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Which Houses are Bad for Sun?



Which houses are bad for sun?

Sun comes off as an important planet in Vedic Astrology and it has significant effects on our lives. In actuality, Sun is a star but is considered to be a planet in Vedic Astrology. It gives various impacts on our lives and represents the soul of a person. Sun travels from one sign to the next in just under a month with Leo Sign being under its control. It is the inherent symbol of the Atman (Soul), the Father, and the Government. When it is placed in its exalted sign of Aries, it becomes strong. Sun becomes weak when it is placed in its afflicted sign of Libra.

Moreover, the placement of the Sun in our birth chart speaks for several aspects as well. When the Sun is well-positioned in a birth chart, success and status are also brought into the life of the person. However, if it is weak or poorly situated, it becomes the impetus for hard effort and adversity, particularly on the professional front.

In this article, you will find which house the planet Sun brings out negative effects.

What does the Planet Sun Signify in Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Sun signifies “Father” in the native’s birth chart. In a woman’s birth chart, it denotes “Husband.” It stands for the position of authority in the workplace and represents the social hierarchy’s leader, chief, or administrative position. It distinguishes itself as a captain of the team in sports and games.

Which Houses are Bad for Planet Sun?

Sun in 4th house

The position of the Sun in the 4th house is not regarded as a positive indication. Sun in the 4th house will affect your relationship with your mother. As a result, you might feel disconnected from your mother. The relationships with your in-laws are not good as well. You will also find difficulties in getting rid of harmful addictions. You could lose everything if you live a life of excessive greed.

Sun in 5th house

Sun in the 5th house is mostly regarded as inauspicious as well. Therefore, you might have some difficulties getting pregnant as a result of the Sun’s placement in this house. If you have children then Sun in the 5th house can make you feel distant from your kids for a variety of reasons.

Sun in 7th house

The position of the Sun in the 7th house is not good for your relationships. Sun’s placement in the seventh house may cause issues with your significant other. Your own health could be impacted by the Sun’s position in the 7th house. You could have leucoderma, TB, or any other ailment that’s challenging to diagnose.

Sun in the 7th house may bring about financial difficulties as well. You might engage in lavish spending. Unfortunately, these costs will need to be covered by your family.

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Sun in 12th house

If Sun is in the 12th house it will impact your thinking abilities. This will affect your thought processes and you might not be able to think clearly.

Having the Sun in the twelfth house may also contribute to sleep problems. As a result, you have trouble falling asleep. Sun in the 12th house can give rise to diseases involving your left eye.

Positive and Negative effects of the Sun in our lives

Every planet in Vedic Astrology comes with its positive and negative effects. Sun is no exception as well. Let’s see what are the positive and negative impacts of the Sun in our lives.

Positive effects of the Sun in our lives

The positive effect of the sun is that it will bring about the inner creativity of the person. It will immensely increase the capabilities of the person and help them become successful in life. There will be no difficulties regarding health and the person will always be energetic. Another positive effect of the sun is that it will garner leadership qualities in a person. The person will be an excellent leader.

Negative effects of the Sun in our lives

The negative effects of the sun lead to egocentrism, contempt, and arrogance. They won’t have the drive and vitality to succeed in life, and they’ll be more likely to be unmotivated and slothful. Numerous health issues, including baldness, frequent migraines, poor eyesight, issues with the heart and blood circulation, and brittle bones, are brought on by a weak sun. It will adversely impact their relationship with their fathers as well.

Remedies for sun

Sun is regarded as the most crucial planet in Vedic Astrology. As per the position of the Sun in various houses, its impact differs as well. The most auspicious ones are when the Sun is in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses. Sun’s position in these houses is considered to be the best. But if Sun is positioned on the 4th, 5th, 7th, and 12th houses, it brings forth negative impacts.

Therefore to lessen the negative impacts and decrease their magnitude there are remedies you can resort to. Let’s see the remedies for Sun.


Praying for help in everything. It is likewise the case of the planet Sun as well. Every planet has a particular deity associated with it and you can pray to a certain deity or planet in order to gain their blessings.

You should worship God Vishnu or God Sun every day and recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra or the Harivansh Puran in order to receive the blessings of Planet Sun. In addition, you are free to worship Lord Ram, Lord Mahavishnu’s other form.

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Fasting is another way by which you can attain the blessings of a planet. It is a method to completely devote yourself to the almighty and to completely purify both your internal and outward body. You can choose to fast on designated days for a particular planet if you want to maintain your health and please the planets.

