Best Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign | What is the Sagittarius Birth Stone?

You are a Sagittarian if you are born between the 22nd of November to 21st of December. Those born under Sagittarius have a jolly, outgoing, and comforting personality. They are also endowed with a positive perspective on life and have the energy to face the difficulties of life. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and this planet is associated with energy. They love being independent and don’t step back from any kind of opportunity.

Now to add all to these great traits, they come associated with their lucky gemstone. A sign’s lucky gemstone can highly enhance the qualities of the wearer. Well for a Sagittarius-born, their lucky gemstone can make their life even better. In this article, we will take you through the best lucky gemstone for Sagittarius and the benefits it bestows upon the wearer.

Sagittarius Lucky Gemstone

Now the question is, which gemstone is the best lucky gemstone for Sagittarius? The best lucky gemstone for Sagittarius is Turquoise. This opaque stone comes with energies that can strengthen the qualities of the wearer. It helps Sagittarius with their life and assists them in their path of life.

Sagittarius Moon sign lucky Gemstone

Even the Sagittarius Moon has their lucky gemstone. For Sagittarius Moon, their lucky gemstone is Yellow Sapphire. This yellow stone possesses energy that can enhance the qualities of the people born under the Sagittarius Moon.

Benefits of wearing lucky gemstone for Sagittarius

Now as Lucky gemstones come with a myriad of benefits, therefore, Turquoise being the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius brings a lot of benefits. Therefore, by wearing it you can bring those benefits into your life. Now let’s see the benefits of wearing lucky gemstones for Sagittarius.

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Benefits of wearing Turquoise for Sagittarius

A huge benefit of wearing Turquoise for Sagittarius is that it brings about happiness in the wearer’s life. This stone’s energy can remove the negativity from the native’s life and shower happiness and joy in their life.

Moreover, the wearer will have a sense of peace with all the negativity eradicated. So, their mind will become peaceful and their levels of stress will be lowered.

Turquoise is even capable of attracting wealth into their life. Their reserves of wealth have a chance of increasing. So, wearing this stone will make them wealthy.

This stone even bestows the wearer with health benefits. If the wearer has problems related to the lungs, stomach, and throat, this stone can heal any kind of sickness. So if you are going under health problems related to those body parts.

This stone can even attract popularity in their life. Additionally, immense luck finds its way into the life of the wearer. So, they will have fortunate luck in their career and their path to success in life.

Benefits of wearing Yellow Sapphire for Sagittarius Moon

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj stone brings a lot of benefits to Sagittarius Moon. It can bestow the wearer with spirituality and knowledge.

Moreover, this stone is capable of bringing wealth and prosperity to their life. Yellow Stone can open ways for wealth to come into their life. It can bring success to their life along with wealth.

It also helps with maintaining the perfect health of the wearer. Wearing this stone will help to increase one’s life as well.

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Yellow Sapphire can help with the relationships of the wearer as well. It can fix any kind of relationship problem for the wearer.

When to wear and How to wear

As lucky gemstones are capable of providing benefits to the wearer, but those benefits will become useless if you wear the lucky gemstone incorrectly. Similarly, there are ways and methods you have to follow while wearing lucky gemstones for Sagittarius.

When to wear and How to wear the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius

You should wear a Turquoise of 2 carats or more. Wearing a high carat Turquoise is beneficial for Sagittarius.

  • You must mount the Turquoise on gold.
  • Wearing the turquoise ring on the Index finger is recommended.
  • While wearing Turquoise, you should chant the Jupiter Beej Mantra to enhance the benefits.
  • Make sure that you don’t drink alcohol, smoke, and consume nonvegetarian food while wearing Turquoise.
  • You also should not disrespect elder, women, and teachers while wearing the stone.
  • If your ring gets damaged then replacing it is the best choice you can go for.

When to wear and How to wear the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius Moon

  • Yellow Sapphire is the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius Moon, and it should be worn on the Index finger.
  • You should mount the stone on gold, ashadhatu, or panchadhatu.
  • Wear the stone in the mornings, specifically between 5 to 9 AM on Thursdays.
  • You must purify the stone with Ganda jaal or raw cow milk, every time you wear it.
  • You must also chant the mantra “Om Streem Brahm Brihaspataye Namah” while wearing Yellow Sapphire 108 times.
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A lucky gemstone is important for every zodiac sign. Lucky gemstones can shower benefits in the life of the wearer and can help them in their life. For Sagittarius, their best lucky gemstone is Turquoise. This stone is capable of making life easier for them. Wearing this stone will attract wealth in their life and can make heal them of diseases. Moreover, you must please Jupiter by chanting mantras as well.