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Palmistry: Lines on the Hand



Palmistry Lines on the Hands

What do the lines on the palm of your hand mean? What do they really stand for and indicate and how they determine one’s health, wealth, matrimony, love, marriage and most importantly, Life-Span.

Palmistry Lines on the Hand

Palmistry is a very ancient science that was practiced in almost all the countries, especially in India during the Vedic Period. According to many scholars, it is believed that it began in Ancient India, while many believe that the Ancient Civilization of China, Persia, Tibet, Mesopotamia, and Egypt also practiced Palmistry and Astrology.

Besides it’s rich history, Palmistry is actually used by many Astrologers on a day-to-day basis where they are able to estimate the many different things about a person, his mental condition, his personalities, and even his state and wealth and health. One of the biggest things that Palmistry can estimate is the Life-Span of the person. According to many historians and scholars, Medieval palmistry was brought into service by witch hunters who interpreted pigmentation spots as signs of a pact with the Devil (Britannica). Palmistry is a part of occult sciences, where a person’s ability to use intuition and psychic powers do come into play while using the knowledge of this science in readings.

Today, in this article, we will talk about the different lines in a hand, the shape of the hand, characteristics of the hand, elevations on the palm and many other features. But before that, let me give you a brief introduction to the different kinds of lines on the hand. The main lines on the hand are the lines of life, head and heart. Along with these lines, Lines of Fate, Mars, Sun and Union are also very important.

The Line of Life

Picture 2

The life of life is one of the most important lines in Palmistry. It starts from the middle point between the Index Finger and the Thumb and travels towards the edge of the palm near the bracelet [Picture 1]. From the life line, one can determine the longevity of a person. However, even more than that, Life line is generally used to also estimate a person’s physical vitality, his energy and overall health. We can also determine the possibility of accidents and major illnesses that can happen to a person from the Life line.

The Line of Head

The Line of Head is another very important line on your palm that indicates a person’s level of intelligence and wisdom. It starts from the mid-point between the index and thumb finger, and generally moves across the hand. The Line of Head is normally found joined with the Line of Life from it’s starting point, however, sometimes some hands have the Line of Head starting separately. The length of the Line of Head also differs from hand to hand as in some hands, it stops mid-way while in others, it goes right across up to the percussion. The Line of Head tells us about a person’s mental capability, his wisdom, attitude, thinking ability, creative ability and also one’s ability to have self-control and good memory. The Line of Head can also bend downwards sometimes in many hands and these indicate many different things, which I will all discuss later in future articles.

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The Heart Line

The Heart Line commences from the Mount of Jupiter [Picture 2], or from the junction of the mount of Jupiter and Saturn. It is positioned just above the Line of Head and starts from the mid-point between the base of the Middle Finger and Index finger. After which, the Heart Line runs across the hand and finally ends below the Mount of Mercury [Picture 2] or just below the Line of Union [Picture 1]. In many hands, the Heart Line can start from the Mount of Jupiter also, while in some hands, it can also start from the Mount of Saturn [Picture 2]. The Heart Line is also called the Line of Love as it indicates a person’s emotional stability and his attitude towards love and affection. Whether a person will be romantic or not is all indicated through the Heart Line. One’s love and married life can also be seen through this line.

The Fate Line

The Fate Line is also called the Line of Fortune, it is one of the most important lines in Palmistry as it tells us about a person’s fate or “Bhagya”, his luck and fortune in life. The Fate Line generally runs upwards towards the base of the Mount of Saturn [Picture 2] from the base of the Palm. Many people actually call it as the “Career Line” or the line that tells us about our Job, Work and Business. However, it actually shows a person’s level of Luck and Fortune too as because if Luck and Fortune is strong in a person’s life, he will become successful in everything he does.

The Line of Mars

The Line of Mars is a very special line that lies on the Mount of Venus [Picture 2]. It is either a straight or slightly curved line across the Mount of Venus while its course is oblique or parallel to the line of life. It can also start from the starting point of the line of life or just below it. The Line of Mars indicates a person’s vitality, energy levels, personality, health, courage, hardwork, and habits. It is a very important line and the person who has a well developed Line of Mars, gains the quality of having great energy levels, he is confident and a very hardworking person who is also courageous and is able to achieve success through his hard work.

