent, considerate and compassionate in nature. They don’t have the capability of applying logic in life to things like business, practicality, discipline and they don’t follow rules. They fall into the category of being spiritual in life. They are highly intuitive and areas of mysticism, occult, mystery and secret sciences attract them a lot. They are also very sensitive in nature due to which emotions of joy, happiness, sadness, sorrow, music and nature’s beauty influence them. They are able to connect with the nature and human emotions and often have more sympathy and are empathetic towards humans. They can often get into the state of melancholy upon experiencing different life events but also experience intense joy and happiness. Due to their highly developed intuition powers, such people do possess psychic abilities and understand humanity in a very different manner than others. The zodiac signs associate with the Psychic Hands are Pisces and Aquarius.

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In the Spatulate hand, the first phalange of fingers (the nail phalanges) are widely spread out. The palm is also wider at the base of the fingers. The palm is also thick while the thumb is generally small or of normal size indicating the desire to achieve something in life. Fingers are normally broad with slight knots in the joints. The texture of the skin is average and can be hairy.

People with the Spatulate Hand are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, dexterous, and they won’t mind taking risks in life. Such people have a knack for inventing new things and discovering new facts and possibilities in life. While, such people are also blessed with great imagination power. Professions related to the Spatulate hand are engineers, astronauts, inventors, scientists and artisans. They are also very social and confident people. They are people who are very dedicated towards their work and they live towards their own unique ideology. However, they can often become very restless in their life. One of the greatest things about them is that, they have unlimited energy and are extremely active and energetic in their life. They quick to excite yet impatient but not boring. The Zodiac Signs, related to the Spatulate hands are Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini.


In the Square Hand, the length and breadth of the overall palm and fingers are more or less equal. The shape of the hand itself looks like a square. Such hands usually have a well developed Mount of Venus with a large thumb along side of the hand. They are also smooth in appearance and the skin is less coarse. The nails and tips of the fingers are also square in shape.

Such type of hands belong to the working class people. They blessed with great persistence, while they lack the inclination towards arts and creativity. They may lack imagination and creativity but are great at executing complex projects, ideas and they are very practical and down to earth. People with Square hands are great business persons and salesmen and managers. They can become excellent project leaders due to their amazing management skills. They have a very organizer approach to life and they have great organizational skills. They are also very hard working in nature. Professions related to the square hands are business leaders, managers, salesperson’s, sales agent, government employees, teachers, lawyers and consultants. They are great at making money and have excellent financial skills in life. The Zodiac Signs related to the Square Hand are Capricorn, Virgo and Aries.


The mixed hand is divided into six types of hand and they are:

  1. Artistic or conic
  2. Psychic
  3. Philosophic
  4. Spatulate
  5. Square
  6. Elementary

Many people may actually posses a mixed hand inheriting different qualities from all types hand and this is where the reading becomes really difficult. Because there is no perfect hand and one may find a hand that looks like a Psychic Hand but it may also possess some traits of a Square Hand. Now we shall discuss about the Mixed hand in great detail.

An elementary hand with a thick and heavy palm, coarse in appearance and rough in touch. The hand may have a heavy thumb with short fingers. Do you think the person will possess any level of Intellectuality? , No, because his hand, palm and fingers represent an a very rough person, having great animal passion within him. He may have the physical strength and energy to work for tirelessly for hours and hours, but my not have the logic or intellect in life.

While, take the example of the opposite that is the Philosophical Hand. The hand is bony and has less flesh with long fingers and the joints of the fingers are also well developed. You can tell from their fingers and the appearance itself that the person will be learned, thoughtful, and will be lovers of mysticism. They are philosophical with great level of intellect and logic, no wonder, wealth do not astound them nor are they ever obsessed with the pleasures related to wealth and success. In such hands, the line of wealth, even if it is long and well developed favor success in their career while they may not be the person who has the knack for earning money and accumulating wealth.

It is said that a Square Hand with a shorter line of wealth provides the person with more wealth than a long line of wealth on a Psychic or Philosophical Hand. This is indeed true because of the fact that if a person has no desire for wealth, it is hard for him to become wealthy. As to earn wealth in life, one needs to understand the meaning of hard work and persistence and the ability to do work that one may not like to do. When a person with Psychic or Philosophical hand who wanders into emotions and enjoys bliss in the nature and fairy tales, for whom, the joy of life, human, happiness, nature, uplifts their souls, it is not possible for such people to understand the practical nature of life. As for them, emotions rule their mind and saving a dollar may make no sense to them.

