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Best Soulmates for Cancer | Cancer Compatibility



Best Soulmates for Cancer | Cancer Compatibility

People born between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July are Cancers or their zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancerians are compassionate, protective, loving, and sensitive people. They are highly emotional and are capable of showing intense emotions. Although they can come off as moody sometimes and become agitated quickly. But despite this, they are always open to helping people and are great listeners.

But they have a hard time opening up to others. They have a hard shell around them and protect them until they can fully trust other people. But they never fail to show appreciation and compassion to other people. They will always be there for their significant other and other people close to them as well.

In this article, we will see what people are perfect soulmates for Cancer. We also have the zodiac signs which are perfect for a Cancer soulmate.

What Cancerian Look for in a Soulmate?

Cancer people possess intense emotions and take a lot of time to open up. Therefore at first, Cancer people might not show much interest, but that’s not the case. They are just slow at being open and guarding themselves. Mood swings are common with them and care a lot for their significant other. This caring nature might come off as annoying or clingy to some people. But all the Cancerians want is for their partner to be at the best all the time.

After understanding the nature of Cancerians, these people look for or need an understanding soulmate at most. Their significant other must be able to provide them with emotional support and communication must be top-notch.

What it’s like dating a Cancerian? Who is Cancerian soulmate?

Dating a Cancer is not for everyone. These people are the most emotional beings one can meet. So dating a Cancer will require them to be shown a lot of emotions by their partners. Emotions are the most essential thing in dating a Cancer.

Although if Cancerians find their soulmate or a perfect partner, then they will do everything to make their partner happy. They put their soulmate’s happiness and needs above their own. They love their partners with utmost passion and shower them with happiness. They are extremely loyal and Cancerians cheating in a relationship will never happen.

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So, if their partner is capable of giving them the emotional support they need, Cancerians will provide them will love and admiration which no one can give them. The partner needs to be loyal and understanding of their emotional nature.

Top 4 Cancer Soulmate Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has a soulmate. Even highly emotional Cancers have soulmates. Here is the list of the 4 zodiac signs which are the best soulmate zodiac signs for Cancerians.


  • They have a lot of trust in one another
  • The physical intimacy between them is fire
  • Their emotional bonding is exceptional
  • The communication between them is unbreakable

Cancer comes as a sentimental-natured being and Virgo is a restless sign, so it might seem odd to see these two signs as soulmates. But these two signs fill each others’ blanks. Cancer people are not afraid to face the impatient nature of Virgo and Virgo can provide Cancer with the emotional compassion they require. So it is evident that when a Cancer and a Virgo come across each other, they are bound to get feelings for each other.

The trust that grows between Virgo and Cancer is unmatched. Virgo signs are sure to gain the trust of Cancer as their relationship grows. The Virgo one will always be there for the Cancer one. These two signs will always be available for each other. Their sex life as well is not short of excitement and sensuality.

The communication that exists between the two is healthy. Their strong connection and attachment are what bind them together. Cancer stays around to help Virgo work through their frustrations when something is on their mind, in addition to supporting Virgo’s practical demeanor. These two have a lot to learn from one another. The best thing about this soulmate relationship is how patient and devoted they are to one another. They respect each other’s personal space and preferences.


  • Scorpio and Cancer have the best communication
  • The trust between them is extremely strong
  • The emotional bonding is immaculate
  • The physical intimacy is exceptional

Scorpio and Cancer fit together perfectly. The former desire to get spoiled and seek loyalty. The latter look for trustworthiness and emotional people. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio adds perseverance, and strength to the relationship. On the other hand, Cancer adds a nurturing and sympathetic nature.

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Cancer looks up to Scorpio’s all-in approach to relationships and the confidence they possess. Also, Scorpio admires how perceptive and tender nature of Cancer. Scorpio will never leave the personal space of Cancer and won’t dominate them in any way. They can handle all the idiosyncrasies of Cancer. Also, Cancer will support Scorpio in every way they can. The aspect where they will help and support Scorpio is their career.

Both of the signs have ego problems but in relationships, the egos are out of the way. Their egos will never come in between these two and cause any kind of turbulence. Although, this doesn’t mean they don’t have arguments. These are a given in any relationship and the case of Cancer and Scorpio, there are arguments but it never prolongs. They have complete trust in each other and communication between them is smooth.

Both Scorpio and Cancer appreciate sensual lovemaking and their sexual relationship is hot. But compared to Cancer, Scorpio is more assertive and flexible. Sometimes the approaches of Scorpio can come off as surprising for Cancer i.e in a bad way. Fortunately, their connection to the water facilitates honest communication about their feelings and the resolution of any disagreements.


  • Communication between Cancer and Capricorn is right
  • The bond between them is extremely strong
  • They have enough trust in each other
  • The sexual criteria of their relationship are not bad

Capricorn and Cancer might seem an unlikely match but they are perfectly compatible with each other. Capricorns are practical and rational people. Emotions and drama don’t have much room in their life. But when they meet Cancer, they are attracted by the strong and pure emotions that Cancer possesses. Capricorns are captivated by Cancer people.

Capricorns will provide the Cancers with the emotional nature they desire. Cancerians can live with the materialistic nature of the Capricorns. Cancer people will support the career of Capricorns as well. Cancer appreciates that Capricorn is practical and is willing to handle business and financial matters, while Capricorn appreciates that Cancer won’t whine about making their home and taking care of the requirements of their family.

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Cancer and Capricorns might be polar opposites but they are made for each other. The relationship between these two is always started by genuine mutual feelings for each other. Trust and communication do not lack in their relationship and have the potential of forever.


  • They are loyal to one another
  • The physical bond is strong and hot
  • Communication between them is immaculate

Taurus as a soulmate for Cancerians is as good as any other signs mentioned above. The relationship they have will always have loyalty and trust. It is a relationship meant to go on forever. These two signs fulfill each other’s needs and this mutual help towards each other is the key to their relationship.

As Taurus is stubborn, Cancerians can calm them down. In turn, Taurus will provide the Cancer with their emotional and sensual needs. For delicate Cancer, Taurus is a reliable and trustworthy protector and provider, and Cancer is the devoted life partner and domestic goddess Taurus craves and needs.

When disagreement cannot be avoided, they both tend to overreact. They both want to avoid conflict as much as possible. Both are prone to harboring small grievances. Fortunately, Taurus is tolerant of Cancer, and Cancer is understanding of Taurus. Cancer has the charm and tenderness to entice Taurus to open up and communicate their feelings, even though Taurus can occasionally be too pushy.

The sex life of Cancer and Taurus are no short of sensuality and heat. Physically affectionate and willing to go the extra mile to make the other happy, they both feel comfortable connecting emotionally.


Cancers with their highly emotional nature are not the ideal choice for every person. With their mood swings and sensitive nature, it is tough to love them. Therefore, for them to land a soulmate is hard. But these people are capable of loving their significant other immensely and they strive to keep them happy. But in the end, they will find someone who loves them very much and understand them.