The Line of Sun

The Line of Sun, also called the Apollo Line originates from the Mount of Moon [Picture 2] and ends just towards the Mount of Sun [Picture 2] which is located just below the Ring Finger. The Line of Sun indicates a person’s fame, prosperity, success, recognition, and the luck of the person to become famous in life. It is also somewhat related to a person’s career and fate as a strong Line of Sun may indicate that the person will have a successful career in his life.

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The Line of Union

The Line of Union also called the “Marriage Line” is a very short line that starts from the side of the palm below the Mount of Mercury [Picture 2] that is situated just below the small finger. There can be more than two Marriage lines in a person’s hand and this however doesn’t mean that the person will have multiple marriages. We will get into the depth of the Line of Union in later articles, but for now, the Marriage Line indicates a person’s married life. It represents the person’s children and his passion for the opposite sex. It can tell us whether or not, the person will lead a happy married life and also, whether the person will gain success and his life will change after marriage or not.

The Lines of Children

The Lines of Children are located just on top of the Line of Union. These lines represent the number of Children that the person may have in his lifetime and also the condition and status of his children. The number of Children that the person may have also depends upon the condition of the Mount of Venus [Picture 2]. As Venus is the planet that represents Marriage and Children.


Bracelets are located at the junction of the palm that is the base part of the wrist [Picture 1]. There can be more than 1 Bracelet in many hands and in some hands, there can be 3 to 4 Bracelets. The Bracelets that are closed to the hand are called the first. The second, Third, and Fourth are the ones that are close to the arm. Bracelets can tell a lot of things about a person’s life. It can indicate health, wellness, diseases, good luck, longevity and wealth, and happiness.

The Line of Intuition

The Line of Intuition is a very rare line that can only be found on the hands of people who have good psychic powers and are gifted with the ability of Intuition. It normally starts from the lower portion of the Mount of Moon [Picture 2] and extends towards the center of the palm ending between the Line of Heart and Line of Head. Sometimes, in some hands, it may go beyond the Line of Heart.

Girdle of Venus

The Girdle of Venus is a very special line that is normally curved and the curve starts from the Mount of Sun and Ends in the Mount of Saturn. Its actually a very rare line and is not found in many hands. Sometimes, the line may be visibly seen shorter or broken. Many times, in many hands, two or three lines can be seen. The Girdle of Venus indicates restlessness, love, insecurity, psychic abilities, healer and emotional sensitivity.

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Ring of Solomon

The Ring of Solomon is a small circular line, in the shape of a half-ring that rises between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, running downwards and encircling the Mount of Jupiter [Picture 2]. Ring of Solomon is rarely found in many hands. Especially, a complete Ring of Solomon that is clear is very rare. However, the person who has a well-developed Ring of Solomon is bestowed with the qualities of intelligence, intellect, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and may also possess a sixth sense. He will have exceptional communication abilities and such people are always wise and often in a high authoritative position in society.

Ring of Saturn

The of Saturn is also a small circular line in the shape of a half-ring that rises between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, while this circular ring encircles the Mount of Saturn [Picture 2]. This is also a very rare line to find in hands. While not many people talk about the Ring of Saturn. The Ring of Saturn is actually considered to be an inauspicious line that represents that the person has to face many obstacles, difficulties, hardships, frustration, and stress in life. However, because this line is influenced by the energy of Saturn, such people are also bestowed with the ability to be clever and quick-witted. However, they are able to absorb the negative qualities of Saturn which can make them selfish, short-tempered, cruel, and narrow-minded, they can actually become really successful in life.

The Line of Money

The Line of Money is located right at the upper-right corner of the palm below the little finger. The Money line tells us about our financial status and condition in our life. It tells us whether a person is smart with money or will face difficulties saving or earning money. It also tells us whether a person can become rich in his lifetime or not. All kind of losses or gains in a person’s life can be seen from the Money Line.

The Lines of Travel

The Lines of Travel in palmistry are horizontal lines that are located on the bottom half along the Line of Life. These lines specifically indicate travels in a person’s life. By reading these lines, we can find out whether a person will travel to many places in his life or not. Many things like foreign settlement, long distance travels, short travels and even accidents during travels can be seen from the Travel Lines.