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10 Amazing Vastu Tips for Wealth



Vastu Tips for Wealth

Vastu Shastra, often defined as the Indian Philosophy of Architecture, is a 5000-year-old Indian architectural design science. The title ‘Vastu Shastra’ literally means ‘science of creation .’ It provides a thorough blueprint for both land and built structures. It is frequently seen as a manual for bringing optimism into the home, enhancing earning potential, and guaranteeing the wellbeing of those who reside there. 

Vastu Shastra is necessary for the construction of any project, from private to corporate, and proprietors can gain prosperity and happiness by properly placing the five elements (earth, space, water, air, fire). Directions are also important in the discipline of architecture.  According to the beliefs, respecting and idolizing the God of the Eight Directions brings achievement, prosperity, and fortune. In case you have any negative thoughts about this whole process, you should know that it won’t work. You need to have a positive approach to how this works, and only then will it work.

1.    Placement of Mirrors

Vastu Tips for Wealth Placement of Mirrors

Our very first tip involves mirrors. If you hope to expand your business and gain tons of profits, mirrors should be placed in the living area of your home and in your office. In accordance with Vastu, the mirror placement needs to be made on the north or east wall because they bring in positive vibes. If you keep a firm belief, it will definitely help you with increasing wealth.

2.    Correct position of Plants

Vastu Tips for Wealth  Correct position of Plants

Our second Vastu preference is to plant. We all know plants bring along positive vibes because of their excessive greenish hues. They have a very eye cooling effect on your eyes. The placement of these plants needs to be made at the entrance of your house or office. Entrance plants should be kept on both sides of the gate. This won’t only increase your wealth but also benefit from the positive vibes that plants give off.

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3.    Windchimes

Vastu Tips for Wealth Windchimes

Everyone loves the melodious sounds of wind chimes, but they exist for a more powerful purpose. When wind chimes move along the movement of wind, they help positive air enter our houses. They shouldn’t only be kept in the entrance, but also in the living room.  They will bring in positive vibes, wealth and prosperity.

4.    Bedrooms

Vastu Tips for Wealth Bedrooms

A lot of research is put in during the building of our bedrooms. All this research is good, but incorporating certain Vastu tips into the bedroom will help you significantly. The bed should always be made out of wood. The placement of the bed should be in this way that when you lay down on it, your head is in the direction of the south. This is because the south symbolizes the direction of our ancestors, and our feet should not go in that direction. The shape of your bedroom should either be square or rectangular as this becomes the basis of wealth attraction. This will also improve your relationships in terms of sweetness and understanding.

5.    Almirah and lockers

Vastu Tips for Wealth Almirah and lockers

We know this sounds weird, but on number three, we have lockers and Almirah. Almirahs and lockers are the main places where we put our currencies to keep them safe.  You need to make sure that the placement of almirahs and lockers should be made in the south and west direction. This is mainly because any money kept in these directions attracts more money, hence doubling and tripling it in a span of little time. The placement of money should be made in the directions of north and east. Another crucial factor to take care of is that the almirahs and lockers should not be placed under a beam. This is because it can lead to financial instability.

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6.    Kitchen area

Vastu Tips for Wealth Kitchen area

Another Vastu tip revolves around the kitchen area. This is the area where most of the ladies spend their time all day long. Settling things around in the kitchen area will also benefit your income. However, no major changes have to be made.  Anything that does not come into use frequently should be stored away in a store, and your kitchen area needs to be clean at all times. Spider webs and mosquitoes are a big no-no in the kitchen area. Secondly, the refrigerators need to be kept clean at all times and old, and rotten food should not be stored inside them. All of these things attract negativity. The flowing of the fresh area is very important in the kitchen; hence the window placement needs to be done accordingly.

7.    Laughing Buddha

Vastu Tips for Wealth Laughing Buddha

This is very helpful in attracting wealth. It needs to be placed in your bedroom facing the entrance. However, it should directly face the entrance; it needs to be a bit tilted. This will definitely give you positive results.

8. Bamboo plants 

Vastu Tips for Wealth Bamboo plants 

The mere attractiveness of a bamboo plant is enough to attract wealth. They are indicative of a long time and better income. This indefinitely leads to the emission of negativity and the gaining of wealth and prosperity.

9. Fake money bowl

Vastu Tips for Wealth  Fake money bowl

These bowl shoes are very heavy and result in very little time. It is easily findable in markets. It will attract a lot of money, considering it is a money bowl, albeit a fake one.

10. Aquariums

Vastu Tips for Wealth Aquariums

Including water features in your residence, such as fountains or aquariums, can also be very beneficial. To improve the flow of money, these goods should be put at the northeast corner of the house. Please note that the water’s purity and flow are crucial variables that should be examined and maintained regularly. Neglecting them can contribute to economic difficulties.

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Final Word

You could like it or hate it, but no one can deny the importance of money in our everyday life. Therefore, if you want to increase your regular money generation, then it would be very beneficial to follow our highly effective Vastu tips.