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Benefits of Moonga or Red Coral Stone | The KeyStone That Uplifts Your Life Force



Benefits of Moonga

The Moonga or Coral Stone is one of the most unique gemstones that one can wear. In fact it’s not a gemstone at all. Unlike other Gemstones that are mineral in origin. The red coral or moonga is formed in the deep sea by living marine organisms called coral polyps or corallium rubrun. The rarest red coral or moonga was discovered in the north Pacific ocean during the underwater survey in Arno etall in Marshall islands. It is named Pacific Elkhorn Coral.

But the question arises, why do people wear Moonga?. The Moonga stone is a stone that affects the root chakra in your body. The root chakra is responsible for giving confidence, energy, life, the stability of emotions and so many things that are related to the Root Chakra.

Benefits of Moonga

The Moonga directly energizes the energy levels in the Root Chakra, making you feel better, positive, energetic, and confident. That’s the main reason why it is best suited for people who work in jobs where the physical and mental effort is needed a lot, like police, government, sports, cooking, hotel management.

If the planet Mars is strong in your Birth Chart and Yogas like Chandra Mangal Yog, Ruchak Yog’s are formed in your birth chart then, you can immensely benefit by wearing the Moonga Stone and wear it lifelong, changing the stone every 3 years.

Benefits of Wearing the Moonga Stone.

1. Helps Overcome Fear and Nervousness

Benefits of Moonga

Mars or Mangal is a planet that symbolizes a soldier, Senapati, self-confidence, and most importantly courage. When Mars is strong, the person gets the confidence to move forward in life, he becomes fearless, and so-called the “Guts” feeling that people talk about is all related to the planet Mangal. Sun also represents Self-confidence but the type of Self-confidence that the Sun brings to a person is limitless, the confidence given by the planet Sun is effortless.

Sun’s confidence is like a magnet that attracts all the planets towards himself. While with Mars, it more about projection and expression. The confidence that comes with Mars can be related to the natural fire on Earth. It illuminates but it also Burns.

But only Mars or Mangal can bring out the type of confidence that will be filled with courage and aggressiveness. Which is the reason why people who are into the field of sports, police, government, investigation, cooking need to have a strong Mars in their birth chart.

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By wearing the Moonga or Red Coral, one can overcome fear and nervousness. If one frequently suffers from being nervous too often, one should definitely wear Moonga. Moonga gives the person, the energy of courage and that burns the fears thats inside of the person.

People who suffer from diseases like Anxiety, OCD should try and wear the Moonga as it can immensely help the person overcome these problems.

2. Promotes Self-esteem

Benefits of Moonga

There are many people who suffer from the problem of Self-Esteem. Maybe it’s due to some tragic incident or maybe they have a weak Sun or Mars in their Birth chart.

For such people, wearing the Moonga stone can do wonders for them. That is because Self-esteem is the base for getting success in life. Without proper Self-esteem, one will not be able to do well in work. Many get vulnerable to getting cheated even though the person may be smart and educated and that is because of low self-esteem.

By wearing the Moonga stone, one’s Root Chakra starts getting activated. The Root Chakra is the lower most chakra thats holds the life force of a person. One will start to feel more confident and eventually, one will find a change in his or her self-esteem.

However, it does not mean that by wearing the Moonga Stone, one will immediately give the person a High-Esteem. One has to remember that he still needs to work on finding ways to improve his confidence, achievements, and work towards getting success in life.

Remember Self-Esteem develops from Karma, doing hard work, and getting achievements.

3. Brings About Success in Leadership Roles

For people who are in the top leadership roles, it can be sometimes hard to manage people. If you are one of them who is facing problems regarding work and leadership, then you should definitely wear the Moonga Stone.

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Moonga Stone will give you the power to project and express your ideas, vision and speech to your employees in a more efficient manner. People will start to feel the energy whenever you speak or guide them at work. That’s the energy of Mars or Mangal.

As we know, you as a leader, if you are not able to properly influence your employees, how will they find the right direction at work?.

Using the Moonga Stone, you will get immense success in leadership roles and it also improves you as a leader.

4. Increases Energy And Makes you Less Tired

One of the best benefits of wearing the Moonga Stone is that it gives you a lot of energy. Suddenly, you will feel that even after working for 9 hours in your job, you are still able to go to the Gym, workout for another 2 to 3 hours and get home without being tired. This is what Moonga does to a person.

Who should wear the Moonga Stone or Red Coral?

  • Natives who are Manglik.
  • Natives with Blood related disorders and who get Frequently sick.
  • Aries or mesh ascendants are recommended to wear the red coral or moonga because Mars is beneficial to them. Mars or mangal is lord of Aries or Mesh Lagan and the 8th house. It will bring the wearer courage, respect, authority. If one is suffering from any disease, he will heal faster.
  • For Cancer Rashi or Lagan natives, Moonga is highly beneficial. Planet mars or mangal rules the 5th and 10th houses. Improves brain power knowledge intelligence. Due to this, Native can see a rise in wealth as well as a career.
  • For Leo or Singha Lagan or Rashi, Moonga is also beneficial as Planet Mars or mangal lord of 4th and 8th houses. Moonga can give a good home, influential friend circle. If worn with the ruby gemstone of the sun or Surya, results can be more visible.
  • For Scorpio or Vrikshik Lagan or Rashi, Moonga is very beneficial as the Planet Mars or mangal Rules the 6th house and 1st house. They can wear throughout their life. Moonga will give them good health, power, positivity, and social respect.
  • For Sagittarius or dhanu Lagan or Rashi, Moonga is also beneficial. Planet Mars or Mangal rules the 5th house and 12th house. Improves memory, a childless couple can be blessed with a child. They can wear with yellow sapphire for excellent results
  • For Pisces Lagan or Rashi, Moonga is also beneficial. Planet Mars or mangal rules the 2nd and 9th houses. Moonga can grant them Good luck, money, fame, and harmonious relation with family and in-laws.

When and how should you wear the Moonga Stone?

  • The red coral or moonga should be worn in the ring finger of the working hand or as a pendant. It can be worn in silver, gold, platinum, or white gold or panch dhatu.
  • It should be worn early in the morning around 5 to 6 am on Tuesday. It should be dipped in Ganga Jal or milk and the Mangal Beej Mantra should be chanted 108 times before wearing the Moonga Stone to activate the energies of the stone.
  • After wearing tne ring the native will see the results within 9 days.
  • It will be effective for 3 years after which the stone has to be changed.
  • Bright red coral or moonga is good for best results.
  • Spotless orange red colour coral or moonga is just as good.
  • To determine quality put the red coral or moonga on a white surface and scrutinise it with a magnifying glass. If the surface is even and smooth it is real. If granules are found on the surface it is fake.
  • The weight should be of 7 carats and the best shape should be tricona moonga. Laxmi tricona moonga is believed to be ruled by Goddess Laxmi Goddess of wealth.
  • Prices range from Rs 1000 to rs 80000 per carat depending on quality color and shape.
  • Of course an astrologer’s advice should be taken as to which Tuesday is auspicious for the native to wear the ring.