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2nd house

Mars in 2nd House For Aries Ascendant



Mars in the 2nd house

Aries ascendants are the ones who are fuelled by the element of fire in their life. They are also known as being the true humans of the world as they are full of life, vitality, and energy. They are known to be very straight forward and strong. They are pretty impulsive and yes they can be sometimes aggressive if Mars is strong within them. Otherwise, they are definitely more assertive and the rest of the signs.

2nd house for Aries Ascendant

The 2nd house is the house of wealth, family, speech, and ancestral property. For Aries Ascendant, the 2nd house is ruled by the Zodiac Sign Taurus. As you can see with the number 2 written in the 2nd house. The ruler of the Zodiac sign is Venus and therefore the planet Venus plays an important role with regards to wealth and family for Aries Ascendants. When you are looking at your birth chart, you should check the position of Venus as it will directly connect you with wealth. Whichever house Venus is positioned in, that house will influence the wealth of the person in some way or the other.

The Yogkarak planet for Aries Ascendant is Mars. Yog Karak planets are the beneficial planets for the particular lagan or ascendant. In our case, Mars is the Yog Karaka and whichever house Mars is positioned and whichever house it aspects, that house gets positive results of Mars.

Mars in 2nd House For Aries Ascendant

Mars being the lord of the 1st house and 8th house (As Mars rules the sign Aries and Scorpio) and it is sitting in the 2nd house of wealth, family, and ancestral property. Here, the first thing to note is that the 2nd house is ruled by the sign Taurus (Lord Venus) which is an earth sign. There is nothing bad in having a fire element planet in an earth sign and the native will still get good results from Mars. But one has to check the position of Venus and if Venus is properly positioned in the birth chart or not. If not, the person will have no control over his speech else he will have aggressive speaking.

  • Mars in the 2nd house will firstly make the person love spices and spicy food.
  • The native will have an aggressive style of speaking if Mars is very strong. If Mars is controlled, the native will be very assertive.
  • The native will gain lots of money from his parents. Whether it is getting ancestral property, land, assets.
  • The native will be very “Bhagyawan”.
  • Since the planet Mars represents land, building, building materials, real estate, cooking, the native will have an inclination towards these things.
  • The native can be very successful in the business of selling building materials, land, and real estate.
  • Additionally, the native will have a good sense of taste and food.
  • The native can also do well in Real Estate.
  • The native may frequently use aggressive speech with his family members or talk to them in an aggressive manner.
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Mars 4th aspect on the 5th house

From the 2nd house where Mars is sitting, Mars aspects the 5th house with its 4th aspects. This is a really good aspect for Mars sitting on the 2nd house.

  • The native will be very intelligent and will gain a lot of knowledge.
  • The native will have the yoga for gaining wealth through lottery and speculation.
  • This is a very good aspect of Mars in terms of education. There is no doubt, the person will be well educated in life.
  • Since Mars is a Male planet, the probability of getting a male child is seen with Mars in the 2nd house.

Mars 7th aspect on the 8th house

From the 2nd house, Mars aspects the 8th house with its 7th aspect or direct aspect. This is also a very subh and auspicious aspect as it gives long life to the person.

  • The person will have the chance to gain sudden wealth in life. At some point in his life, the native may suddenly gain a lot of money.
  • The native will have a very long life.
  • The native will have the rare talent to do research. Therefore, such natives can become a good researcher and scientist. In fact, the person will be inclined towards discovering the hidden knowledge of the world.
  • The native will have great luck in the lottery and speculation.
  • The person will also gain a lot of money from his in-laws, ancestors, and parents in terms of wealth, property, assets or land.

Mars 8th aspect on the 9th house

From the 2nd house, Mars aspects the 9th house with its 8th aspect. This is a very auspicious aspect and it makes the person extremely fortunate.

  • Mars here makes the person extremely fortunate in life or “Bhagyawani“. Luck and fate will always support the native in terms of wealth and family.
  • Mars here can also make the person travel a lot, even to foreign places.
  • Mars in the 2nd house can also make the person very money minded. The person will be very cautious about making money. However, he may also be an aggressive spender.
  • Mars will be one of the main planets for Aries ascendants that will help unlock the fate and fortune in life.
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Final Thoughts for Mars in 2nd House

Mars in 2nd house is not a bad position for Aries Ascendant at all. In fact, Mars in the 2nd house will give lots of wealth to the native. Especially from In-laws and family. Mars being the Yogkarak planet for Aries Lagan, Mars will always bring good results to the native. However, since the planet Mars is a malefic planet, it will not leave its malefic effects upon the native. The person will definitely have an abusive and aggressive style of speaking, especially towards his own family members. Besides that Mars will be one of the planets that is going to help unlock the fate and Bhagya for the native.