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Numerology Life Path Number 1



Numerology Life Path Number 1

Life Path aka destiny number is the specific number that provides you with the personality you have been born with. It also guides you in forming your future and gives you hints to make it go smoothly toward success. Life Path number is calculated by reducing your birthday to a single digit.

Similar to zodiac signs, a life path number provides you with your traits, personalities, behavior, characteristics, etc. With all these, you can understand yourself better, and provides you with an insight to understand your motive in your life.

In this article, you will find details about people who have life path numbers as 1. Well, if you have 1 as your life path number then you are in for a treat.

What Does The Number 1 Mean In Numerology?

The number 1 comes with grave significance and importance. According to Tara Bennet, an astrologer, and spiritual coach, “The number 1 is the starting point of all numbers.” It symbolises the beginning of a brand-new endeavour, whether it be an idea or an undertaking. Additionally, it represents action and independence. You’re being told to start a new chapter in your life or take the first step when you start to see the number 1 everywhere.

Lifepath number 1 personality

Having “1” as your life path number says a lot about your personality. According to numerology, if your Life Path Number is 1, you are a purposeful, goal-oriented individual who is very dedicated to achieving your goal. Such is the strength of your determination and desire to work hard and achieve something in life. Your entire being is devoted to achieving your objectives. You are constantly prepared to face challenges and overcome obstacles that you encounter. You have a very clear direction in mind and approach problems to achieve your needs in a responsible manner.

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In addition, as a person with life path number 1, you require the attention and affection of those around you. In exchange, you protect and cherish them. When things don’t go your way or according to plan, it’s normal to feel a little angry and irritated because it has an unpleasant effect on you.

Lifepath number 1 Positive and Negative Characteristics

Having number 1 has both positive and negative characteristics. Let’s go over the positive and negative traits of retaining life path number “1”.

Positive traits

If your life path number is 1 then you have a knack for being a leader. You have a lot of creativity and imaginative abilities. With your inborn leadership qualities, others might take upon you as an egoistic and self-centered person. But all these people are just jealous of your leadership qualities. You have a lot of courage and adaptive abilities. You are not afraid of taking risks and most of the time you are successful in your endeavours.

Negative traits

The negative aspect of having life path number 1 is that you can sometimes become aggressive, egoistic, and narcissistic. You have built-in leadership qualities, although you must not let them take over you completely. If it happens then it will hamper your reputation and will start to affect all the things you have built. If things don’t go your way or if difficulty comes up then you will become agitated as you don’t have much patience. Your violent, aggressive, and dominating nature will hamper your productivity as well. Eventually, if all these nature persists then it will lead to your failure.

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Lifepath number 1 Career and Business

When it comes to career and business, you are a person who favors working alone. But this is not a bad thing at all. You thrive when you work alone and bring about excellent results. You have the qualities fit for being an entrepreneur. You work hard and put in all your efforts to achieve your goals.

With all these good qualities, you can utilize them to become successful in life and achieve all the goals you want. By possessing all these qualities, you are perfect for professions such as politicians, high positions in the military, and so on.

Although, at times you tend to take your work very seriously. You tend to do this even if it is not necessary. All this will only lead you to stress and it will start deteriorating your health. So, along with your enthusiastic and hard-working nature, you should keep your health in check. Simultaneously with your work, you must have a healthy diet for yourself and make a routine of exercising daily.

Lifepath number 1 Love and Romance

Love and Romance come as challenging for folks with 1 as their life path number. As you have leadership qualities, you wish to be the leader in relationships as well. You are not open to compromises and even if you do it’s a rare occurrence. One of your weaknesses in love and romance is that you are not good at talking to make things right. In love and romance, you want to be the one who manages most of the things and if you are paired with a person who has the same life path number, it comes as a disadvantage. Also, if your significant other doesn’t like to be controlled, it will be challenging for you.

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In some cases, it might be thrilling for you to be partnered with the same life path number. This is because you both share enthusiasm. Although problems start to arise if you two have different outlooks about careers, the future, relationships, etc. Even if you both have the same things in mind it won’t work out because of the controlling nature you both possess.

As Life Path number 1, you are compatible with the people who have the numbers 3, 5, and 6. These people have the perfect personalities and will fit together like two pieces in a puzzle. Life path number 1 will get along with these numbers as they can get along with the controlling personality and have a good relationship.


Lifepath number 1 people are the definition of leaders and are bound to become successful in life. These folks only have their eyes on their goal in life and hardly they sway from their path to success. Although, all this comes with a downside as well. Because of having a knack for leadership, these people can become controlling in a relationship. Also, they might develop into an egoistic and narcissistic beings because of their confidence.

All the qualities that they possess are perfect for human beings. But they must be aware of not falling into the extreme side of those.