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Best Soulmates for Aquarius | Aquarius Compatibility



Best Soulmates for Aquarius | Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius is seen as a sign pouring water symbolically seen as pouring down goodness and essential aspects. These individuals come as positive, independent, innovative, and hard-working. They have a curious and intellectual and practical mind leading to passion in whatever task they take upon. These people have unique approaches to different matters and therefore might feel different from the common crowd. Therefore when it comes to love and relationships, this sign has a difficult time.

Because these people have different perspectives on several things, it might be hard for them to get along with their partners. Also, these signs typically don’t look for romantic and serious things. So, they will have a hard time making commitments to one person. These are freedom-loving people, so don’t like anyone restricting them. But deep down they do have a desire or longing for a soulmate and a partner.

So let’s dwell on the soulmate criteria for Aquarius.

What Aquarius Look for in a Soulmate?

For an Aquarius to find a soulmate may seem impossible, but it’s not. Every person has a soulmate, and Aquarius people are no strangers. But as with everyone, these signs look for some characteristics in their soulmates.

Starting with their independent nature, Aquarians want someone who will not invade their space. So, Aquarians look for an independent and understanding nature in their soulmate. They should be able to understand their need for space. Aquarius people look for an adventurous side in their soulmates as well. Otherwise, they will get bored. One more thing they look for in a soulmate is an extroverted nature. They have to have their own social life as well. Lastly, Aquarians look for sexual activeness in their soulmates. For these people are kinky and fun when it comes to sex.

What it’s like dating an Aquarius? Who is Aquarius soulmate?

If you are thinking of dating an Aquarius, you should go for it. Dating an Aquarius is fun and enthusiastic. As they have adventure within their blood, they don’t like remaining stagnant and going for explorations. They will happily take you along but not every time.

If you stick with them every time, you might be interfering in their personal space therefore they will lose interest in no time. You should avoid getting into their personal space at all costs. But you are also free to have your own space or you should have your own life as well.

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When you are dating an Aquarius you have to be good in bed as well. They love being kinky and trying new things in bed. Therefore, you have to match their energy and be open when it comes to physical intimacy.

So, dating an Aquarius is fun and wild, but you have to beware of certain things as well.

Considering everything, an Aquarius soulmate is a person who is independent and adventurous. They should understand their need for personal space and they must have their own space as well. Their soulmate should have a love for exploring and match with the energy of an Aquarian. Being sexually active and having fun in bed is also an essential factor for an Aquarius’ soulmate.

Top 4 Aquarius Soulmate Zodiac Signs


  • Gemini and Aquarius have a lot of trust in each other
  • They have a good and strong emotional bond
  • They understand each other very well
  • They have a healthy sexual relationship

Gemini is the best soulmate sign for an Aquarius. Their shared interests, perspectives, and ways of thinking are all compatible. Both the zodiac signs love being free and understand each other’s need for personal space. These two signs are extroverted as well, therefore the similarities between them make Gemini the best soulmate for Aquarius.

These people understand each other very well and do not nag each other with silly questions. Gemini and Aquarius don’t need to be together all the time as well and have plenty of trust towards one another. One of those signs that encourages an Aquarius native to gain confidence is the Gemini. Gemini will never put any restrictions on Aquarius and let them be free all the time.

Some down may come about because of the jealous nature of Gemini and they can get overprotective as well. But an Aquarius can efficiently handle it and make them understand. These two signs can make every love-making session a worthwhile one. So, Geminis are the perfect soulmate for Aquarians. The relationship between these two signs can easily become the best one and forever is etched in their relationship.

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  • These similar signs understand one another perfectly
  • They have a high level of trust between them
  • They don’t interfere with each other’s needs
  • They have a good sexual connection

An Aquarius is as equally compatible with an Aquarius itself as any other sign mentioned in this list. Almost all Aquarians are born with different personalities but every Aquarian will have the same interest. Therefore, even though two Aquarians might have polar opposite personalities but their heart and mind lie in the same things.

So when in a relationship, two Aquarians will understand each other better than any other sign. Both of them want their own space and therefore won’t interfere with each other’s space. They might be in a relationship, but both of them maintain their freedom, unique personalities, and individuality. Although this doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Two Aquarians will love each other very much and respect each other.

These two people will have the best time of their life in being intimate. Both of them will always satisfy each other. They are passionate about sex and do not hesitate to try new and kinky things in bed. Therefore they both understand each other the best. They will always be appreciative of each other and compassion is at its best.


  • These two signs have the perfect level of understanding
  • They have a strong and intimate sexual connection
  • The trust between them is extremely strong
  • They are capable of forming a strong bond

A Sagittarius holds a lot in common with an Aquarius and therefore is an ideal soulmate for them as well. It is the similarities between them that bring them closer and creates that unbreakable bond between them.

An independent and understanding nature is what both the signs share. A Sagittarius and Aquarius will always understand the need for personal of each other and will never try to invade their privacy. Their relationship is built on a very strong level of trust and believes in each other the most. Both the signs are sensual and passionate when it comes to lovemaking. They have the desire to reach the depths of each other’s minds

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So, a Sagittarius is the absolute best when it comes to soulmates for Aquarius. Both the signs understand each other very well, are passionate about each other, and don’t give each other a hard time. The intensity of love and level of bonding these people have will never fade away.


  • These two signs are interested in similar things
  • They have healthy communication between them
  • Aquarius and Libra have a good level of understanding
  • They can trust each other strongly

Libra sign comes as a soulmate sign for Aquarius because of the shared interest in adventures and practical approach towards life. Therefore, these people love exploring and having fun together. These two can work together very efficiently as well.

Both the signs have a logical, analytical, and practical mindset, which serves them a lot in dealing with various situations. Therefore these two signs together can achieve a lot in life. These two signs will understand each other’s needs and never hesitate on providing them with their needs. So, the understanding and communication that exists are just capable of each keeping them together forever. Aquarius and Libra can keep up with each other. They will work for each other’s desires and wishes.

So, a Libra and Aquarius relationship is built on trust and strong communication. They are comfortable around one another and their sexual life is no short of a blazing fire.


Aquarius people might have a hard time going when it comes to finding soulmates. They want their space and are independent themselves. So they want their soulmates to be the same. They don’t want others to interfere with their freedom. But being in a relationship with them is not a difficult thing. Therefore, the signs Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are capable of being the best soulmates for Aquarius.