Keep fasting on Sundays if you want to please the Sun.


Donation is also an ideal way to atone for your sins as well as to perform some good deeds in order to remove a planet’s negative effects. You must not expect anything in return and it should be done with complete devotion and faith. The Daan must be given to a Supatra.

Donations to the Sun should be made on Sundays before 8 a.m. in the Sun’s Hora and Nakshatra (Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, or Uttara Ashadha), in order to maximize the benefits of this planet. Donate jaggery, wheat, copper, rubies, red flowers, khas, mansil, and other home medicines to enhance the Sun Planet.

Chanting Mantras

Since ancient times, mantras have had a significant role in Vedic astrology. Every mantra generates a distinct vibration and imbues the speaker with the potent power of a deity associated with that particular planet.

You should repeat the Sun Beej Mantra in order to please Planet Sun. The mantra is

Aum Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah

This mantra should be repeated 7000 times. You must recite the Sun Beej Mantra 28000 times because, according to Desh-Kaal-Patra Siddhanta, it must be sung 4 times out of every 7000 times in Kalyuga. 

You can also chant the mantra:

Om Ghrini Suryay Namah


Gemstones are significant in therapeutic astrology. Minerals and crystals have enigmatic abilities, therapeutic properties, and symbolic significance. The term “gemstone” or “birthstone” refers to them, which can be either precious or semi-precious. Each planet’s influence on us is balanced when it is matched with a certain gemstone.

On Sundays before 8 a.m. and during the Sun’s Hora or Sun’s Nakshatra in the brighter fortnight of the lunar month, you should wear natural Ruby on your ring finger to honor the planet Sun.

Dress and Lifestyle

To appease the planet Sun you can make some changes in your dress and lifestyle. Each planet symbolizes a distinct color and governs human existence in various ways. To experience a pleasant life and you should use or avoid some things related to the planets. If a planet is beneficial for you and you should use certain things. Although, if the planet is not beneficial for you, you should avoid specific things. 

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To appease the planet Sun, you can make some changes in your life, such as:

In your everyday life, you should dress primarily in red and saffron.

You should respect your father, elders, higher officials, and government.

You should get up early in the morning before sunrise so you may witness the rising light with your own eyes. It would give you a lot of vigor and enthusiasm.


Yantras are symmetrical representations that can be employed to increase the power of mantras. Typically, yantras are written on bhojpatra and worn as talismans on the body. You can also have the same thing etched on an amulet or pendant. According to Vedic astrology, there are nine planets, and each has a unique yantra. Navgrah Yantra is the name for these Yantras.

You should wear the Surya Yantra to benefit from the Sun’s favorable effects. It should be worn on Sundays during the Hora and Nakshatras of the Sun.

Jadi or Plant roots

Jadi, or plant roots, are extremely auspicious and helpful for balancing planetary influences in your life.

You should wear Bel Mool on Sundays during Sun’s Hora or Sun’s Nakshatra to receive the planet Sun’s blessings.


Lord Shiva’s tears are referred to as Rudraksha. It is quite potent and used to elevate the spirit. Every planet has unique characteristics, hence each planet has a unique rudraksha.

You should wear 1 Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha for the planet Sun by reciting a certain Rudraksha bead mantra. The aforementioned Mantras are included below:

Rudraksha mantra for wearing a single mukhi:

“Aum Hreem Namah”


“Aum Yem Ham Shroum Ye”

Rudraksha mantra for the 12 Mukhi:

“Aum Krom Shrom Roum Namah”


“Aum Hrim Shrim Ghrini Shrim”

More Remedies for Sun

The aforementioned remedies are not the only ones you can resort to. You can perform the following remedies as well to please Sun.

Offer the Lord Sun water in a copper vessel on a daily or weekly basis along with a dash of red vermilion.

Respect your father or any father figure, and the government at all times.

Provide Shwetark tree with water, and nurture this plant for as long as you can.

Daily Surya Namaskar practice.


In conclusion, the planets don’t always have favorable effects on our life. Depending on where it is positioned, the Sun has distinct effects in Vedic astrology. The 4th, 5th, 7th, and 12th houses all suffer from it. It will result in bad luck and make the person’s life challenging. However, there are ways to appease the Sun and lessen its unfavorable effects. You can use the tips given in this article to simplify your life.