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Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra Characteristics, Secrets and Nature



Arda is the 6th Nakshatra in the series and Arda means the moist one or the wet one. It also means freshness. Arda is a painful Nakshatra and its symbol is a tear drop, diamond and the human head. The nakshatra symbolizes transformation & destruction. The star associated with Arda Nakshatra is the Betelgeuse Star that appears as a red big giant star which is also one of the brightest star in the night sky. Ardra Nakshatra spans from 06:40’ to 200:00’ minutes and falls in the Gemini Zodiac Sign. The ruler of the Nakshatra is the planet Rahu.

Natives who are born under this sign have names starting from these: Ku, Kham, Ja, Chha, Gha, Da, Na, Jha.

Arda Nakshatra Story and Hindu Mythology

God Rudra as a child was howling and crying. Lord Brahma asked the cause of his crying to which he replied that he doesn’t have a name. Lord Brahma started giving names like Eisana( lord of the North-East), Pashupatinath (Lord of the wild animals), and many more. Lord Rudra rejected all names until, Lord Brahma came up with the name “Rudra” to which he finally accepted.

In Rig Veda, Rudra is normally represented as the deity of Storm, wind and hunt. Most commonly, Rudra is known to cry out loud. The root of the word, “Rud” means to cry. Ardra Nakshatra is also associated with destruction because he is also connected with Lord Shiva. Thus, at times, when the world declines to support, Rudra turns to be destructive in nature.

According to this mythology of Rudra, Arda people often suffer from the problem of recognition in their life. They can sometimes become anti-social due to the planet Rahu negatively influencing their mind. However, they are extremely intelligent, clever and sharp people. It can sometimes be hard for them to get credit for the work they’ve done for the society.

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Ardra Nakshatra

  • Gender: Female
  • Ruling Deity:
  • Star Name : Betelgeuse
  • Botanical name: Piper longum
  • Lucky Letters: K, G, N, C.
  • Lucky Stone: Gomedha
  • Lucky Colour: Green
  • Lucky Number: 4, 6
  • Element: Water
  • Bird Symbolism: Andril
  • Animal Symbolism: Female Dog
  • Tree: Rukta Kadira or Krishna Kadira

Ardra Nakshatra Characteristics

Arda Nakshatra people have lots of intelligence and they are born intelligent, clever and smart. They are mischievous and misfit and often have quarrels and fights with their parents. They are animal lovers and hunters by nature and since Ardra nakshatra is associated with a teardrop from the eye, they are associated with pain and bad feelings in life.

However, Ardra Nakshatra people face a lot of challenges, ups and downs in their life. Especially, during their childhood, such people may have had to face a very bad event due to which, they now inflict the bad feelings upon others. This is the reason why Ardra Nakshatra people are known to commit many cruel and bad deeds in the society.

Many times, such people also behave in an Anti-Social Manner. Ardra Nakshatra people are revengeful and men of action. They are often had deep hidden sadness rooted within them that actually motivate them to do great things in life. However, sometimes, the negativity becomes too much and they are not able to mingle around with others due to that.

Ardra Nakshatra people are men of action and people who make an effort to do things in life and create big changes in the society. They have the “I can do it” mentality which helps them go though the toughest times in their life.

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Ardra Nakshatra people usually experience pain in their childhood and thus they have the tendency to inflict pain to others. This is the bad side of Ardra Nakshatra. If turned into positivity, this pain turns into a powerful force that helps Ardra natives achieve greatness in their life. This transformation itself becomes a big challenge in the lives of Ardra Nakshatra people.

On the positive side, Ardra Nakshatra people are very enthusiastic and are filled with the energy of enthusiasm. They are extremely clever and intelligent. This is because of the planet Rahu which bestows them with crystal sharp mind and the ability to calculate things in a much better way.

One of the biggest things that Ardra Nakshatra people should avoid is eating Non-Vegetarian Food. As Ardra Nakshatra is very sensitive to such food and by consuming too much of it, one can face the problems related to the nervous system.

Ardra Nakshatra Male

Ardra Naakshatra males are reasonable in appearance, but they have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other individuals. When working in a group, the Ardra Nakshatra male might be assertive. But they shouldn’t mistake their vitality for insecurity. When the need arises, they are responsible adults. He is an intellectually and physically strong individual. They are typically rough and brash. He is also very attracted to his lover and takes every effort to make her happy.

Ardra Nakshatra Male is a conscientious person. They are able to analyse and understand the situation better, making them the perfect consultant. You can even make good mental healthcare professionals. They may face a number of difficulties on thier way but thier strength will sail them through all of your hardest times.

When it comes to their long-term goals, Ardra Nakshatra males will have clear visions. There is a tough protective personality and a loving inner being that sometimes makes Ardra Nakshatra people very unpredictable.

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Ardra  Nakshatra Female

An Ardra Nakshatra woman usually has beautiful characteristics and a natural charm, which makes her stand out from others. They’re lovely and delightful. They are affectionate and loving. Her greatest strength is her kindness and compassion in her personality. An Ardra Nakshtara woman, despite its soft heart, has a strong exterior.

She is a smart and intelligent person with an ability to understand and analyse any situation. However, she can sometimes be extremely critical and brutally honest, which could be a disadvantage. She’s a kind, compassionate and loving person other than these reversals.

They care for their families immensely but they can be extremely critical and hard at times because of their tough exterior. An Ardra Nakshatra native is also lively, so everybody is attracted and interested in what she says.

Ardra Nakshatra Padas:

The first pada of Ardra Nakshatra falls in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This Pada represents the need and urge to discover, explore life and different life experiences.

The second pada falls in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Such natives who are born in the second pada become very materialistic in life and that itself could let to a sense of dissatisfaction in life.

The Ardra Nakshatra’s third pada is falls in the Saturn-ruled Aquarius Navamsa. It means a scientific character. The storm is at its highest point, providing sudden explosions of inspiration and intensive mental activity.

Ardra Nakshatra’s fourth Pada is in the Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler. The natives of this pada are indigenous persons are philanthropic and have deep compassion and desire for peace.