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Lifepath Number 8 Numerology Meaning Explained



Lifepath Number 8 Numerology Meaning Explained

Knowing your Life Path Number is as important as knowing your zodiac sign. These numbers give you an insight into yourself. They represent your personality, strengths, hints about your love life, and many more.

The number 8 represents success, riches, and abundance in numerology. The number eight is seen as lucky in certain religions and cultures, including Chinese numerology. Its design is reminiscent of the infinity symbol, which on the one hand alludes to the number’s association with success and wealth. The infinity form, on the other hand, stands for karmic debt, or something from a previous life that you are atoning for in this one, as well as the endless cycles.

If one has Life Path Number 8, then they are people who aim for success and put in a lot of effort in achieving their goals. They are disciplined people who don’t forget about their responsibilities.

Now let’s see how to calculate your Life Path Number. It is simple and easy and all you need is your birthday.

Let’s take 26th May 2002 as an example.

First, write it in digits. 26/ 5/ 2002.

Now reduce everything to single digits.

5 remains as 5.

26 becomes: 2 + 6 = 8

2002 becomes: 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 4

Now add everything: 5 + 8 + 4 = 17

Now reduce 17: 1 + 7 = 8

There you have it, your life path number is 8. In this way, you can calculate your Life Path Number.

Life Path Number 8 Personality

The Life Path Number 8 people are one of the most hard-working people. They are ambitious people and work to achieve their goals in life. These people are straightforward and honest people as well. They don’t like to beat around the bush and get to the point. These people don’t fancy others making decisions for them and want to be responsible for their own decisions. Number 8 people don’t like to take advice from others. They think that they are better than everyone.

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Those with the life path number 8 are frequently thought of as charismatic and effective leaders. They are constantly up for achieving great things and have good managing abilities, especially when dealing with money or commercial issues. Their instincts often allow them to predict what will work and what won’t.

Life Path Number 8 Strengths and Weaknesses

Life Path Number 8 Strengths

When it comes to strengths, Life Path Number 8 people have their determination and hard work. These people know their responsibilities and they never forget them. Life Path number 8 people are hard-working individuals and they run after earning more money. They will run after their goal and will not stop until they achieve it. Failures are not enough to stop them. If they ever face failure then they will get up and get back to working again.

Life Path Number 8 Weaknesses

Sometimes the Life Path Number 8 people tend to become self-centered. As they are hard-working and love earning money, they get immersed in it. They want others to have a similar goal as them. Because they love earning money, they are materialistic beings. This might come off as a positive thing, but this drives them away from emotional things. They forget to feel emotional things in their life.

These people will become successful at some point in their life and along with it will come popularity. They can lose themselves because of money and popularity. These people will become careless and others might take advantage of you.

Life Path Number 8 Career and Business

Life Path Number 8 people are built for business. They are good at handling business and can develop their business efficiently. As these people love making progress and they reach new levels of development often. With their leadership quality, they can lead a team proficiently and lead them to success. If they go for business, law, or real estate-related careers, then they are bound to become successful. They are also driven by the desire to earn money as well.

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With their hard-working nature, they can follow other careers as well. They can become surgeons and can opt for jobs related to science. Power, influence, and money attract them as well. So these people can flourish in sectors such as government jobs, politics, and more similar careers. They will have the chance to persuade, motivate, and have a significant influence on others in each of these situations.

Life Path Number 8 Love Life

In terms of love and romantic relationships, Life Path Number 8 is not good. These people are after earning money and might put their desires above their significant other. Therefore, they can forget that their life partner is there. These people cannot express their love as well. Instead, they will shower their significant other with gifts and spend a lot on them. Although, this will hold them off for a short period of time and they will not be able to cover up the emotional support their partner needs.

Although, they cannot handle being cheated on or any kind of disloyalty. They make it extremely clear to their significant others that they hate that. On the bright side, Life Path Number 8 people are good at reading people, so they will find an ideal partner for themselves.

Life Path Number 8 people are compatible with numbers life path number 2 and life path number 6. With these numbers, number 8 people can take the lead in the relationship and they can work towards their goal.

Life Path Number 8 Lucky Color

For Life Path Number 8 people their lucky colors are yellow and blue.

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Life Path Number 8 Lucky Gemstone

Life Path Number 8’s lucky gemstone is Blue Sapphire or Neelam.


Life Path Number 8 people are the ones who have hard work and perseverance etched on their minds. It’s more like they have a knack for it. They struggle for the things they want and will achieve them in the end. Discipline and consistency are frequent in their lives. All this makes their future bright and secure. They also aim for earning money. But as they are career-focused people, and love earning a lot of money, they should not let it get to their heads. They have to remember that they have their bonds and relationships that they have to maintain.