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Aries Ascendant : Discover the Deepest Secrets, Personality Traits and Influence On Your Life



Are you an Aries Ascendant?

Aries Ascendant people are one of the most interesting people among all of the zodiac signs. But before we move further, let’s make the concept of Rising Signs and Ascendant signs clear.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant sign is the zodiac sign that was rising when you were first born in this world. This means that you may be born in the month of May which makes you a Gemini, however, if the planet Capricorn was rising during the birth time, the planet Capricorn will have a big influence on your life. Which means that Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn will have a big impact on your life.

This will contradict the personalities of a Gemini as people who have the influence of Saturn will be mature, serious and less playful hence, the Capricorn ascendant people who were born on May will not have the qualities of a Gemini. Instead, they will be serious or sometimes, just have a mix of seriousness or playfulness but they will never be extremely playful like how Geminis are.

That’s why many Geminis say “I am a Gemini but I don’t have the qualities of a Gemini, I hate to talk to people and instead just enjoy one on one conversations rather than cheering up between the crowds.” – Now you can tell that your ascendant sign really has a big influence on your personality, life, health, career, and life path.

Let’s find out who are Aries Rising Sign People.

First and foremost, people who have their rising sign as Aries are one of the most active people. That’s because Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Natives born with this rising sign are very straightforward and strong possessing the martian qualities. They tend to be very assertive but might be perceived as aggressive in nature but in reality, they are just being assertive which is their nature.

Their life is all about being active, being physically involved into different activities like sports. They are also natural athletes and the reason why they are so active in life is because of the Planet Mars. Mars brings in the competitive nature into them and therefore, they will love competition whether it is sports, business, dating..etc. Infact, they need to have competition in order for them to thrive in life. Competition becomes a big part of their personality.

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One of the most unique things about Aries Ascendant is that their house positions are very similar. Take a look at the chart below.

As you can see, the house lords are in the right houses. Right from the start which is Aries(1st house and also called ascendant) ruled by Mars. The 10th house which is also the house of Saturn has Capricorn again ruled by Saturn. The 5th house which again has Leo ruled by Sun whose mutual sign is LEO. So Aries ascendants have one of the most harmonious placements with the ruler of each houses in their own houses.

This why Aries Ascendant people make very good leaders.

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Aries people being ruled by Mars are energetic, determined but they can also become very egoistic. Since the ascendant sign is all about the natives personality and the native as a person, therefore, Aries as the rising sign makes them feel that they don’t need anyone and they can have too much of ego. Something like “I am the best” or “I don’t need anyone’s help”. The Positive side of this is that Aries ascendants are very independent, they can live by themselves, take care of themselves at a very young age and stand on their feet and also nurture themselves.

When it comes to family, they are very sensitive towards it. Aries people are very cultured and they want to know about their family legacy and history. They are also very communicative with their brothers and sisters, neighbours and close friends. However, they will always have that competitive nature within them and that’s mainly due to Mars.

They conversations will always be competitive in nature. For example, Scoring better grades than their siblings, getting better cards and so on.. Mostly, their internal thoughts always revolve around competition as to what they can do to make themselves better which isn’t a bad thing at all. That’s they make great athletes, military leaders and business professionals.

Aries ascendant people also have a very emotional attachment with their mother. Mostly, their mothers are housewifes. At the same time, Aries people are very active with their children. Their way of parenting children is through activities and physical activities. Aries ascendant people will encourage their children to participate in sports and different co-curricular activities. Essentially, they want their children to also be very competitive in life.

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Their work life is always full of hurdles and competition in a positive way. It’s not because nature has given all the problems to them but it’s due to their unique competitive personality that they love to tackle problems. Aries people have goals, they see themselves taking charge of their life and moving forward towards their goals and vision. Being leaders they want control in their life and they do it very well.

Whether if it is getting loans from the bank, they love it when they use their competitive nature towards getting something. So, even if an Aries person is sitting still, or just buying items and products from the mall, they will be constantly try to get the best prices or best products. That’s the main reason why they are known as being very aggressive and that’s due to their this competitive nature. They just love competition.

When speaking about their married life, Aries Ascendant people marry good looking spouses. Usually, they are seen as dominating and they may dominate their wife/husband because of their aggressiveness and competitive nature. Sometimes, they may not seem like they are dominating but the spouse may feel that way because of their personality.

Aries ascendant people are usually inclined towards careers with physical activity and even medical careers. They can because experts in surgery reason being their 8th house is also ruled by Mars. The eighth house represents medical surgeons, police, detective work. Anything that requires physical skills are fit for Aries ascendant people.

However, even at work, they face competition, hardship and it’s because of their Mars energy but most Aries people easily get through the competition. For them, competition is like a daily routine, a daily sip of coffee and a way of life.

At the same time, the planet Saturn also rules the their 10th house. This means that Saturn which is the planet which delays things and brings in obstacles is going to give Aries people a lot of hurdles in their life, especially their career. This does not mean that their life will be full of hardships.

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Because the nature of Saturn is such that it trains them for a long period of time, for Aries, it could be physical work or labor and after maybe 10 to 15 years or after the age of 35, Saturn will start giving the fruits of their hard work. Saturn ruling the 10 house will always give results in their career. Because the 10th house also represents career and work.

So once, a Aries Ascendant person reaches a high post say after working for many years, they retain that position and they won’t easily lose it. Although, the amount of money and success in their also depends upon other placements such as the 2nd house and the 11th house but in general, Saturn ruling the 10th house is a great position for Aries ascendant people.

Aries ascendant people are always doing some physical activities like if you see your uncle or aunt doing gardening, or carpeting and they are passionate about their physical hobbies, they could possibly be an aries ascendant person. They are also always communicating and networking and it is their competitiveness in networking that gets them to higher incomes.

Even when it comes to spirituality and religion, Aries people are going to be very active and very religious. The reason being the Planet Jupiter rules the 12th house and 9th house of religion and spirituality. When you bring in that Mars quality and personality into religion, they are going to be a strong follower of a particular religion. For example, activities such as going to churches, doing pujas, taking blessings from the temple, Aries people are going to be active upon such activities.

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