The Psychic Hand on the other hand is one of the most beautiful looking hands among all hands. Where the hand is long, elegant, narrow and appears to be very delicate. It comes with thin fingers which taper at the end. It’s hard to find a person with a pure Psychic hand, while mostly, people have a mix of Philosophic and Psychic hands. To earn money for them is against their temperament, unless necessary, they may be satisfied with enough. But they are blessed with great imaginative abilities which make them great visionaries than practicality. They may lack precision and punctuality in life. Different colors, shapes, sweet melodies of music, and the brilliant creation of nature appeal to them more than the day-to day affairs of life. It’s like God has bestowed upon them, the power of intuition that heals them and makes them connected to nature and human emotions. They belong to the land of dreams and not to the present reality of the world.

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However, it is hard to distinguish between a Philosophical Hand and a Psychic Hand. In most cases, both look very much alike and sometimes it is very hard to differentiate. The first difference you can find in a Psychic Hand and a Philosophical Hand is that, the Philosophical Hand is large, well developed and bony, while a Psychic Hand is small and slender and can be fleshy. While the Philosophical Hand can have a large thumb but in the Psychic Hand, the thumb is of medium or small size. The joints in the Philosophical Hand is very knotty while in the Psychic Hand, the fingers are smooth and narrow.

Coming to the Square Hands, it is one of the most practical hands in Palmistry. The palm on the hand looks like a square as it has equal length and breadth. People with Square Hands are blessed with strong common sense and they are some of the most hard-working people in the world. They understand hard labor and they achieve their objective and success in life using the power of perseverance. If the person who has a square hand has square shaped fingers, the person becomes practical in life. If the fingers are long, the person will have more logic and reasoning ability and it indicates a greater development of mental faculties. While, if the fingers are knotted, they make decisions carefully. If the person with Square Hand has conic palm, the person may become more artistic in nature. He may get into the field of art or music. While, if the person with Square hands have Psychic fingers, the ability to become practical in life is destroyed.

Now speaking of Conic Hands, people with these hands are men of strong likes and dislikes. They are more artistic in nature and are guided by the energies of impulse and instinct. They are quick and clever but lack the patience to apply logic and reasoning. They may also get quick anger but it usually doesn’t last long. While the people having Spatulate hand, which is broader on one side and narrower on the other. What exactly is a Spatulate Hand?. There are two variations of Spatulate Hand, one where the base of the fingers width is wider than the base of the palm and second where the width of the palm at the base of the fingers is narrow while the base of the palm is wider. Both of these conditions fulfill the distinction of the Spatulate Hand. In the Spatulate Hand, if the hand is sturdy, hard and firm, the person is energetic and enthusiastic. He is a hard worker and he gains the quality of perseverance. While, if the hand is soft, the person would lack perseverance. People with Spatulate hands are men of action but even though they may love independent and take pride on it, their temper is rather irritable.

The hand of a congenital idiot, is a hand where the palm is long, thin and soft like a feather. If you ever meet a person with such hands that if you shake hands with it, it yields no resistance and almost feels like you are going to break the joints and bones of his hands. Now, this may provoke you to think that this is a psychic hand but in actuality, the weak muscles in the hand denote to a weak brain.

There always arises a question as to do women always have Psychic hands, and the answer is no. When one is reading the hands of Men and Women, Men may possess the Square and Spatulate hands, while Women may possess the Psychic hands. One thing to note here is, Women are always more emotionally aligned and they have great emotions, sensitivity and intuition. While she may also possess a Square Hand, that yields psychic qualities. In conclusion, you have to assume that she will naturally possess intuition and psychic qualities, but she also gains the qualities of having a Square hand.

Ultimately, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration before analyzing a hand. The shape comes first and this is where things get really tricky. Because a lot of people have mixed hand and possess qualities of different hands. Every single detail of the hand must be noted like the smoothness of the hand, the texture of the skin, categorizing the hand into either of the Hand Types and which hand types perfectly represents the person’s hand. Once, the hand has been categorized into the hand type and the shape of the hand has been carefully analyzed, we can tell a lot about the person and then we can move into the lines. But before that, one must analyze the last finger which is the Thumb. As the Thumb is the most distinctive finger in Humans. It holds a lot of importance in Palmistry and it can tell a lot about us, our intelligence, our personality and much much more.